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Top 10 Luxury Bikes Indian Roadies Can’t Get Enough Of

There were days when travelling in style and comfort just meant travelling in a car with the windows rolled up, AC switch on, Leaning back comfortably in adjustable seats and cranking up the radio to lighten the mood. Today, even though the Indian roads don’t seem to have a bright future, Indian motorcyclists seem to want the best of both worlds and the global motorcycle makers are definitely not disappointing them…

Here is a list of 10 most Luxurious bikes available in India that our roadies don’t seem to get enough of…

 1. Triumph Rocket 3

Bearing the largest 2 wheeler production in-line 3 engine, The Rocket 3 has a displacement of 2458 CC with 165 BHP @ 6000 RPM. Now with all that power the Rocket 3 is also the torqi-est road legal bike manufactured till date and Triumph takes utmost pride in the fact that although the bike has so much fire-power, she is refined to glide on the asphalt like butter. Priced at approximately ₹ 18, 00,000, this feisty motorcycle is designed to please the eye and the heart.

If Tom Cruise was to release another one of his Mission Impossible movies, we’d say he better pick this fine beauty to star with as the distinct aluminium frame with forward-facing air intake, Triple exhaust, Intricate 20-spoke wheels & High-specification Avon Cobra Chrome tyres (front 150/80 ZR17, rear 240/50 ZR16) along with many other styling quirks surely gives the bike a polished yet rugged look.

Even if he doesn’t, we’d still advocate the motorists of India to consider shelling 18L (if they want to) on the Triumph Rocket 3, as just not the looks but even the ergonomics are just a delight with adjustable mono- shocks & front forks, hidden folding pillion footrests.

Is that all? Not at all, Triumph didn’t forget about the lovers of electronics and garnished the bike with a 2nd generation TFT instruments which allow you to customise the start screen message with your name, access turn by turn navigation & Integrated Bluetooth® phone with music operation, Four riding modes: Road, Sport, Rain and the last one where you configure the machine’s performance according to your liking, Hill hold control, Keyless ignition, Accessory fit with fit motorcycle integrated GoPro Control System & Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

We could go on, but we are going to let you experience the rest yourself…

Quite amazing what 18L can buy these days isn’t it?

From the land of the rising sun, we have…


2. Honda Goldwing

Honda’s most prized luxury production bike costs approximately ₹ 28, 50,000 and is power-packed with performance, looks and feel. The Gold Wing rolls with 130/70 R18 at the front and 200/55 R15 at the rear while being mounted with a liquid-cooled, 4- stroke 6- cylinder engine which translates to 1833 CC & 125 BHP and weighing a good 400 kg approx., The massive machine handles and manoeuvres with much-needed ease and provides comfort to rider and pillion with a touring lifestyle. But why does the Honda Gold Wing really get on this list?

Well, simply because this big girl oozes comfort for one with;

(1) A windscreen that moves up and down with 4.1 range that even changes the angle accordingly.

(2) Saddlebags which can hold enough for a weekend get-away with hydraulic dampers to ensure smooth operation while opening/ locking/ unlocking at the push of a button on the smart key.

(3) Plush leather seating for the rider and pillion with enough space to move around.

(4) You can just enjoy the wind in your face and not worry one bit about shifting gears thanks to the 7- Speed Automatic DCT which works fully automatically. But if you do like to control the gears on your own, you can do that too with the help of buttons on the handlebar and the best part is the “walking mode” in low speed (that actually lets you walk along with the reverse gear, How cool is that?).


Now to talk about its technology! The Honda Gold Wing comes with Apple CarPlayTM integration to let you access maps, weather, music & phone numbers all without having to stop. Wondering what do you do with access to phone numbers and music if you have your helmet on? The engineers have thought of that too and threw in a wireless Bluetooth enabled headset along with a USB port for flash drives as well. The ride and suspension modes work hand in hand with the four modes; Economy, Sport, Tour and Rain, Hill Start Assist, so that you don’t have to sweat it.


Monitoring engine & outside air temperature, Cruise control speed, heater levels along with a smart key with “answer back” feature that allows you to find your bike when you can’t find it in parking spaces are the golden feature that gives the machine a cockpit-like feel.


With much more left to say about the Gold Wing, for now – ‘Honda! We bow to you…’ is all we are going to say.


Knock! Knock!

  • Oh my God! It’s the sisters from Germany…


3. BMW  K 1600 B

Priced approximately at ₹ 28, 70,000, BMW’s K 1600 Bagger is machine packing an in-line six 1649 CC Oil-/water-cooled 4-stroke engine capable of throwing 160 BHP at 7750 RPM while being smooth as water gently rippling down a creek with Cast Aluminium Wheels sporting a 120/ 70 ZR 17 tyre in the front and 190/ 55 ZR 17 tyre at the rear. Apart from the performance specs which is pretty impressive by itself, this bike comes loaded with electronics to give you the ease of riding.

Firstly, we really like the Anti-theft alarm system with just one key for all locks, even the key is smart along with the smart bike which interacts with the bike wirelessly to enjoy a keyless ride and Central Locking System. Here we were thinking that Central Locking Systems were only available in cars. Gone are the days when taking the bike for a spin in winter was a bad idea due to the cold weather with the help of heated grips and seats for the pillion and rider.

