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Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Review, Price, Advantages, Available Sizes, Competition & More

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Review

Check Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Price, Specs, Available Sizes, Warranty, Cars Compatible With, Speed Rating, Tyre Compound, Tyre Construction, Fuel Efficiency Factor and Competition

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Overview

The multinational tyre company, Pirelli & C. S.p.A is located in Italy and is now an overseas subsidiary of the Chinese enterprise ChemChina. Founded way back in the year 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, it is one of the largest tyre manufacturing companies and its products are marketed in over 160 countries. Across the globe, Pirelli has got a total of 21 manufacturing facilities together with an extensive network of retailers and dealers. The Indian arm of Pirelli is headquartered in New Delhi.

Pirelli has got an unblemished legacy in the motorsport arena. It has been supplying tyres for the Formula One Championship since 1950 and its tyres are a hallmark for strength and durability. Besides, premium sedan-specific tyres, Pirelli has got performance-oriented SUV tyres in the form of Scorpion series tyre. The Pirelli Scorpion range of SUV tyres available in India includes STR, ATR, VERDE and ZERO tyres.

Pirelli Scorpion tyres are known for precision driving at high speeds. They have excellent cornering capabilities and reduced rolling resistance. Its innovative tread design is suited for driving in harsh terrains providing excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.


Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Compound

Pirelli Scorpion tyres are developed using as many as 15 innovative unique compounds with special polymers and silica. This silica and the increased natural rubber enhanced tread compound is moulded to provide it with an all-terrain tread design. The modern compound design and mixing technology also help to attain greater mileage. Moreover, the strong and solid construction makes the tyre durable and provides superior resistance to cuts and abrasions.


Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Construction Type

Scorpion is endowed with a wide block tread pattern to provide excellent grip under wet conditions. The continuous central rib aids in attaining precision on high speed. The deep channels in the grooves prevent against aquaplaning. For better off-road grip, the Pirelli Scorpion tyres are presented with broader shoulder blocks at pronounced angles. Moreover, curved central grooves provide continuous traction in off-road situations, while its robust carcass and reinforced sidewalls prove advantageous as they provide high resistance to damage. With the use of an optimized contact patch shape, it ensures safety in wet conditions.

Designed specifically as a tyre for SUVs, Pirelli Scorpion range possesses low noise due to highly advanced computer modelling and simulation. Similarly, Scorpion ZERO tyre has got asymmetric tread design with Z-pattern, which improves traction and braking safety. It also carries continuous longitudinal block profiles, in addition to the compact shoulder blocks, for precise performance and control at high speeds.

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Performance

All the Pirelli Scorpion tyres are known for their performance both on road and off road. Also used in the racing circuits and rallies, these tyres are versatile and safe. Specially designed for SUVs these tyres absorb shocks on uneven surfaces when driven off-road. Best suited also for highway driving, these all terrain tyres provide perfect and reassuring grip on all ground surfaces irrespective of dry and wet condition.

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Available Sizes

Pirelli Scorpion ATR tyre available sizes –

235/70 R 16 105T (TL) BUY NOW
245/70 R 16 107T (TL) BUY NOW
265/65 R 17 112T (TL) BUY NOW


Pirelli Scorpion ZERO tyre available sizes –

255/55 R 19 111V XL BUY NOW


Pirelli Scorpion STR tyre available sizes –

215/65 R 16 98H BUY NOW
215/65 R 16 98V BUY NOW
225/65 R 17 102H BUY NOW


Pirelli Scorpion VERDE tyre available sizes –

255/60 R 17 106V BUY NOW
215/60 R 17 96V BUY NOW
255/55 R 18 105V BUY NOW
255/50 R 19 103W BUY NOW
275/50 R 20 109H BUY NOW
235/65 R 17 108V BUY NOW
235/65 R 17 108V XL BUY NOW
235/60 R 18 107V BUY NOW
235/55 R 19 105V XL BUY NOW
235/55 R 19 105V BUY NOW
235/55 R 17 99V BUY NOW
285/60 R 18 120V BUY NOW
255/55 R 18 109Y BUY NOW
275/45 R 20 110V BUY NOW
255/55 R 20 110W BUY NOW
235/65 R 17 108V XL BUY NOW

