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Buying a car is a major investment decision, which should not be taken lightly. If you do proper research and follow a few steps, then you will be able to choose a car that will serve you and your family interest greatly for years to come. However, if you make any mistake while choosing the car, then it will not match your requirement and you may have to pay more money on its upkeep. In this article, we have tried to put together some features that you should look for in a car before you make up your mind to buy it.

1. The first point you should look for is, whether you want to buy a new car or settle for a preowned high-end car that is available at the same price. If you are fixated on buying a brand-new car, then you should figure out about your requirement and whether it is met by a hatchback, sedan, or an SUV. These three car segments have their advantages as well as shortcomings. Therefore, think very carefully before you make a final decision.

2. The second point to look for when you buy a new car is your budget. There are numerous cars in the market and it is your financial ability that will decide which one of these will suit your pocket without being a financial burden that will drain your resources. Even if you are looking for a car loan to buy a new car, you should look at the repayment program very carefully. Always check whether the monthly instalment that you have to pay is well within your income. In case there is a mismatch, then you and your family will have to suffer the consequences.

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3. After you have fixed your mind whether to buy a hatchback, sedan, or an SUV, the next step is to figure out which brand will suit your needs the most. Always remember to buy the car from a well-known brand because it will help you a great deal in after sales services. If you are planning to buy a car from a particular brand, which is not so much popular in India, then you need to realise that in case of servicing, repair, you will find your option limited. On the other hand, if you buy a car from a well-known brand that is widely used all over India, then you can repair your car from any neighbourhood shop for a lesser price than the official service center (after the warranty period is over).

4. The last part, you need to figure out is what kind of features you will need in your car. This has an important bearing on the overall cost of the car and therefore you have to be very careful about it. If you are frequently driving your car on highways, features like ABS, airbags and Day/Night rear view mirror are must for you (although it is good to have such features in ). Similarly, you have to figure out which are the features are essential for you and whether their inclusion will keep the price of the car well within your budget.

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