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Tyre Upsizing: Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

While making a buying decision, we today have multiple choices and automobiles are no different. Though factors like price and performance play an important role but look and aesthetics impact decision making to a large extent especially for automobile enthusiasts. The majority of the auto-enthusiasts are always yearning to have sporty and unique vehicle charisma. This eagerness at a time leads to customization and modifications, and ‘tyre upsizing’ is no exception.

Although tyre upsizing gives a vehicle a bold stance but along with the joy of resolute appearance it also does offer performance drawbacks. Therefore, vehicle owners may like to consider a number of factors before upsizing their tyres.

Technically, tyre upsizing can be performed in two ways:

#1: Mounting wider tyres while retaining the original wheels
#2: Upgrading to larger wheels and installing wider tyres


Advantages of Tyre Upsizing

Besides a cosmetic uplift in car’s profile, tyre upsizing brings the following benefits for owners.

Personalization: For many car owners, tyre upsizing is one of the quickest ways to personalise their vehicle and add oomph to its side profile. In other words, wider tyres make your vehicle look cool and boost its style quotient.

Greater Stance: Technically, wider tyres offer a larger contact patch generating more grip on the road. This helps the driver maintain greater control and stability, especially when the vehicle is cruising at a relatively higher speed.
Safe Breaking: Larger tyres significantly reduce the breaking distances offering better control while breaking. This also means little or no skid and therefore, more safety.

Easy Cornering: Suspension plays a key role in corning your car. Wider tyres tend to have slimmer sidewall flex which enables the driver to corner better even when the vehicle is moving at high speed.
Overall Control: Tyre upsizing enhances the overall performance of a vehicle with regards to its balance, stability and traction. This can prove to be an asset for vehicles that have understeering or oversteering nature since wider tyres help the driver balance the vehicle properly thus making the driving safe and secure.


Disadvantages of Tyre Upsizing

Despite the aforementioned benefits, tyre upsizing also has a few significant drawbacks that discourage many car owners.

Higher Cost: Tyre upsizing can be an expensive proposition for some, depending on factors such as the type of vehicle and tyres used. However, in general, larger wheels and tyres mean more expenses for the car owner.

Reduced Acceleration: While large wheels and wider tyres mean a great grip on the road, they can cost vehicle’s performance in terms of affecting its acceleration. Wider tyres add to the overall body weight of the vehicle thereby increasing the burden on the engine capacity and slowing down its acceleration.

Weighted Steering: With a larger contact patch, wider tyres and large wheels improve stability. However, at the same time, they mean a heavy steering, which requires more effort from the driver to manoeuvre and control the steering. This can cause a significant disadvantage to drivers who prefer to drive vehicles with a light steering, and in a slow traffic scenario.

Low Fuel Efficiency: Tyre upsizing can also affect the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. With wider tyres and larger wheels, the car has a better grip on the road, which affects the rolling resistance negatively. As a result, the car will need more revs to move efficiently, consuming more fuel in the process.

Wrong Speedometer Reading: Done incorrectly, tyre upsizing can affect the reading in your vehicle’s speedometer. Car owners must exercise care in choosing the right tyre for upsizing. Tyre experts recommend upsizing tyres proportionately; meaning the increase in width of tyres should be equally proportionate to the decrease in tyre’s sidewalls. If the diameter of upsized tyres goes higher than that of the original tyres, it may affect the reading of the speedometer and hamper the performance many other modern systems such as ABS, ETC, ESP and TPMS.

Little Driving Comfort: Tyre upsizing can adversely affect the riding quality. With larger wheels and wider tyres, the length of the sidewalls goes drastically down, leaving little or no sidewall flex for the wheels to absorb shock on bumpy roads. Hence, this makes riding less comfortable for the driver and passengers alike.


So, should one upsize tyres or not?

tyre upsize

While tyre upsizing is a compelling proposition from the standpoint of a vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, vehicle owners must factor in a number of aspects related to their regular driving requirements. Moreover, it is highly recommended that vehicle owners consult professional tyre experts in order to determine if tyre upsizing is a wide move for them.


How to Calculate Tyre Upsizing?

Tyre size calculator is the key to achieve optimal performance for your vehicle. With the help of tyre upsizing calculations, the best compatible plus size wheels for your vehicle can be chosen. There are two ways to do upsizing calculations:

1) Retaining Original Wheels/Alloys:

Tyre size calculator

When you talk of upsizing your car tyres and retaining the original set of wheels, it means that no modification will be done to the metal portion i.e. the alloy or the rim of the tyre, however, the tyre will be changed as per the fitment requirement and possibility.

For safe tyre upsizing, you must ensure the OD (overall diameter) of the new tyres remains within the permissible tolerance, which is only up to 3% of the OD of stock tyre.

For example, if the OD of the stock tyre is 24.47 inches, then the OD of the new tyre should not go beyond 25.20 inches.

Here’s how to achieve the permissible tolerance.

Tyre Width:

Let’s assume the original tyre size is 185/65 R15 with an OD of 24.47 inches.

So, the width of our stock tyre is 185mm.

For safe upsize, let’s add 20mm to the width of your stock tyre.

So, the width of your new tire should be 205mm.

Sidewall Height:

The sidewall height of our stock tyre is 65% of the thread width.

As per the thumb rule, for every 10mm increase in width of tyre, the sidewall height (or aspect ratio) should be reduced by 5 percent.

In our example, the sidewall height should be reduced by 10 percent since there was a 20mm increase in the width of our tyre.

So, the sidewall height of the new tyre should be 55% of the thread width.

Rim Size:

The Rim size or diameter should remain the same. In this example, it is 15 inches.

Therefore, the max upsize for a stock tyre size (185/65 R15) should be 205/55 R15.


2) Upgrading to Larger to Wheels/Alloys:

tyre upsizing benefits

When you talk of upsizing your car tyres thereby upgrading to a larger set of wheels or alloys, it means that you are modifying the company fitted  wheels in order to increase its diameter and make it look more appealing. The tyres of these increased diameter alloys are called low-profile tyres and are fitted as per the possibility of the gap between the wheels and the vehicle wheel arcs. The above example image shows how a company fitted alloy wheel is upgraded to a larger wheel that has low-profile tyres.

If we want to upgrade to a bigger alloy, we still need to stick to the permissible tolerance mentioned in the previous example.

If we want to upgrade to a 16-inch alloy wheel, then the size of the new tyre should be 205/55 R16, keeping the OD within 3% permissible tolerance, i.e., 24.47 – 25.20 inches.


Tyre Upsizing Calculator Online

Ankit verma

Author: Ankit verma

389 thoughts on “Tyre Upsizing: Should You Or Shouldn’t You?”

  • Hi,
    I am owning I 20 elite Magna varint with tyre size of 185/70 R14 and i want to change ti 190/65/R14 or 195/65/R14. please cna you suggest me whether to gor for it and if yes which one i should choose.

    looking forward for your support and help.

    • Dear User,

      Upsizing from 185/70 R14 to 195/65 R14 is a good choice as it will improve the road grip but there will be no change in ground clearance of the car. If you want to increase the ground clearance, you can opt for 15-inch alloy wheels. It will also make your car cosmetically more appealing.

      The 195/65 R14 tyre is available in CONTINENTAL and YOKOHAMA, and we think that the best choice for your car is CONTINENTAL CC5 as the same is used by top brands like Audi, Mercedes etc.

      Click the link below to view details of 195/65 R14 continental tyres:


      Team Tyremarket.com

    • No reason to go for 190/65/R14 for a negligible change. If yo really want to change your vehicle stance go for 195/65/R14 or if you are very less outside city use, then go for 205 60 with a same wheel but here you will little compromise on suspension and steering will be little stiffer

  • Hi,

    I have Swift VXI which comes with 165/80/R14. I need a upsize for my existing one.
    After checking i have found : 195/55/R16

    what will be the best upsize alternative you would suggest?

  • i did a big mistake i guess , i changed the tyre size from 185/65 R15 TO 195 /65/R15 , What is the advantages & disadvantages of that

  • Hi, I have 2013 model Ertiga Zdu, which comes with MRF 185 65 R15 tyres. iam planning for a replacement of tyres and was exploring option of upsizing it to 195 65 R15. Iam looking for Michelin

  • Hi, I have 2013 model Ertiga Zdi, which comes with MRF 185 65 R15 tyres. I am planning for a replacement of tyres and was exploring option of upsizing it to 195 65 R15. Iam looking for Michelin Primacy 3 ST type.
    Do you suggest this change?
    I was looking for this upsize as my driving includes daily drive in highways of about 60kms. Will this upsize affect my file efficiency?

