Top 5 Low Maintenance Cars In India

Low maintenance Cars In India

The majority of Indian families urge for cars which are affordable, stylish and when it comes to maintenance they should not put a dent on their pocket.  So here we will see the top 5 low maintenance cars in India which have been successful in attracting customers over the years.

1 – Toyota Etios Maintenance Cost

Toyota Etios Maintenance Cost

  • Economical in terms of mileage
  • No need to change transmission oil or coolant for as long as 1.5 lakh kms
  • In petrol version, fuel filter is usually replaced at 80,000 kms
  • While the diesel variant needs fuel filter change around 1,50,000 kms
  • Service of Etios costs around INR 3500-4000 approx.


2 – Toyota Etios Liva Maintenance Cost

toyota etios liva service cost

  • First and foremost no needless frequent visits to service stations as compared to other vehicles required, if you are driving Toyota Etios Liva
  • Just like Etios, Liva too does not need coolant and transmission oil change for about 1.5 lakh Kms
  • However, it demands air filter and brake fluid to be changed at every 40,000 kms that costs as less as INR 800-1000 only
  • Fuel filter needs to be changed at 80,000 kms
  • The hatchback’s engine is optimised to work with mineral oil
  • Scheduled service costs between INR 3500-4000 approx., including replacement of engine oil, oil filters and spark plug cleaning


3 – Maruti Suzuki Swift Maintenance Cost

Maruti Swift Maintenance Cost

  • This is an established name in Indian households and a proven player when it comes to affordable servicing with inexpensive spare parts and fewer labour charges compared to its market competitors
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with 3 free services which will cover your vehicle’s regular inspection, engine tuning, oil filter, engine oil and air filter replacement. However, it excludes the consumables which are to be paid by the customer itself.
  • Replacement services of above-mentioned articles are given at the first 1000 kms or 1 month, 5000 kms or 6 month and 10,000 kms or 12 months
  • The maintenance cost of Swift in its 1st year is INR 2000, 2nd year INR 4000 and 3rd year INR 3000 approximately


4 – Hyundai Grand i10 Maintenance Cost

Hyundai Grand i10 Maintenance

  • Well known for low-cost maintenance, this car has one of the higher sales figures in the Indian market
  • Hyundai offers 3 labour services free of cost for the span of 3 years which leads to huge price cut on the customer’s pocket
  • Service intervals for Hyundai Grand i10 are as follows – 2000 kms or 2 months, 10,000 kms or 1 year and 20,000 kms or 24 months, whichever is earlier
  • Further, the first service is free of cost with subsequent services costing INR 2500-3000 approx. respectively


5 – Tata Nano Maintenance Cost

Tata Nano Service Charges

  • Dubbed as most affordable car for Indian families, the brainchild of Mr. Ratan Tata, Nano comes with ease of maintenance for its owners
  • Tata offers free service till 20,000 kms or 24 months, whichever is earlier for Nano
  • Nano’s scheduled service costs around INR 1000 in the 1st year or 10,000 kms
  • Further, from the 2nd and 3rd years the cost of ownership goes around INR 2500-3000 approx


In the end, we can conclude that if you are looking to buy a car that offers low maintenance then the above-mentioned cars should be on your list.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Low Maintenance Cars In India”

  • Swift maintenence cost is very expensive.diesel.minimum is Rs 5000 and is some months it is around Rs 10000. Service for 40k and 80k and 120000km is the most expensive ones. Better go for Toyota or Honda.

  • Honda Amaze is one of the lowest maintaince car if u do the regular servicing on time.
    No issues regarding coolent,oil filter etc.

  • I own a swift diesel. From 2nd year or 20000 kms the service cost was never less than 7000. Engine oil itself costs more than 3500 since they are using synthetic oils instead of the mineral oil which they once used. Labour charge is a min rs.1600. It varies based on the service like 2nd,3rd etc.

    • I too have the similare experience with my swift. Even after using normal engine oil, they make sure that I pay more than 7k. There is always an extra line item called miscellaneous, neither they nor me know what all are included in it. On top of all these they compel me to buy windscreen washer and perfume everytime. But they would not have cleaned the windscreen washer nozzle.
      Swift is no more a pocket friendly vehicle..

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