Advantages And Disadvantages Of Low Profile Tyres

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Low Profile Tyres


Cars on roads with larger alloy size or rim size than the standard ones is quite a common sighting nowadays. These upsized alloys or rims are blessed with “low profile tyres” which have reinforced smaller sidewalls and can fit in the same wheel wells. Most of the people who opt for these type of tyres do it to bring the remarkable boldness and style into the vehicle’s character. And there’s hardly any doubt that larger wheels certainly improve the car’s stance. But did you ever try to find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of installing low profile tyres in your car?

Low profile tyres are generally considered as performance tyres and are made as strong as regular tyres, so you shouldn’t worry about a higher chance of tyre blowouts. If you are a driving enthusiast and want to really feel the road while enjoying the look and performance benefits of low profile tyres, then surely go for these tyres.


Some great advantages of using low profile tyres include:

● Improved braking since they have larger rims and wider tyres.

● Better handling in both wet and dry weather. They provide good gripping and side swaying is also less noticeable.

● Offer greater traction than a conventional type of tyre.

● Enhances road feel, which means you can actually feel the road much more than in a car with normal tyres.

● They also benefit your car’s cornering characteristics by being able to handle greater cornering forces and steering performance.

● They are generally great looking and add style to your car’s outfit.

● Current premium car’s tyres are blessed with Run Flat technologies i.e., they allow driving even when all the air pressure is lost.


Despite all the above-mentioned pros, the low profile tyres have a long list of severe drawbacks. These performance tyres can be disadvantageous, especially in those scenarios when your car is not originally configured to handle them. Moreover, if the suspension system of your car is made for a tyre with a larger aspect ratio, there are chances that you may notice road imperfections a bit more than usual.


Disadvantages of using low profile tyres include:

● Stiff or rough ride (especially on rural Indian roads).

● High susceptibility to tyre and rim damage since these tyres have a smaller air cushion to absorb harsh impacts from potholes.

● Wheels too are more susceptible to road damage with low profile tyres on them.

● Most low profile tyres do not perform well in winter conditions especially on snowy roads.

● Low profile tyres also usually have increased width which in turn may generate more noise.

● Fuel economy is compromised. So, if you are a driver who is “mileage conscious” then low profile tyres are certainly a big “NO” for you.

● These tyres are pretty expensive than the standard ones.


Now, we expect you to make a wise decision keeping in mind all the aforementioned bullet points. Before we finish, just a caution that you need to know, “car manufacturers allow a maximum increase of three percent in the original tyre size”. Therefore, if you go any further than this in tyre upsizing, it will render all the above-mentioned advantages futile.

Just have a look at the tire upsizing calculator here to find out suitable tire upsizing for your car, thank you and stay tuned!

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Tyler Meredith

It’s interesting that low profile tires are actually more expensive and less efficient than larger tires. It makes sense that it could be good just to get a high mileage tire if you’re not too concerned about performance or looks. It’s something to keep in mind as I think that this could be kept in mind for any kind of car or truck as there are a lot of different types of tires.

اغانى عربية
اغانى عربية

What’s up,I log on to your blogs named “Low Profile Tyres – Advantages and Disadvantages” regularly.Your writing style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!


Low profile tyres = damage from potholes ( and there are a lot of them about)
Kerb Damage as your rim is below the height of the kerb
More Road Noise
More susceptible to aquaplaning
Less grip in snow or muddy road
More expensive to buy.
There are more reasons not to have low profile tyres than to have them.
Of course if you are stupid you’ll buy them!!!

Nick the Mechanic
Nick the Mechanic

Not true, superior performance is the reason you buy them. If you care about how your car performs then you’ll buy low profile tyres, if you’re not into your cars you probably won’t care.