  • Hi,
    I have a 2013 model Etios V(SP), with OEM GoodYear 185/60/R15 alloys. The shoes have run 45K and planning for a replacement. Was initially contemplating an upsize of 205/55/R15, but got to know from various sources that would be an overkill. I am now considering the following options.
    1. Keep original 185/60/R15 – Michelin XM2 or BS Turanza ER-300
    2. Upsize to 195/60/R15 – Michelin Primacy3ST or BS Turanza AR-20

    My primary driving will be 40% in city, 50% highways and occasional 10% in hilly terrains.
    I am looking for comfort and better grip, with not much drop in FE.
    Looking forward for the advice from experts.

  • Dear Team Tyremarket,

    Hi, I have 2014 model Elite I20 Asta , which comes with Apollo Ainac 195/55/R16 tyres. I am planning for a replacement of tyres and was exploring option of upsizing it to 205/55/ R16. Iam looking for either Continental or Yokohoma tires….
    Do you suggest this change? Will this upsize affect my car pick up/ performance?



  • Hi there

    I own a Nissan xterra. I am planning to change the tyres. Existing one is bfg KO. Now I have ideas to put bfg KO2 which is a more stronger tyre and also heavier. What can be the side effects of the same? Will it effect my car suspension?

  • Original wheel size 215/45R17 change to 225/40R18, is this within the tolerence? Will it hit car fender on bumpy road or vibration at high speed?

    • Dear user,

      Please provide us with the following information to help us answer your query –
      1. Is 215/45 R17 the stock size of your OEM fitted tyre? Or is it an upgraded tyre size?
      2. What is your car model? What was the OEM fitted stock size of your car tyre?

      Team Tyremarket.com

  • Hi,

    I have 2013 Hyundai i20 Asta and the current tyre size is 185/65 R14.

    I want to upsize it to 185/70 R14 as it will help to increase some ground clearance. Will this affect in any of my speedometer reading, mileage, etc?

    Or should I stay with the current size?

    I looking for high comfort, low tyre noise and ground clearance (if possible). I am planning to buy from any of this brand Pirelli, Yokohama and Bridgestone. Please if you can provide your suggestion, Thanks 🙂

  • Hello,

    I have a Ciaz VXi+ with tyre size 185/65 R15. planning to upgrade to 195/65 R15… what all effects do you see with this change…

    planning for Yokohama Bluearth / Earth1

  • Hi, i have dutsun redigo, i have upsize from 155/80 r13 to 185/60 r14, can i use 205/60 r14 on the rear only?

    • Dear Sleazy Fanai

      We would not recommend to use 205/65R14 in place of 155/80R13 which is the stock tyre size. 205/65R14 is not in the permissible limit of tyre upsizng when we upgrade it from 155/80R13. It will be better to use the present upsize 185/60R14. You can buy the same from the below-mentioned link.


      Team Tyremarket.com

  • Hey,
    I own a Maruti Suzuki Stingray Vxi with Rim size of 14″ and tire fit is 155/65 R14. I want to upgrade it to 15′ rim size, what will be the perfect tire fit for these set of alloys and will the upsize affect the fuel economy?

  • Hi

    I own Tata Tiago NRG. It comes with 175/65R15 tire size.

    can I upsize it to 15 inch Alloys. If Yes, Will it hit fender or body in potholes.

    Should I go with it or simply replace with same size alloys.

  • Hello there ,
    I’ve old I20 (2011 ) model . The ground clearance of my car is 165mm. I want to increase the ground clearance slightly say to 170mm.
    As my tires are also worn out, new tyres need to be installed. So if I upgrade from 185/65R14 to 185/70R14 ,will the ground clearance increase or not?
    Current stock tyre are of Apollo make, should I look for other brand or it is good to go again?

    • Dear Ankit
      Based on your requirement the best upsize for 185/65R14 tyre is 205/60R14. By fitting 205/60R14 tyre size the ground clearance will get the increase by 8mm to 9mm. 185/70R14 tyre size is not under the permissible limit of tyre upsizing so we would request you not to change your stock tyre with 185/70R14.

      Apollo is also a good brand but if you wish to choose any other brand you can select the tyre as per your requirement by clicking on the below-mentioned link.

      Team Tyremarket.com

  • Hi there,

    Just wanted your opinion if I can use a wider tyre.

    I drive a 2015 Mazda CX-5 2.2 Diesel Auto AWD. The original tyres are 225/55/19 tyres on a 7J rim.

    I need to replace all 4 tyres soon and wanted to know if I can use a wider tyres, either 235/55/19 or 245/50/19. Can I use any of these tyres or both perhaps to get better handling and stance as the OE tyres are abit narrow for my liking.

    I have heard that incorrect tyres can damage the transmission.

    Would appreciate your feedback on those please.


  • Hi my car is Renault Triber which has steel165/90/r14, I would like change to Alloy 195/60/r15 Continental, is it good choice, do I need to correction in odometer? What is the impact on Milage for city traffic after this change?

  • Hi ,

    I own a Jetta 2.0 TDI , running on stock 205/55 R16 , i am planning to upgrade to 225/55 R16 , while retaining the stock alloys . Is it feasible , please advise .

  • Would like to know if you recommend an upsize to R16 205/55 for an XL6 R15 185/65
    And suggest if there would be any reduced efficiency of the vehicle

  • HI, I my current tyre size is 175/65/R14 with steel rims. I want to upsize it with 16inch alloy wheel, i want to know whether it will effect my car’s performance and will my car tyre hit the fender on turning ?
    If the 16″ alloy are not perfect then for which size alloy should i go for my car.

  • Honda City ZX from 175/65R14 to 175/70R14 will cushion the ride quality? Secondly the effect on fuel economy and acceleration. Please let me know. Thank you.
    Dr Aviansh

    • Dear Sir,

      Any kind of change will have an effect on fuel efficiency and acceleration. But in your particular case, the difference can be seen in decimals.
      When you change from 175/65 to 175/70 your tyre’s sidewall height is going to increase by 1 cm approximately. And this will decrease the space between the wheels and fenders.


      • Dear Sir,

        Yes, you can upsize from 175/65 R 14 to 185/65 R14 as the difference will be at 2.23% which is within the 3% margin we recommend. Please do keep in mind that any kind of change done to a vehicle will have changes in terms of performance. Sometimes the changes are for the good and some aren’t. In this case you will have a more grounded effect especially while driving in higher speeds but there will be a slight reduction if fuel efficiency, but since it is under the 3% margin the difference shouldn’t be very noticeable. Please follow link to explore options: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/185-65-R14


  • Hi

    I recently got a skoda rapid with 185/60/R15 and the top end comes with 195/55/R16.

    I am looking to put a 17″ alloys with 205/45/R17 Michelin Primacy tyres. Is this recommended or should I upsize to 16″ alloys with 195/55/R16 Michelin XM2

  • Hi, I read in the other posts about mahindra thar’s recommended upsize to 255/65 for the same rim size of R16. Could you suggest if I can use R15 off road rims. If so what could be the tyre size? Within 3% variation.

  • Honda City 2016 model.need tyres which give comfortable back seat drive as its very bumpy now and reduce body roll.Stock tyres 175/65r15.drive is 70% city rough roads and 30% highway.please guide

  • I have nissan micra automatic, need to up size from 175/60/R15, which size to choose? can I chose 185/60/R15

  • Hi im pavan raju here, i own an innova crysta which has a stock 17″ inch tyre with the figures 215/55 R17. Can I upsize the tyre to 235/55 R17? Is it safe for the car components and will it be comfortable to drive?

    • Dear Steve,

      Yes you can upsize with 195/55 R16 but there will be drop-in fuel mileage by 2kms.


  • Hi
    I have a mitsubishi lancer 2017 with the oe tire size of 215/45R18 and I want to resize to 225/45R18.Will that effect my car in long term use or harm my car?

