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Reise Two-Wheeler Tyre Prices & Patterns

Reise European Performance Tyres

Reise is an Indo-European two-wheeler tyre brand built using advanced R&D & technology and inspires remarkable confidence in every ride. It stems from a confluence of legacy and experience, creating highly specialised products with a passion for rider intimacy. Reise is always in sync with the rider’s needs and aspirations, and the tyres are classified as per their applications, so riders can easily pick a tyre for the terrain and motorcycles they will ride on.

Reise offers a broad range of products for specialised riding needs, from purpose-built tyres for premium and performance bikes with varying combinations of on-road & off-roading, long-distance touring and commuter segment scooters that are a perfect fit for quick spins in and around the city.

tourR 30-1       
Reise tourR 30-1 Tyres

Price Range From1,710 To3,200
Precision tyres that embrace highways as well as off roads.
traceR 01       
Reise traceR 01 Tyres

Price Range From2,100 To3,414
Tyres that really grip the city streets
trailR 50-1       
Reise trailR 50-1 Tyres

Price Range From3,470 To3,670
Performance tyres built for on-road and off-road trails.
tripR 01       
Reise tripR 01 Tyres

Price Range From1,330 To2,030
The perfect companion for those longish scooter rides
troopR 01       
Reise troopR 01 Tyres

Price Range From1,480 To1,686
Tyres that make everyday commute long lasting and exciting.
troopR 02       
Reise troopR 02 Tyres

Price Range From1,600 To1,680
Tyres that make everyday commute long lasting and exciting.
twistR 01       
Reise twistR 01 Tyres

Price Range From1,330 To2,000
Precision and extensive support making quick city dashes exciting.