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JK-Tyre Car Tyre Prices & Patterns

JK brand 1
JK brand 2
JK brand 3
JK brand 4
JK brand 5
JK brand 5

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JK Tyre Brute Tyres

Unleash off-road power with aggressive tread design
Brute 4X4       
JK Tyre Brute 4X4 Tyres

Price Range From6,244 To6,738
Conquer any off-road adventure with superior traction
Levitas Ultra       
JK Tyre Levitas Ultra Tyres

Price Range From8,960 To11,648
Experience fuel efficiency and a smooth, silent ride
Ranger A/T       
JK Tyre Ranger A/T Tyres

Price Range From5,824 To9,855
All-terrain tyre for on-road and off-road capability
Ranger BRT       
JK Tyre Ranger BRT Tyres

Price Range From6,650 To7,342
Engineered for exceptional braking performance.
Ranger H/T       
JK Tyre Ranger H/T Tyres

Price Range From6,218 To11,496
Highway terrain expert that delivers excellent comfort
Ranger HPE       
JK Tyre Ranger HPE Tyres

Price Range From6,876 To10,003
High-execution tyre, sporty handling & superior grip
RANGER M/T       
JK Tyre RANGER M/T Tyres

Price Range From11,520 To11,657
Master any terrain with the ultimate mud-terrain tyre
Ranger X-A/T       
JK Tyre Ranger X-A/T Tyres

Price Range From7,640 To8,869
All-terrain tyre with stellar driving on & off-road
JK Tyre Taximaxx Tyres

Price Range From2,520 To5,956
Reliable execution and long life, ideal for taxis
Ultima Hi Life       
JK Tyre Ultima Hi Life Tyres

Price Range From1,900 To3,490
Very good comfort & mileage, perfect for premium cars
Ultima LXT       
JK Tyre Ultima LXT Tyres

Price Range From2,269 To2,763
Low rolling resistance for fuel efficiency & braking
Ultima Neo       
JK Tyre Ultima Neo Tyres

Price Range From2,915 To3,875
Next-generation tyre technology for superb comfort
Ultima Sport       
JK Tyre Ultima Sport Tyres

Price Range From2,826 To3,528
Potential with sports-inspired handling
UX Royale       
JK Tyre UX Royale Tyres

Price Range From3,524 To8,233
Get a royal ride with comfort & durability
UX Touring       
JK Tyre UX Touring Tyres

Price Range From3,094 To7,647
Conquer long journeys with exquisite comfort
JK Tyre UX1 Tyres

Price Range From4,056 To8,993
Reliable, fuel-efficient for everyday use
JK Tyre Vectra Tyres

Value-driven, smooth & comfortable ride

JK Car Tyres

A part of JK Organisation conglomerate, JK Tyre & Industries Limited or, simply JK Tyre is a renowned Delhi based tyre manufacturer in India. Came into existence in 1974 in West Bengal the leading tyre maker manufactures tyres for passenger cars, SUVs and others segments. In 2008, JK Tyre took over the control of Mexican tyre major Tornel. JK Tyre owns 9 plants in India with total production capacity of about 20 million tyres per year, and 3 plants in Mexico.

Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer and Tyre Research Institute (HASETRI) and Raghupati Singhania Center of Excellence for Tyre and Vehicle Mechanics (RPSCOE) have been set up to equip JK brand tyres with latest technology. At present, besides serving the lengths and breadths domestically, JK Tyre caters to more than 80 countries worldwide. Known for its reliability and economical tyre range, the tyre firm has been awarded numerous times for their commitment towards quality and eco-friendly production

Why Should You Buy JK Tyres On Tyremarket.com?

Buying JK tyres online is made easy with Tyremarket.com. India's most prominent online tyre buying portal, Tyremarket.com helps you explore wide range of JK brand tyres. The online platform allows you to search for your car or SUV tyre either by size or by vehicle model and sub model.

Once you have selected the required JK tyre, you can go through its in-depth specifications given right below the tyre, where you can check for speed rating, width, aspect ratio, construction type, load index, tube type / tubeless, warranty etc.

What's more, in addition to specs you can also find the vehicle compatibility list with which the tyre is compatible. Once done with the selection of your JK tyre, you either opt for shipping of the tyre to your address or get it fitted at the nearest fitment location selected by you.