    • Hi Aruan,

      Yes, you can upsize to 225/45 R 18. Note that any change even in the slightest variation will change the dynamics of the car in terms of acceleration, mileage etc. However, the choice of tyres you have made will show changes in the fractions and should generally cause no harm to your car. Please follow the link to explore options: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/225-45-R18


  • hello, i am about to replace tires on my recently bought mercedes-benz W124 1992 that came with 6.5″X15″ rims and 195/65R15 tires, i want to upgrade the tires to 205/60R15 front and 215/55R15 rear
    is it safe to go that far

  • oem size are 165/70-14 can i upsize to 185/55-15 or 205/50-15?..or are there better options? Thanks

    If i stick to 14 inches, is 175/65-14 the best?.. or can i go to 185/60-14?

    Car is an automatic nissan micra 1250cc

    Thank you

  • I want to up size my i20 (2010) tyres from 175/70 R14 to 185/65R14 for more riding comfort. Is it justified

    • Dear Junaid,

      Up -sizing from 175/70 14 to 185/65 R 14 is a safe and good option. Performance of your car shall improve in the margins in terms of acceleration as the change percentage is less than -1%. Since the tyres you have opted for has a wider contact patch, grip shall be marginally better too.

      You can opt for bridgestone/ yokohama/ goodyear or continental tyres. All of them provide a balanced performance in terms of grip, durability and fuel consuption. Follow link to explore further: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/185-65-R14


  • Is its better to change Ertiga VXI CNG which comes with 185/65 R15 to
    1. R15 205/60 – It is having a Difference in circumference of 0.89%, Change in Ground clearance is 2.77 mm
    2. R16 205/55 – It is having a Difference in circumference of 1.67%, Change in Ground clearance is 5.20 mm

    Which one will be better for both city and highway driving, less impact on suspension and engine and driver comfort?
    Is it better to get these changes done while buying the new car? Or to do them after-market, as we will be able to sell the R15 steel rims and tires?
    And estimated cost for both the options?
    Is Goodyear efficientgrip performance 2 best for both the option and Ertiga? Price?
    Is Uni-Directional or Asymmetric Tread Pattern best and which brands have the best tyres of these two based on the above size?

    • Dear Biswajit,

      Breaking your queries into parts…

      First and foremost: Up-size.
      It is always better to stick to the stock tyre size as every car manufacturer spends a bomb on their R&D before settling on anything and the stock tyres are meant to complement the vehicle’s purpose. But if you really want to up-size, we suggest you stick to the option with the least circumferential difference. In your case, 205/60 R 15 is a better option as this car doesn’t have the options of 16-inch wheels in any of its models as an OE. 205/ 60 R 15 will surely provide you with a wider contact patch so you will feel more grounded on the high ways. While the same 15-inch wheels will not have much of a difference in terms of weight along with almost negligible weight difference in case of the tyres. This will help in keeping the suspension and engine healthy in the city’s stop-go-stop driving conditions.

      Where to get it done?
      If you are going for a brand new car, we suggest you wait out the warranty period and then go ahead with the aftermarket mods irrespective of how small or big the mods are. Reason: any after-market mods null the warranty leaving you with unwanted risks. You will be able to sell your steel rims but yet again we suggest you keep the stock rims for any future needs. Alloys are lighter, stronger and better looking but damages under certain cases will need you to change the entire alloy (repairs are not possible like they are possible with steel rims) and that is when the stock steel rims will come in handy.

      Estimated Cost:
      A set of 4, 15-inch alloy wheels of a decent brand in India will cost you between 25,000/- to 40,000/- on an average. The tyres will cost you between 6,000/- to 11,000/- each. You can follow the link to explore the same. Link: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/205-60-R15.

      Which tyre to choose?
      Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 is a good tyre but it is not available in India and it is specifically made for the European market where the weather conditions are very different from India. Therefore, the performance of the tyres cannot be expected to be optimal for Indian road conditions. If Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 tyres are available in India, they are probably available in the grey market where warranty for the tyres are void.
      Directional tyres are for a pure sports purpose, but Asymmetrical tyres developed for all-round performance and we suggest you opt for aa asymmetrical tyre as it would complement your car’s usage better. We recommend Michelin’s Energy XM2. Follow the link to know more. Link: https://www.tyremarket.com/Michelin-Energy-XM2-205-60-R-15-Tubeless-91-V-Car-Tyre.

      Team Tyremarket.com

  • Hello team tyre market,
    I have maruti suzuki ciaz zdi plus. I want to increase in ground clearance. can i upgrade 195/60 R16?? Stock tyre size is 195/55 R16 and still on stock tyre Appollo alanc 4g. Is this right upgrade or not?? Suggest me good brand for tyres too.

    • Dear Kishansinh,

      Since your objective for up-size is to increase ground clearance you can opt for 205/55 R 16 instead of 195/60 R 16 as the up-size you mentioned will increase the ground clearance but will also shorten the space between fender and wheels which is again a problem. If you are comfortable with Apollo Alnac 4G, you can go for the same as Apollo provides a decent tyre life and grip under city driving conditions. But if you are looking for something more grippy you can pick between Goodyear Assurance Triplemax and Yokohama Earth-1 E400. Follow link to explore: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/205-55-R16
      Please note that this up- size is suggested while keeping in mind the overall safety and usability of your car which means it will not give you a very major difference in ground clearance. But if you are very keen to obtain a higher ground clearance then we suggest you consider making changes in your suspension system by adding assisters or installing aftermarket suspensions after you have understood the implications of each.

      Team Tyremarket.com

      • Thanks for reply on my query regarding up sizing and tyre brands.

        Thanks team tyre market 🙏

  • Hello team
    I am using swift vxi AMT 2018, OEM size 165/80/R14 I want upsize it to 195/60/R15 is it a good decision ?

  • Hi,

    I have Swift Dzire VDI (2013) which comes with 165/80/R14. I want upsize with 195/55/R16, is it possible please suggest…

  • I own Chevrolet beat LT petrol vehicle and I have changed company fitted tyres from 155/70 R14 to new 165/70 R14 tyres as 155/70 R14 tyres are not available in market..plz let me know if any disadvantage as I have increased width of tyre by 10mm.

    • Dear Sir,

      Hi there, Please note that any kind of up-size will have a percentage of change in performance ranging between acceleration and fuel consumption but when done right the difference will be negligible. up-sizing from 155/70 R14 to 165/70 R14 not cause any harm to your car. Please follow the link to explore: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/165-70-R14

      Team Tyremarket.com

  • Swift stock is 165/80 R14. I want to upsize for better ground clearance. what’s your advice.
    But don’t want to loose milage and power of the car.

    • Dear Sir,

      Please not that any kind of upsize will have an impact on the car’s performance. But keeping the up-sizing within a 3% margin will keep the difference at a negligible point. And choosing to upsize for the purpose of ground clearance will actually not give you a huge difference. you will need to go for a combination wheel/tyre up-size and suspension work to really see the difference. However, we suggest you consider 185/70 R14 which is well within the 3% margin. Follow link to explore options: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/185-70-R14

      Team Tyremarket.com

  • I want to upsize my car’s tyres from 185/60 R15 to 16″, what tire size will be the ideal one without having any negative effect on the car?

  • I have Tata Tigor which has tyre size of 175-60-R15,
    I don’t want to increase my tyre width.
    I want to upgrade to 175-65-R15, because it would give me better sidewall height.
    Please give your suggestions on this.

    • Dear Ankur Jain,
      Increasing only the sidewall height will usually compromise the space between the fender and wheel. We suggest any kind of up-size has to be done proportionately. Assuming that you wish to increase the sidewall height for the purpose of better ground clearance, we suggest you opt for a combination of wheel/tyre up-size along with suspension work. Only up-sizing tyres will not make a huge difference in terms of ground clearance. But the option you have in mind of 175/65 R15 stands with a different percentage of 2.96% which is within the 3% margin we suggest, so you can move ahead. You can explore options for the same by following the link: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/175-65-R15

      Team Tyremarket

      • Thank you for your kind suggestion.
        I wanted to do this upsize to increase the ride quality/ plushness as 60 section tyres usually provide harsh ride.
        Also 175-60 R15 has limited options, while 175/65 R15 has multiple options to choose from.

  • Hi.
    I’m looking to upgrade ride stability and grip. My current tyres are stock 205/55 R16 on Skoda Octavia.
    What is your advice/recommendation?

