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Reise Moto TroopR 02 Tyre Review – A Versatile Commuter Bike Tyre To Rely On

Commuter motorcycles are all about economy and durability, and Reise Moto has come up with its durable TroopR 02 tyres to match those requirements in the country. 

reise moto troopr 02 tyre review

India is a market dominated by entry-level 100-125cc commuter motorcycles. While the growth in sales of performance-oriented motorcycles and scooters has been much more than commuter motorcycles in recent times, the larger chunk still lies with the latter. Commuter motorcycles are mostly sought after for their pocket-friendliness, and to suit that very purpose, Reise Moto has launched the TroopR 02 range of tyres aimed at 100-125cc commuters.

One of the prominent tyre manufacturers operating in India, Reise Moto is a collaboration between Gujarat-based Mahansaria Group and Trelleborg from Europe. Here, Mahansaria make Reise and Trelleborg is parent to ‘Mitas’. Reise launched a variety of affordable tyres for scooters and motorcycles in the country. The TroopR is one such sub-brand from Reise Moto. Designed to last long and aid in fuel efficiency, the Reise TroopR 02 is constructed for those who want rock-solid long-term durability with the least possible wear and tear.


What Are The Prerequisites Of An Entry-Level Commuter Bike Tyre?

In India, 100-110cc motorcycles are primarily bought by those who seek traits like high fuel efficiency, minimal maintenance and long-term reliability. To suit these requirements, an entry-level commuter motorcycle tyre should be reliable, and long-lasting and aid in maximizing the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle. 


 How Efficient Is Reise TroopR 02’s Grip?

The tread profile of the Reise TroopR 02 has a flatter design, which gives it a wider footprint. Due to this, the tyre is capable to achieve an excellent grip on the tarmac. 


How Does Reise TroopR 02 Confront All-Weather Conditions?

In all the tyre sizes, the Reise TroopR 02 features connected grooves, which makes the braking of the motorcycle consistent with the equal and continuous mass of rubber throughout the tyre’s profile. Due to this, the tyre achieves superior traction in all weather conditions.


How Does Reise TroopR 02 Perform On Wet Surfaces? 

For enhanced traction on wet surfaces, the Reise TroopR 02 has a directional groove channel, which also gives it best-in-class aquaplaning prevention. 


What Motorcycles Are Compatible With Reise TroopR 02?

The 100-125cc commuter motorcycles are available in a host of tyre sizes for 17-inch and 18-inch tyre sizes. Following are all the motorcycles that are suitable with various tyre sizes offered in Reise TroopR 02:


Tyre Sizes Available In Reise TroopR 02 Range:

Sr. No. Tyre Size Vehicle Compatibility
1 80/100-18 Honda CD 110 Dream, Honda Shine, Hero Splendor Plus, Hero Passion Pro, Hero Super Splendor 125, Hero Glamour 125, Yamaha Saluto
2 2.75-18 Hero HF Deluxe, TVS Radeon
3 3.00-18 TVS Radeon
4 100/80-18 Hero Glamour, Hero Super Splendor
5 80/100-17 TVS Raider, Bajaj Platina 110, Bajaj CT125X, Suzuki Hayate
6 100/90-17 TVS Raider, Bajaj CT125X
6 2.75-17 TVS Sport, TVS Star City+, Bajaj Platina 100
7 3.00-17 TVS Sport, TVS Star City+, Bajaj Platina 100



The Reise Moto TroopR 02 tyre is a highly regarded dual-sport tyre that is designed for use on both paved and unpaved surfaces. Its specially designed tread pattern provides excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions, and its reinforced carcass helps to prevent punctures and other types of damage. Riders have praised the tyre for its stability and handling on a variety of surfaces, making it a versatile option for adventure riders. Overall, the Reise Moto TroopR 02 appears to be a durable and reliable tyre that offers impressive performance both on and off-road.



Q1. Which motorcycles are suitable for Reise TroopR 02?

Answer – Reise has launched the TroopR 02 range of tubeless tyres for 100cc, 110cc and 125cc commuter motorcycles.


Q2. In which tyre sizes is Reise TroopR 02 available?

Answer – The Reise TroopR 02 is available in 80/100-18, 2.75-18, 3.00-18, 100/80-18, 80/100-17, 100/90-17, 2.75-17 and 3.00-17.


Q3. What is warrantyis the warranty period offered for Reise TroopR 02 tyre by Reise Moto?  

Answer – All the Reise Moto brand tyres are provided with a standard warranty of 6 years or 72 months from the warranty registration or manufacturing date. Or, till the time the tyre tread is worn up to Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) whichever comes first, irrespective of kilometres done.


Q4. What are the factors which help Reise TroopR 02 achieve traction on all surfaces?

Answer – While the flatter tread profile gives excellent grip to Reise TroopR 02 on all tarmacs, the connected grooves of it help in achieving all-weather grip. Meanwhile, the directional groove channel of Reise TroopR 02 helps it in having excellent traction on wetter surfaces. 

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