The Bagger comes with adjustable handbrake and Clutch levers, 3 Ride Modes and Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment that makes riding all the more pleasant. But the makers of the Bagger didn’t just stop there, they decided to embellish the motorcycle with adjustable windscreen to let you decide just how much breeze was too much breeze for your liking, then they added Hill start control so that in an event where you had to stop uphill, you wouldn’t have to struggle with the clutch-brake release/acceleration and all that drama of the bike moving a few inches forward just to jerk and halt again or even rolling backwards. And then they added the Info Flat Screen with Bluetooth connectivity and an onboard computer and a power socket and an audio system with satellite radio and loads of other things.

Let’s face it, we’ll have to dedicate an entire article if we are going to give you all the features and specifications of these luxury motorcycles…

Oh! How rude of us… We didn’t introduce the elder sister yet…



4. BMW K 1600 GTL

  • Although the performance, technical and tyre specs remain the same as the BMW K 1600 B, what makes the elder sister almost a lakh more expensive is the fancy gizmo which is only available on the GTL and not on the Bagger; Such as – Detachable top box with backrest. That means more baggage capacity so that you and your partner don’t have to bicker about that one article that shall or shall not be packed. The backrest surely adds to the pleasure as now you can lean back and just enjoy the ride if you are not the one riding. Along with the adjustable Clutch Lever, the GTL has a Self-Energising Clutch which needs only a small amount of force so that your fingers don’t start aching just an hour into the ride. Centre stand, Chrome kit for the body, Diagnostic interface, Hazard warning lights system & Radio Software OCE are the boons bestowed only on the GTL for one to savour.
  • Loaded! Being an understatement…

Now that you met the sisters from Germany, it’s time for you to meet the brothers from Milwaukee…


5. Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

Harley Davidson’s Street Glide Special does justice to the name with absolutely no doubt. Priced approximately at ₹ 30, 53,000, this growling monster stops people in their tracks to undeniably take notice of the custom hot rod bagger housing Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine of 1868 CC. But it takes more than a stellar engine to compete with the likes of the Gold Wing or the BMW 1600 GTL for that matter.

First and foremost, when you spot this bike standing somewhere, we bet you will stop and stare no doubt as the entire design of the machines is alluring especially with the large doom and a retro-styled headlight. Look closer and you will even find that the doom houses the BOOM! BOX GTS INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM. Boom Box? Like that sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it, well, it is! Why? One word! Speakers… so that you can blast your favourite music on the go and not wear any extra Bluetooth devices. Actually the speakers aren’t all that BOOM! BOX GTS INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM has to offer, it also comes with a flat-screen to increase the rider’s interaction with the bike and the world without having to stop.

Secondly, we found the Black Glossy Alloy wheels fitted with 130/60B19 61H in the front and 180/55B18 80H in the rear along with blacked-out front forks, handlebars, tank console and exhaust makes the bike appear aggressive and modern. Stretched Saddlebags accentuate the long low profile for an iconic look.

And Thirdly, Harley Davidson infused their famous RDRS system which is the package of electronics like Chassis Control, ABS with Reflex Link Brembo Brakes, Electronic Brake Control etc to instil confidence in the rider if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation whether while cornering or tracing the straights. And the catchy part is the suspension which is not only adjustable but also responsive to the road conditions.

And we are going to stop at third because we don’t want to ruin the first-hand experience…


6. Harley Davidson Road Glide Special

Meet the pricier brother who will cost you approximately between ₹33, 00,000 – ₹38, 00,000 with the most evident difference being the styling of the doom and paint job. The ground clearance is better than the Street Glide Special which makes the bike a bit taller and heavier too. Coming to last of the differences that we are going to reveal is the infotainment systems as the Street Glide Special gets Boom! ™ Box 6.5GT while the Road Glide Special gets the Boom! ™ Box GTS.


7. Indian Motorcycles Chieftain Limited

The Chieftain Limited surely makes its presence felt with its unique styling and comes with a powerful Thunder Stroke® 116 engine which displaces 1890 CC with 168 NM at Peak torque 2800 RPM. ₹ 39, 20,000 is the cost of this enticing beauty, she surely was built to make the rider feel absolutely pampered with all its bounty. Slammed saddlebags, 19” front wheel fitted with Dunlop® American Elite 130/60B19 61H, 16” rear wheel fitted with Dunlop® Elite 3 Multi-Compound 180/60R16 80H new badging and the new front fairing gives the bike an aggressive appearance. Although the bike appears to be huge, it’s pretty agile as the frame is cast with lightweight aluminium and handles with the utmost ease.

To enhance the ride experience Indian Motorcycle went all out on their Infotainment systems and instrument cluster with the speakers, LCD display that allows you to stay connected to navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, real-time clock, vehicle information like vehicle trouble code readout, Ride Modes (Tour, Standard, Sport), Engine Oil Life Percentage etc. But what really caught our attention is the Rear Cylinder Deactivation in slow-moving traffic scenarios.