  • hi..i
    I have ford freestyle diesel with stock tyre size of 185/60 R15….I am looking to upgrade the tyres in same alloys…what would be the better upgrade

    1- 195/55 R15

    2- 195/60 R15
    I am looking for low noise and durable tyres..pl suggest…195/60 R15 is giving more options..kindly suggest some options also…

  • Hello,
    I’ve VW vento 1.6 Diesel Highline 2012 Model with stock (185/60 R15) Wish to upgrade to 205/55 R15. I want to know how much impact will be on kmpl? Currently I’m getting 15kmpl in mix condition, I mean with 50% city and 50% highway run.
    Thank you in the advance.

  • I want to upsize 155/65 r13 of alto k10(old model) to180/55 r14. Is it OK? What about the chance of Tire scraping? Please make a detailed replay.

    • Dear Sir,

      First and foremost, tyres for PCR segment will have “5” in the ones place. So 180/55 R14 tyres do not exist. Next, we have gone through every possible combination of sizes that might be safe for an up-size, however we are sorry to let you know that none of the 14 inch tyres available come under the safe 3% difference margin. That means any kind of up-size for your car will end up having an adverse effect on your car, it’s performance, durability and handling. And yes, they will surely be scrapping the fenders. We suggest you to stick to the stock tyres. If you still wish to up-size we suggest you consult your mechanic for details about all the extra work that might be needed to accommodate the bigger wheels and tyres.


  • Hi there,

    I own a tata tiago top variant with current oem tyre size as 175/60R15.
    Is it possible to upsize my wheels to 17″ rims vd low profile tyres.
    If not, then what are other safe options.

    • Dear Saurabh,

      Hi Tia, Up-sizing to 17 inch alloys is possible with low profile tyres but you will have to take into consideration the state of Indian roads. Roads with a lot of humps and bumps aren’t going to be the best suitor for tyres with lower side wall width as they absorb less shock and the impact is harsher on the rims. You will also want to consider the impact up-sizing will have on your vehicle. Please note that any changes made to the stock vehicle will make a difference in terms of fuel consumption, grip, handling, speedo/odometer reading. Usually the safe option is to up-size by 1 rim size that is your case to 16 inch rims with tyres sizes that aren’t easily available in India like 175/55 R16 , 185/50 R 16, 205/45 R16, 215/45 R 16, 195/50 R16 etc.


  • I have jeep compass with tyre size 225/60/R17 and planning to upgrade to 235/55/R17 or 245/50/R17 without changing the alloys of the vehicle
    Kindly suggest

  • Hi
    I am owning 2017 honda city with tyre size of 175/65/r15. I want to change my tyres and want to know does apollo have same size and does these tyres have less noise while driving.

  • Hello, i owned Creta 1.4S Plus with tyres of 205/60/R16. Can I change my tyres with 205/60/R17. Doesbit makes any difference.

    • Dear Sir,

      Since your Creta’s stock tyre size sits at 205/60 R16, up-sizing to 205/60 R17 will not be advisable as the difference percentage will be at 3.89% which is well over the safe 3% margin that we recommend. If you still choose to up-size with a difference margin above 3% then we suggest you check with your technician once as the tyres may take up more space and end up scraping the fenders. You can upsize to the 225/50 R17 which has a difference percentage of just 0.8%. These tyres fit best on rims with a width of 6-8 inches. Please follow link to explore: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/225-50-R17.


  • The max upsize for a stock tyre size (185/65 R15) should be 205/55 R15.In this case will it effect the mileage?

    • Dear Pujith,

      Well, 215/60 R15 is actually the maximum upsize you can do with the same rim size according to us as it has a 2.9% difference. And the size 205/55 R 15 is in reality a down size, with a difference of -2.41%(negative) because even though the width of tyre has increased while the rim size remains the same, the height of the side wall will have decreased. Now for the second part, yes any kind of up-size or down size you choose will surely have an effect on the mileage at least by a fraction. We recommend keeping the change within a 3% margin whether negative or positive so that the difference in performance will not be too evident.


  • Hi
    I am Avinash I own a Volkswagen Polo 1.5 tdi highline 2017 my stock tyres are 185/60/r15 Apollo,I would like to upsize my tires which would you recommend?

    I am stuck in between 195 55 r15 and 205 50 r15

    • Dear Avinash,

      “Hi, since your stock tyres are 185/60 R15, the size 195/55 R 15 is actually a down size because the difference percentage is at -1.3% (negative) which means that although the width of the tyres have increased and the rim diameter remains the same there will be a decrease in side wall height. And 205/50 R15 poses the same problem as this too is a down size, with the difference percentage standing at -2.5% (negative) which is even worse. You can however choose 205/55 R 15 as this has a 0.4% difference margin which is better and safer. Please follow link to explore options. https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/205-55-R15


  • I have new amaze with 175/65/15 what will be a good upgrade ..most of the time I drive on highway. Is 185/65/15 is good option..looking btw continental or Michelin

  • I own a Ritz VDI 2013 having stock steel rim and 165/80 R14 85T tyres. I am planning to fit alloy wheels. Also two tyres are in a condition to be replaced. I want to get a more appealing side profile. So fitting 14 inch alloys and replacing only those 2 tyres a better option ? Or else I should upsize the rim size by fitting 15 or 16 inch alloys and replacing all existing tyres ? If so, please let me know which one will be a more appealing upsize within permissible safe limit….

    Hoping for a reply
    Thanks in advance

  • I want to upgrade my Tata Tigor’s 175/60-R15 to 175/65-R15, company recommands air pressure of 36 PSI all around.

    I want to know, how can i calculate, what should be my air pressure, after upsizing the tire.

  • Existing tyre of hyundai grand i10 sportz is 165/65 R14, I want to replace it with 165/70 R14.Kindly advise with Pros and cons.

    • Dear Anshu,

      You can upgrade your tyres to 165/70 R14 from 165/65 R14. The difference margin lies at 2.89% which is within the 3% difference margin that we recommend. The change will increase the height by 8.3 mm and that will be the advantage. And the rest are not disadvantages either but you will have to keep in mind that any kind of change done to the tyres apart from stock tyre size will have an affect on the performance of the car in terms of fuel consumption, acceleration, speed etc. But sticking to the 3% difference margin, these changes will be in the fractions being not very noticeable and neither will it have any negative impacts on your car. Please follow link to explore tyre options for 165/70 R14: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/165-70-R14


  • Can i change my S-Cross stock tyre from 205/60 R16 to 205/65 R16 ? what will the change in ride quality & mileage ? can i go ahead with Michelin 205/65 R16 ?
    main concern is to 205/60 upgrade to 205/65 …what will the effect..

    • Hi sIR,

      Up-sizing your tyres from 205/60 R16 to 205/65 R16 exceeds the recommended difference margin of 3% as this change has a difference of 3.14%. Besides, assuming that this type of up-size was thought of to increase the ground clearance since the only increase will be in the height of the side wall. But please keep in mind that this change will not make any major difference in the ground clearance as it will increase only by 1cm. When the tyre is up-sized beyond 3% there is a very good chance that the tyres will scrape/touch the fenders when turning or when on bad roads. There is also a chance that the tyres will have negative impacts such as higher fuel consumption, lag in acceleration etc. In our opinion, sticking to stock tyre size is optimal as every car manufacturer spends a bomb in terms of money and time only on R&D for the best suited tyres. Please follow link to explore options with 205/60 R16: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/205-60-R16


  • Hi Team,

    I am planning to upsize tyre in Ford Figo Aspire titanium 2016 petrol model. Current stock size is 175/65 R14. Please suggest a better upsize and the most suitable tyre make for it.

  • I have ford figo trend model which comes with 175/65 R14 tyres , I wish to upgrade to 195/55 R15 . How much will it increase ground clearance and overall performance of the car on bumpy roads and cornering capability ?

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, you can up- size to 195/55 R15 as the difference is at 2.13% which is well within the 3% difference margin we recommend. By going ahead with this up-size, the height would increase by 1.8cm. The increased width means more ground contact making the grip better. You will have to keep in mind that there will be higher fuel consumption and little bit lag in acceleration. And when it comes to particularly bumpy roads, the increased sidewall height will surely increase the impact absorption capabilities of the tyres. Please follow link to explore options: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/195-55-R15


  • Hi sir, above information is very informative. It is very well written.
    Sir i update My nissan sunny tyres from 185/70/R14 to 205/55/R16.
    With new tyres i make around 35000 kms but i start to observe balancing issues above 90 km/h speed.
    Is it because of tyre or alloys….?