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Price

The premium range Pirelli Scorpion ATR tyre used on the SUVs starts with the initial price of INR 7,800 per tyre and goes up to INR 10,200 per tyre. Whilst, the Pirelli Scorpion VERDE tyre, which is made for keeping in mind high-performance machines, its price range starts from INR 14,500 per tyre and extends up to as high as INR 38,000 per tyre. The Pirelli Scorpion STR is a complete highway terrain tyre that opens at INR 9,600 per tyre and goes up to INR 16,100 per tyre. Ideally suited for track or highway drives, the Pirelli Scorpion ZERO is a high-performance tyre that falls in the price range of INR 14,976 – INR 43,000 per tyre.

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Fuel Efficiency

The Pirelli Scorpion range of tyres has reduced rolling resistance which in turn translates to better fuel economy. The 20% lower rolling resistance is due to the optimized profile and better-suited material which in fact also reduces its weight and the carbon footprint. Also, the Scorpion range of tyres can be easily used for up to 65,000 km – 1,00,000 km with limited tread wear. These tyres give around 40% increase in mileage.

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Warranty

Being the international brand, Pirelli Scorpion Tyre comes with the manufacturer’s warranty of four years or 48 months from the date of manufacture or for the life of original usable tread, whichever comes earlier.

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Speed Rating

Pirelli Scorpion ATR speed rating is V which implies that the vehicle can cruise at the speed of 190 km/hr. The Scorpion STR tyres have speed rating symbol of V and H. The tyres with such speed rating can go up to speeds of 190 km/hr and 210 km/hr for V and H ratings respectively.The VERDE tyres come with different ratings. The minimum is the U rating which allows for speeds up to 200 km/hr and the maximum is reserved for the best rating of Y which is up to 300 km/hr, which is definitely not meant for the Indian roads. The Scorpion ZERO tyres come with V rating which means speed up to 240 km/hr.

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Competitors

The delivery of exceptional on-road and off-road performance puts Pirelli Scorpion stand in-line with all the leading domestic and international brand tyres like Goodyear Wrangler HP AW, Hankook Ventus Sport, Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport, Continental Conti Sport Contact, CEAT Czar A/T, Aeolus CrossAce AS01, Michelin Latitude Tour HP, Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme Tyres etc.

Pirelli Scorpion Tyre Vehicle Compatibility

Scorpion series by Pirelli tyres is one of the most respected SUV range of tyres in the global tyre arena. Alongside, it is also one of the best selling tyre model types in the Italian tyre makers’ portfolio. Below is the list comprising of cars that are compatible with Pirelli Scorpion tyre:

Car Company Car Model
Audi Q5
Audi Q3
Audi Q7
Audi A8
Audi Q3
Chevrolet Captiva
Force One SUV
Force Gurkha
Ford Endeavour
Honda CRV
Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Santa Fe
Isuzu MU 7
Isuzu D-Max
Isuzu D-Max V Cross
Jaguar XF
Land Rover Range Rover
Land Rover Discovery 4
Land Rover Discovery Sport
Land Rover Freelander 2
Land Rover Discovery Sport
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Mahindra Thar
Mahindra Scorpio
Mahindra Nuvo Sport
Mahindra XUV 500
Maruti Grand Vitara
Mercedes Benz M Class
Mercedes Benz GLA Class
Mercedes Benz GLA
Mercedes Benz GLE Class
Mercedes Benz G Class
Mercedes Benz S Class
Mitsubishi Montero
Mitsubishi Pajero
Nissan Terrano
Porsche Cayenne SUV
Porsche Macan
Renault Duster
Rolls Royce Ghost
Tata Safari Dicor
Tata Xenon XT
Tata Safari Storme
Tata Sumo Grande
Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Prado
Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Volkswagen Touareg
Volvo XC 90
Volvo XC 60


The best in its class, Pirelli Scorpion series designed for SUV use outshines all its competitors for its unique tread design compound which offers excellent grip for off-road conditions. Also the best for highway rides, these tyres have par-excellence grip and braking capabilities. The only drawback would be that it the Indian roads may not do justice to its luxuriousness, but still one can purchase it for the joie de vivre it confers while driving.

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