  • I want to upsize my honda city tyre 175 65 r 15 which size would be best
    Can i use 185 65 r 15
    Is it best uption

  • I bought the new Honda City 2020 V variant 185/60 R15. The higher versions come with 185/55 R16 wheel & tyre. If I have to upgrade to 195mm R16, hom much should the side measure be? What would you recommend? And would it be below the 3% margin?

      • Understood. Any other variation you recommend? Basically want to have greater grip on the road. Tire feels smaller at high speeds on highway

    • Hi,

      We usually recommend upsizing by one size but the option of 225/40 R18 can be accommodated as the difference margin comes at 0.43%. However we suggest you check with your technician once before you go for it. You will also have to check the width of the rim so that these tyres fit right. Please check the link for options: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/225-40-R18


    • Hi,

      Hi, the upsize you are looking at: 195/65 R 15 will exceed the difference percentage by standing at 4.27%. 195/60 R 15 will be a better option as it stands 0.8%. We always suggest sticking to an upsizing margin of 3% difference as this will not have a very drastic change in the cars performance in terms of fuel consumption, acceleration, steering response etc. Please follow link given to explore the options available: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/195-60-R15


  • Hi Team, I own skoda rapid 2013 Elegance Tyre size is 185/60/R15.
    I want to have a upgrade of wheel size without changing Rim size and fuel efficiency.
    Pl suggest the upgradtaion.
    My dealer is suggesting Pirelli P6, Michelin XM2 & Michelin 4 ST. Which is better.
    Pl suggest

  • Hi, I am owning nissan micra xv 2012 model..the stock size is 175/60 r15 can I upgrade to 195/55 r16..is this a better choice?

    • Hi,

      Hi, the upsize of 175/60 R15 to 195/55 R16 is not a very wise option as the difference stands at 5.06%. which means that you risk scraping the fenders, lag in acceleration, unwanted higher fuel consumption and many other problems that arise. In fact, according to our findings there isn’t any safe upsize that we can suggest you with. But if you still wish to up-size, we suggest you check with your technician first. If you would like to explore stock tyre options, please follow the link given: https://www.tyremarket.com/Search/Car-Tyres/175-60-R15


  • I have Nissan Micra which is currently having alloys with ( 175/60 R15 tires )

    Can i replace them with ( 185/65 R15 ) Keeping the alloys remains same ?

  • Hello,
    I have 2010 Hyundai i20 Asta and the current tyre size is 185/65 R14.
    I want to upsize it to 185/70 R14. Will this affect in any of my speedometer reading, mileage, etc?
    Or should I stay with the current size?

  • i have Hyndai Grand i10 2014 petrol sportz variant, is it good if i change the tyre size from 165/65/r14 to 165/70/r14 ? i thinking of MRF ZVTV, what you suggest? pls reply

  • I booked the Titanium Automatic Ford Eco Sport. I want to change the tire, the stock tire size is 205/60 / R16 with alloys. Can I handle a tire size of 225/55 / R16 with a stock alloy? Alloy ‘s got 6 J. Is there any mileage shortfall or creates some kind of stress when updating one. Advise me which tire brand is ideally suited to this vehicle.

  • Hi. I have 2016 model xuv 500 W6, which comes with MRF 235/65 R17 tyres. I am planning for a replacement of tyres and was exploring option of upsizing it to 265/65 R17. Iam looking for Yokohama geolander varient.

    Do you suggest this change will be ok.

    I was looking for this upsize as my driving includes weekly drive in village roads of about 150kms per week. Will this upsize affect my file efficiency and performance.


  • Hi There,
    I own Maruti Ritz Vxi and i have stock Tyre which has run around 50,000 kms. No i am thinking to change it to Continental CC5 and also thinking to upsize from 165/80 R14 to 185/70 R14.
    Can you kindly let me know if the the fuel efficiency will decrease by this? If yes, by how much percentage it will decrease?

  • Hi, Im looking to upgrade my tyre size for my FIAT LINEA. My stock size is 195/60 R15 so planning the upgrade to 205/65/R15 or 205/60 R15.. lil confused. choice of brand is MICHELIN XM2 or CONTI MC5 .. any suggestions pls.. n also there are no stocks of Michelin @ Chennai dealers. How will be the authenticity, warranty procedures & date of manufacturing if bought online.

  • Sir, I am owning Maruti Esteem vxi petrol fitted with orginal OE fitted alloy wheels but tyre size I used earlier 175/70 R13. Now I changed to 155/80/ R13. Pls suggest me which is the right tyre size to use.

  • i was planning to buy Tata Nexon XZ which was having 195/60/R16 tyres ,was having in mind to ask service team to change it to 215/60/R16 before taking the delivery from outlet which will be costing me only some extra pennies for the bigger tyre.i was not planning to change the steel rims provided with nexon xz and wants to install 215/60/R16 tyres in the same company fitted rim.Is it possible to do so

  • Hi, I am planning to Buy Ertiga ZXI. Personally, I want an appealing look for the car and want to Upsize the Tyres after I purchase the car. Is it a good Idea to do this? I know it will impact Mileage. But, please can you suggest if this is good idea to do this?

    • Dear Sir,

      Certainly upsizing impact the mileage but you can minimise it and get better performance after following the manufacturer guideline. Please discuss the tyre fitter and told him to don’t increase more than 3%.


  • Hello Sir.. This is Anand.
    I am planning to upsize my car’s tyre.
    Model – Swift Zdi Hatchback 2015
    And currently it’s equipped with 185/65/R15 tyre and i am planning to upsize it to 16 inch.
    So can you suggest me the Upsize tyre details that which one is best for my car.

  • Hi Team,

    I have etios cross 2014 with stock tyre 185/60 R15. I want to upgrade to new tyres to increase the ground clearance without changing rims. Also i dont want to affect the mileage and acceleration, so please suggest the tyre size that would do the job. Also please suggest the tyres with low noise, good fuel efficiency and durability.


    • Dear Sir,

      As per the manufacturing guide, you can upsize tyre below 3%. As per your need very minute impact on mileage and it depends on your driving behaviour and road conditions.


  • Hi want to change my stock tyres in honda brv
    Now its time to replace my tyres
    Please suggest the best safer and good looking tyres for the same alloy R16
    Thank u

  • Hi, I have a swift dzire vxi 2015 model. Last year I upgraded my car’s tyre (steel rim) from stock size 165/80 R14 to 185/70 R14. I realized that the stability of the car has increased but mileage have gone low and odometer reading is not that accurate as it used to be. I think this is due to heavier steel rim, I am thinking of replacing steel rim with alloy wheel. Do you think it will bring back mileage and odometer as it used to be before upsizing? What’s the ideal upsizing for dzire vxi with alloy wheel – 185/65 R15? I usually drive in the city and once or twice in a year on highways.

  • I have Toyota Altis with 205/55 R16 tyre. I want to know that will upgrading to 205/60 R16 help in improving comfort while driving on broken/pothole roads. If not please suggest a tyre size for improving the comfort and handling on such roads.

    • Dear Arun,

      Kindly let us know if you are planning to upsize the Rim as well so we can provide you the best upsize options for your vehicle.


  • Hi, I am planning to buy a 2020 Honda City ZX CVT petrol and thinking of changing the tires right away. I am looking for better grip and handling compared to the stock tires it comes with. My primary use is for highway driving. I don’t want to change the R16x6 alloys it comes with. I had a bunch of questions.
    1. I am planning to go for a 205/50 R16. Do you think this would be a good size to go for or should I consider a different size? I understand that going for wider tires may increase the cabin noise but do you think it will be a big enough a factor to consider?
    2. So far, I could find this size only in Yokohama Earth-1. I checked Michelin, Yokohama and Continental. Would you recommend any other tire models/brands I should check?
    3. Would you recommend changing spare tires as well? I was thinking of leaving it as is.

    Would highly appreciate any details you can provide. Thanks!

  • Hi,
    I am owning Honda Jazz 2016 model, with tyre size 175/65 R15, please recommend me the best upgrade size based on better road grip for wet roads and dry roads and also it should not affect the mileage or suspension. Please confirm if 195/60 R15 would be ideal or i should go for 195/65 R15, 185/65 R15.

  • My Ford figo aspire has 175/65 r14 alloy wheel.Recently i upgrade my car tyre size to 185/70 r14. Is this upgradation in tyre size ok

    • Hi,

      Sorry to hear that. Could you kindly confirm your order ID so we can check the details and do the needful.


  • Hai..i have Volkswagen polo with tyre size of 175/70R/14..which size alloy wheels would be ideal for me 15 or 16 or 17 inches??

  • I’m currently running on 165/65 R14. Due to unavailability of spec tyres, with H speed rating dealership is recommending to go for 165/70 R14. Can you please tell what would be the effect on drive characteristics? I’m on Hankook Kinergy being proposed for Continental CC5.

    • Hi Sir,

      Except for your Tyre Aspect Ratio increasing from 65 to 70%, there will not be major difference or any issues. So you can go ahead with the dealership’s suggestion.


  • In stock Pajero, existing tyre specs are 265/60/R18 and i wish to upgrade with 275/65/R18. I wish to take it off roading as well. Needs your expert advise on the same.

  • Hi I want to upsize my Huandai Gets 13 inch to 14 inch, please advise. Share the logical impacts that might be encountered.

  • I own a Tata harrier XE (235/70 R16) upsized to 255/55 R18 . I bought an alloy ( VOLVO XC60 + BRIDGESTONE HP sport) fitted today. There is no allignment issues. But, due to breadth issue nut is inserted 75% . My allignment center says 20(4*5bolts) lug and bearings have to be changed. It is a 10k driven car. I need your opinion and advise in this regard.

  • Hi, I presently have 225/50 R18 tyres and to increase sidewall and get a better ride, I want to upsize to: 225/55 R18. From the online upsize tyre calculator, the speedometer showing 80 kmph will now be actually about 83 kmph. Can I go ahead and upsize? Please advise. Thank you.

  • Planning to upsize Maruti XL6 from 185/65/15 to 195/65/15. What are the pros and cons? Or what is the best recommended change for the vehicle that does not affect suspension warranty?

    Also the stock tyres are Bridgestone Ecopia. Is Bridgestone B250 a good replacement with the above upsize? Or you would recommend another brand?

  • Hi,

    I own a ford figo 2014 diesel which is second hand vehicle. I happen to get R14/65/185 along with the car whereas the original tyre size is R14/65/175.

    My tyre is almost dead and I want to change it. Should I go with 175 or 185. I thought its titanium variant so company is providing extra width. But when I check I found it comes with an 175 width tyre. Kindly suggest what should I do ?


  • I want to change tyres of my polo highline. Currently I have OEM fitted 185/60/ R15 MRF ZVTV. What will be the advantages and disadvantages if I upsize to 195/60 R15? Please also suggest some good options like Bridgestone B250 or Continental CC5 or Yokohama earth 1 or Goodyear TripleMax etc.

  • I want to change my honda City tyre size for better ground clearance. Current size is 175/65 R15. Please suggest an option I want to keep the same alloy

  • Hi

    I have Tata Tiago with 175 65 R14 as stock tyre.

    I am planning to go for 165 65 R14/165 70 R14 .

    What changes can I expect and is it fine to move to these choices?

  • Hi, I own Tata Manza ABS Diesel. I want to change my front tyre from 185/60 R15 to 195/60 R15., whereas I don’t want to change the rear tyres which is 185/60 R15. Do you recommend in doing so?

  • Hi , i have Ciaz that comes with 195/55 R16 as stock. i need suggestion for upsize. in my mind am thinking to go with 195/60 R16. please suggest will this work ? or i need to go with something else ? if i upsize what will happen ?

    • Hi Velu,

      You can go with 205/55 R16 for an upsize and your ground clearance will be better too. 195/60 R16 is NOT recommended.


  • Hi, I own a 2005 Toyota Townace with the following wheel sizes:
    Front – 165R13
    Back – 255/50R12.5

    I want greater ground clearance.

    What tyres or wheels can I change to?

  • Hi. I own a grand i10 nios sportz having 15inch alloy wheels. I want to upsize it to 16 inch along with wide tyres. Will this be a good thing to do?? Please suggest. I need ground clearance.

  • Hi, can I upgrade to 215/45/R17 wheels for XL6 against the stock tyre size of 185/65/R15? Secondly, what are the disadvantages of upgrading to 215/45/R17?

  • Hi

    I’m having Honda WRV Petrol.. I feel that my car pickup is lesser.. so by reducing or upsizing tyre size, will it help for pickup.
    My tyre size is 195/60-16 89H

  • Hello Team,
    It is very informative page. I have XL6 and thinking to go for 195/60/R16 or 205/55/R16 upgrade. Could you please suggest how it will impact mileage, suspension and steering smoothness,
    and which one I should opt

  • My WRV currently has 195/60 R16 and now I want to upgrade to 205/60 R16! What are all the Pros and Cons and especially with Mileage is concern..

  • Hi,
    I have alto 800 which comes 145/80 R12, looking for upsize and found 165/65 R12 is it ok?

    Kindly suggest the change and any dis advantages

  • Hi. I owned Toyota Yaris J Manual, with a current tire size of 185 60 R15. Do you recommend to me to upgrade it to 185 65 R15? Thank you.

  • Hi, I have a Maruti 800 2007 AC. I changed the tyres from 145/70/R12 to 145/80/R12. Will it affect the performance or not? The reasin is because 70/R12 tyre was not available. They said 80/R12 is good. What is your suggestion?

  • Can i upsize my tyre size from 205/50 R17 to 205/55 R17…there will be problem in the vehicle or not in my FORD ecosport ….

  • I have Honda Civic Hybrid with tyre size 205/55R16 but would like to upsize to 205/60R16. Is this right and what could be the draw backs.

  • This article gives detail about tyre upsizing benefits drawbacks and this article shared so much information regarding the same… I enjoyed reading while going through this article and this is the best link for gaining all the information about it.

  • Thanks to the author for sharing such a great post. The article was very well written and providing great info about tyre upsizing benefits drawbacks . It can be really great for people like me who are looking for grabbing more knowledge about it.

  • Hi,

    I want to upgrade my New Santro (2019) tyre to alloy wheels. Stock Wheel – 155/80 R13

    Please suggest I can upgrade to R14 with 185/60 R14 or 165/70 R14 (New Santro Asta variant stock tyre). Will R14 have any negative effect.


    I can stick with 155/80 R13 and change steel to alloy only. (Future upgrade – 165/70 R13)

  • Hi My amaze currently has 175/65 R14 I want to increase the ground clearance. Can i go ahead with 175 70 R14. I dont wish to increase the width as it will reduce my fuel efficiency. Please suggest
    Also which tyre would be best with this combination as its a bit unusual size.

  • Content here based on the benefits and the drawbacks of the tyre upsizing. Anyone searching for same topic may find their shelter here. I am sure many people will come to read this in future. Great blog indeed, will visit again future to read more!! You have done a great research for I feel, thanks for sharing.

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  • Hi,

    I want to upgrade my New Santro (2019) tyre to alloy wheels. Stock Wheel – 155/80 R13

    Please suggest I can upgrade to R14 with 185/60 R14 or 165/70 R14 (New Santro Asta variant stock tyre). Will R14 have any negative effect.


    I can stick with 155/80 R13 and change steel to alloy only. (Future upgrade – 165/70 R13)

  • Namaskar

    I want to upgrade the wheel size of Maruti XL6 from 15″ to 16″. Kindly guide the right tyre size which will not affect the performance of the vehicle. Company fitted tyre size is 185/65 R15.


  • Hello There,
    Currently I am using 205/ 60R16 on OE steel wheels on my Brezza VDI. I would like to upgrade to 16 inch 7.5j alloy wheels. Which tyre would be best option without affecting fuel efficiency?. 205/60R16 OR 215/60R16

      • I think my question is still unanswered. Original question posted below… Expecting an appropriate answer. Thanks

        “Hello There,
        Currently I am using 205/ 60R16 on OE steel wheels on my Brezza VDI. I would like to upgrade to 16 inch 7.5j alloy wheels. Which tyre would be best option without affecting fuel efficiency?. 205/60R16 OR 215/60R16”

        • Ideally it should be 205/60 R16. If you really want to go with 215mm width you must decrease sidewall length. So it should be like 215/50 R16.
          Hope you find it useful.

  • Hi, sir for innova crysta 16inch stock 205/65 r16 what size you suggest for upsize 215/60, 225/60, 215/65, kindly let me knw or should i go with stock size.

      • Hi looking for a tyre upgrade for my crysta top end automatic..50% highway and 50% city use…runs on 215 .55 R 17 now…can I go for 225 55 R17..or will there be a milage and speed drop.
        Also which tyres u recommed..Michelin 4 st or yoklohoma blue earth

  • Hi..
    I own ecosport 2018 with tyre size 205/50 R 17 and experienced tyre bulging issue. Few people ve said , it is due to low profile. Hence would like to upgrade tyre profile with same rim size.

    • Hi,

      Hi, Upsizing options for you with the same rim size are – 245/45 R17 95W, 240/45 R17, 235/45 R17 94W and 215/50 R17.


  • Hello ,,
    I want to upgrade my 2019 baleno tyre from 195/55/16 to 195/60/16 or 205/60/16
    Is there any problem with it …Nd what’s the down fall
    Nd plz mention a good tyre brand .


  • Hai,hope you are doing fine i have swift vdi 2017 model and the rim size is 14 inch and i need to upgrade further what is the maximum alloy size i can upgrade and what is the suitable tyre size for it please acknowledge me for this question which oftern confuses me

    • Hi,

      Hi, The maximum alloy size you can upgrade to is 15″ or 16″. Tyre sizes suitable are – 205/60 R15, 195/65 R15, 185/65 R15 & 225/50 R16, 205/55 R16, 195/55 R16 87H.


  • Would like to increase ground clearance of my Skoda Yeti.
    Please suggest a larger tyre size from original 215/60R16.

  • my chevrolet sail sedan has 175/70 R14 i want to change to 165/80 R14 to increase road clearance, will it cause any effects please advice no one answered my question before.

  • Hii….I bought Ertiga zxi a week back and want to change stock alloys to after market alloys whitch changing the tyres. I am going for 15 “× 7 ” alloy with same tyre. Is it a good idea ? Will it affect the performance? Kindly suggest. Thank you

  • Dear Tyre market,

    Hi, I have 2019 model Elite I20 Asta , which comes with GOOD YEAR ASSURANCE 195/55/R16 tyres. I am planning for a replacement of tyres and was exploring option of upsizing it to 205/55/ R16. Suggest me best company tyre.
    Do you suggest this change? Will this upsize affect my car pick up/ performance and especially on FE?

    N.Sreenath Reddy

  • Hi,

    I need to replace all4 tyres of my corolla altis. The stock tyre size 205/55/R16. What happens if I change to 205/60/R16. Please advise. Goodyear or Yokohama? Which one is better?

  • Hi I have venue S 1.2 ltr company fitted tyres are 195/65 R15 I want to upsize it to 214/60 R16. Pls suggest. Thanks

  • Hi.. i have s presso with original tyres size 165/70R14. I want to upsize to 195/70R14. Is it a good idea? Please advise.

  • I have Alto K10 VXi, I recently changed my tyres with stock size only. I only want to know as I am a slow driver in a hilly terrain, would it be a good choice to upsize tyres of my Car. If yes what should be the size.

  • Hello, I have 285/30/20 on 9.5 wheels fitted from the factory on my Jaguar XF S. The ride is too harsh on city bumps so I would like to increase the sidewall height. Would there be any benefits going to 285/35/20 vs 285/40/20 vs 275/35/20? Thanks

  • Hi, could you suggest the best upgrade for 255/65 r18. Rim size can go down but not up, lowest possible odometer reading error hopefully too

  • Can you suggest the best possible upgrade for innova crysta 2.8 Z 17 inch.
    It’s on 215/55 17 which one should I upgrade to
    215/60 17 or 225/55 or 235/55 for ride and handling balance comfort and grip on dry and wet roads.
    Looking forward for your reply.

    • Hi,

      225/55 17 is the only recommended upgrade for your current size. Apollo, Continental & Yokohama are moving brands for your vehicle.


  • Hi
    My car is polo trend-line existing tyre size is 175/70 R14. If I go for 185/70 should I get mileage decrease

    Please confirm

    • Hi,

      you can change to 185/70 R14 if you wish. We cannot give you an answer regarding mileage as it depends on various other factors as well.


  • Hello Team,

    You page is very useful. After reading the detailed information about tyre upsozing. I can understand the things ina better way.

    I have one question on which i need your expert opinion. I owned a scross 1.3 diesel which comes with 215/60 r16. The stock tyres are now needs an replacement. My only requirement is grip and braking which i feel is missing in stock jk tyres.Please suggest whether i should go for upsizing. If yes, what will be the permissible size which dont affect my suspension. Is it 225/60 r16 or somethings else.?

  • Hello Team,

    I need your suggestion, I have Hyundai Xcent SXO CNG which comes with Alloy Wheels & Stock Tyre are of Bridgestone 175/60/ R15. The stock tyres now needs an replacement after running for approx 48,000 km. My requirement is best possible combination of grip, braking, mileage & little better ground clearance & trying to explore other options. I went to local dealer which told me that present size tyres size is little expensive & also not having many options to choose so suggested me to go for upsizing to Bridgestone B290/ B250 – 185/65/R15 or Apollo 4G 185/65/R15 or some other brands with similar tyres. I am little confused so please suggest best possible permissible size upgrade which dont affect my suspension & also best possible odometer reading error but with a better ground clearance & combination of all good factors. Also size should have multiple options to choose from.

  • Hi,
    I have 2019 Ford Figo 1.5 diesel and the stock size happens to be 175/65 R14, upsizing to 195/60 R14 seems to make a lot of sense as difference is very minimal however I need to know how much fuel efficiency would get affected with this upsize as it will be 20mm more wider and how much difference will be there in acceleration? Expecting your valuable input.

  • Hi

    I want to replace 205 60 r16 with 215 45 r18 on Ecosport Trend 1.5L Petrol

    The overall diameter will increase by a small amount but it will be a low profile tyre.

    Will there be noticeable difference in ride & handling with these low profile tyres?

    • Hi Rohit,

      If you want to definitely go for an 18 inch rim, then we would suggest going for 225/45 or 255/50 rather than 215/45.


  • मेरी 2019 मॉडेल वॅगन आर मे 155/80r 13 के बजय 165/70r 13 के अपोलो 4g life टायर डाले हैं इससे कोई नुकसान होगा क्या

    • Hello Kishore,

      Haan yeh size galat hai aur aapke liye 185/70 R13 better size hai.


  • I m owning brezza vdi 2017 diesel i want to upsize my car’s tyre and alloy size FROM DEFAULT R-16 TO R17

  • I have upgrades my Toyota yaris 2006 1.3 vvti tyres from 185/60/r15 to 185/65/r15,. I know it will get approximately 3%of deviation in height, speedometer etc but how much it will loss the fuel millage approximately?

    • Hello Malik,

      The vehicle’s fuel efficiency will in the end depend on how the vehicle is driven so we cannot give you an actual answer but there should not be more than 1 or 2 points of drop or rise in your mileage.


  • Hi team i have suzuki ciaz vdi plus with tyre size 185 65 R15
    And i want to upgarde wgeel size without loosing acceleration and mileage… What to do ?? SHOULD I GO FOR UPGRADATION OR NOT ??

    • Hi Avtar,

      the size we can recommend IF you most definitely want to upgrade is – 195/65 R15 for your vehicle.


  • I use tyre online calculator. This is very useful because many technician don’t guide me proper. This is very indepth knowledge you shared. Thanks!

  • Hi i have wagon r 2007 model. The current tyres are 155/70 on R13 steel rims. Can i upgrade to 165/65 on R13 alloys. Please let me know if any impact on car performance or mileage.

    • Hello, we would not recommend going for 165/65 R13 as it will cause an issue on the performance of your vehicle.

  • Eccosport MODEL 2014 1,5 D TREND DW मुझे लगता है कि मैंने एक बड़ी गलती की, मैंने टायर का आकार 195/65 R15 से बदलकर 205/65/R15 कर दिया, इसके फायदे और नुकसान क्या हैं

    • Hello,

      aapko better grip, stability aur ache looks milenge with 205/65 R15. Negative yeh hai ki speedometer reading galat aa sakti hai.


  • Dear Team Tyremarket,

    I have KIA sportage, 2.4. The existing tyre size is 235/55/r18, shall I replace with 225/60/r18 instead of original one? Reason for this change is availability & price.

  • Scorpio N Manual 4WD Comes with 245/65/r17 and I want to change it to an AT Tyre. I am told There is no AT tire at this size. I am asked to upsize to 265/65/r17. Will it be a blunder if I upsize. Waiting for your replies

  • Can I upsize my Audi A3 tyre size from 225/45 R17 to 225/50 R 17. I will change all four tyres. If so, what precautions should I take


    • Hello,

      Both sizes you mentioned for an upsize are incompatible with your current vehicle and size. You can rather go for 225/50 R16 or 205/55 R16 as upsize options.


  • I am having Hyundai Verna EX 1.4 and I want to upgrade tyre siz and rim size i am having 184/65/R15 with steel rim and I want to ask can I use alloys of 16 inches and for that which is suitable size for alloys wheel of r 16

  • Hi bro iam owning honda city zx diesel my stock tyre size is 185/55 R16 Can i upgrade it to 205/55 R16. Does it affect the performance or its safe for both perfomance and ground clearance

    Or 195/55 R16 is best??

    • Hello, you will have to go for 195/55 R16 as 205/55 won’t be compatible with your vehicle and current tyre size.

    • Hi, unfortunately, you cannot upgrade to the size 205/65 R16 as it’s not compatible with your vehicle and current tyre size.

  • I have a Wagon R 1.0 VXI (O) bought in 2016 fitted with 155/65 R14 Apollo Tyres. Can I upgrade to R165/70 R14. What will be the advantages and disadvantages for the same. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sir,

      you should not upgrade to 165/70 R14 as it won’t be compatible with your current vehicle and tyre size. You will face disadvantages such as a negative impact on your mileage, a slight reduction in steering response, and more.


  • Hi , i got ciaz sigma 185/65 R15
    I want to inc ground clearance so which one should i choose 195/60 R16 or 195/55 R16
    Without much alteration to current condition including tyre wear due to full rotation of steering wheel , what would you recommend

  • Helo Sir,

    I am having Skoda LAURA 2.0 2012 MODEL DIESEL , I Recently upgraded from 205/55/r16 TO 245/45/r18, Can you please suggest possible mileage drop, total difference of upsizing is as under:

    tire circumference increase by 45 mm in total .

    Tire 1 Tire 2 Difference
    205/55R16 245/45R18
    Tire Height (Diameter) 24.9 in 632 mm 26.7 in 678 mm 7.25%
    Wheel Size 16 in 406 mm 18 in 457 mm 12.50%
    Sidewall Height 4.4 in 113 mm 4.3 in 110 mm 2.22%
    Tire Width 8.1 in 205 mm 9.6 in 245 mm 19.51%
    Tire Circumference 78.2 in 1,985 mm 83.8 in 2,129 mm 7.25%
    Revolutions per Mile 810.7 755.9 6.76%
    Revolutions per Kilometer503.7 469.7 6.76%

    • Hello sir,

      the size you are currently using is vastly different from a suggested upsize upgrade so we would highly recommend not using it.

      Team Tyremarket.com

  • Wagon r vxi 2017 model having stock tyre 155/65 R14 can I upsize to 165/65/R14 or 165/70 R14, which is the correct upsize, will it affect original performance and fuel efficiency.

    • Hi,

      out of the two, you can upsize to 165/65 R14 even though that is also an aggressive upsize. You might start having minor steering issues, incorrect speedometer/odometer readings and mileage drops.


  • Hi I have a doubt, by tyre upsizing I read the blog all doing it for look. But I feel that it’s is more grip and safe with broad tyres width. Also I experienced and tyre blast right front tyre on a highway on a rainy day. I was driving I20 company fitted tyres. I couldn’t bring the car to stop. It was skidding for a long time and I jumped out of car before it stopped saving my life. I was told by some people broad tyres may be safe in these situations and car will be under control compared to small width tyres. Is it so?

  • मेरे पास स्विफ्ट vxi 2019 मॉडल है जिसके टायर का साइज 165/80/R14 जिसको मैं 185/70/14 कराना चाहता हूं क्या यह कराना उचित रहेगा । जिससे मेरे गाड़ी की माइलेज काम ना हो और अच्छा परिणाम मिले या फिर आप मुझे किसी और साइज के बारे में बताए ।

  • Hi, I have a Volkswagen Vento 2015 AT tsi. The current tyre size is 185/60/R15(stock). I’m planning to upsize the size..what safe size options do I have in hand ? And the max I can go?

    Also can you please suggest what would be a better choice between michelin energy xm2+ and Primacy 4st for better overall performance.
    I mostly drive in city and hardly hit the highways on car.

    • Hi Taus,

      we would recommend Primacy 4ST as a slightly better option. For an upsize, you can either go for 195/60 R15 or 185/55 R16 as compatible sizes for your vehicle.


  • Hi, I have a camry 2011 with tyre 215/60r16, I need your advice on the type of tyre I can change to, to rise the height of the car. Thanks

  • what are the dissdvantages of upgared tyre size 265/r60/18 to 285/r60/18
    Please confirm mileage difference after this change
    Or this is a good choice to change alloy 18 inch to 20 inch

    What are best size of tyre for both alloy size
    This is regarding ford endevour

  • I have jeep compass and I want Michelin tyre 225/55 R18,very difficult to find,please suggest me alternative tyre of Michelin which I can use

  • Hi, I am using Elite i20 Asta(O) Diesel with 195/55 R16 size tyres, now i want to upgrade to 195/60 R16 is it advisable, plz.suggest me to upgrade pros and cons

  • Hi i have an Audi A4 Avant Ultra sport 2016 with 255 50 R17 – I want to get 18″ alloys that already have 255 40zR18 tyres on them – but I would like to upgrade these tyres to 255 45 R18. Can I do this on the new wheel?

  • Planning to upgrade my venue 1.2 petrol s (o) stock tyres and rim 195/65 R15 to 215/60 R16 as it is used in turbo variant. Will there be any adverse effect on ride quality, speedometer and TPMS etc..can I go ahead or stick on to the factory fitted tyres..pls reply

    • Hello,

      you should stick to your factory tyres as the size – 215/60 R16 is an aggressive upsize to your current size and it will have adverse effects on your drive, speedometer, efficiency, etc.


  • Hi, I have a skoda rapid car the company fitted car tyre size is 195/55/R16 … i want to ugrade the same into 205/55/R16 … can you suggest the advantage & disadvantage if im going to replace the same or this have worth…

  • 2023 Suzuki Spresso AGS. Stock with alloy’s 165/70r14 ~ Need more clearance so want to go with 185/70r14. Car is used for short trips only. An advanced thank you for your reply……

    • Hello,

      Could you please elaborate on your query further? Are you looking for new tyres for your Seltos? If yes, please help us out with your current tyre size or the size you are looking for and we will do our best to provide you with the best options.

      Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I own tata nexon with 215/60 R16.
    Now i read your article which is really helpful.
    So i am thinking of upsizing to 225/50 R16, am i making right decision

  • Good day
    I currently have 215/40/17 tyres on my car and I want upsize the profile
    Would it be possible to upsize to a 215/50/17 if not can you recommend something I can upsize to


    • Hi,

      215/50 R17 is an aggressive upsize and is not compatible with your current size. Unfortunately, we do not have information for a compatible upsize for your vehicle.


  • Hi, I have Honda civic LX sport with 215/50 R17 stock tire. My car already driven for 70K km and I want to change tyre. As 215/50 R17 is not available in stock with local supplier, he is suggesting to go ahead with 215/55 R17 tire which only increase the ground clearance. Should I go ahead or what is your suggestion? If go ahead than what are the parameters needs to consider?

  • Please I hope this is still open to questions. I have a Honda accord 2013 with stock 215/60R16 tyres. Please what’s my best upsizing for these.?

    Thank y9u

  • I have a Scorpio 2010 model with a tyre size of 215/75/R15 can I upsize the Rim to 16 Inches and what tyre size can I upgrade to

  • I bought i20 n line. It comes with R16 ceat tyres can I upsize it to R17 lenzo alloy with Michelin tyres ? Tyre comes out a little. Will it impact the mileage ?

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