You might also be wondering about how can you possibly hear anything on the speakers with the wind blast all around you. Indian Motorcycle thought and thought and thought some more about this and came up with the brilliant idea install speakers which deliver 100-watts of crystal-clear audio with a dynamic equalizer to automatically adjust for road, wind, and engine noise. There’s a lot more the Chieftain Limited has to offer like the heated grip and seats, electronically adjustable windshield, security system and the rest of the bounty is going to remain wrapped for you to discover and experience yourself.


8. Indian Motorcycle Challenger Limited

Indian Motorcycle’s Challenger Limited is one of the most luxurious bikes one can think of investing in as the features offered are just impeccable. From the look to the feel, the bike is surely one of a kind. Punching out at approximately ₹ 40,00,000, it houses the PowerPlus 1768CC engine which definitely makes the bike aggressive and she looks the feel too, thanks to the bold styling of the front doom, seating, Full LED Lighting,  Chrome finishes and paint-matched saddlebag and finally the Metzeler Cruistec tires – 130/60B19 66H in the front and 180/60R16 80H in the rear.

But aggressive is not enough to be called luxurious right? Right! So even though the mean machine is powerful, she is designed to assist the rider to stay safe and enjoy the ride in every scenario with the help of race-spec radially-mounted Brembo brakes, hydraulically adjustable Fox rear shock, Three Ride Modes – Rain, Standard and Sport, Dynamic traction control, ABS with cornering pre-control and much more.

The Challenger too, comes with smart speakers with dynamic equalizer, Bluetooth connectivity, vehicle information, but what’s even better is the 7-inch screen offering traffic and weather overlays in addition to intuitive destination search and all this powered with an all-new quad-core processor for unrivalled computing power.

Have we told you everything there is to know about the Challenger Limited? No, but we have told you about all that glitters…

From the challenger to master…


 9. Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

The American Motorcycle makers spared no expense while designing the Roadmaster. As the name suggests, this machine is bestowed with the finest equipment that approximately ₹ 42,15,000 can get. Powered by an 1890 CC Thunder stroke 116 V- Twin Engine, Floating like a butterfly in a breeze and makes sure the rider knows it too with the inclusion of

(1) Remote-Locking Saddlebags & Trunk which is not just waterproof but weatherproof which can hold 37 + gallons of luggage, we believe that’s enough for a long weekend.

(2) If you thought the previously mentioned 100-watt speakers were good, guess what, the Roadmaster outdoes the Chieftain and Challenger as this demon gets 200 watts high- output speakers with the dynamic equalizer.

(3) Genuine Leather seats which are of course heated along with the heated grips whose heating levels you can monitor and adjust according to your liking. The Pillion, however, gets the additional comfort of a backrest and armrests combined with the trunk.

(4) The front fairing houses the instrument cluster and is designed to scream its dominance. The adjustable power windshield, INDIAN MOTORCYCLE® RIDE COMMAND infotainment system, three ride modes: Standard, Tour, and Sport surely make the ride much more refined.

And yes, the Roadmaster has keyless ignition, Rear Cylinder Deactivation, Cruise Control and all the works of an automotive artist… but yet again each and every brushstroke of the artist is understood only when experienced live rather than hearing from another. So we are going to let you do just that…

We have the best saved for the last…

A wave of a wand, “Abra-ca- dabra” and POOF!

10. Harley Davidson CVO Limited

Last but absolutely the best, but in fact, the priciest of our list happens to be the Harley Davidson CVO Limited. The reason we call it the priciest is the approximately ₹50, 50,000 price tag on Ex-showroom. One look at this motorcycle and you know she is capable of redefining your riding experience. How would she do that?

At heart of the CVO Limited, sits the most powerful V- Twin engine ever built by Harley Davidson Factory: MILWAUKEE -EIGHT TWIN COOLED 117 ENGINE. With 1923 CC, 106 BHP and 166 NM of torque the motorcycle is meant to give a live experience of the word “Thrill”. A sense of unwavering confidence is instilled in the rider thanks to the multitude of technologies called the Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) such as Chassis Control, Powertrain Technology that assists in accelerating and braking in a straight stretch and while cornering as well, ABS, Electronic Brake Control, Ride Modes etc.

The CVO Limited receives a full-on custom treatment from fender to fender which means you can customize seat covers and stitch style of the seats, beak rest and armrest for the pillion. Tomahawk inspired front 17” and rear 16” wheels fitted with BW 130/80B17 65H and BW 180/65B16 81H tyre adds to the style and traction to your sweet ride. Saddlebags and Trunk with the backrest hold enough for a short 3-4 day trip and are also locked/unlocked all with the help of a single smart key.

CVO Limited also gets the Boom! Box GTS Infotainment System, Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with navigation, Telephone Contacts access and the whole nine yards of technology.  But that one element that captured our attention on this bike is the headlamp system. It is so advanced and is developed for the first-ever by Harley Davidson. But what is this hype all about? Well, the LED lighting along with the headlight activates based on the lean angle of the bike while cornering or making turns to light up the parts of the path that is usually left dark from the traditional Headlamps, Hence these headlamps are called the  DAY MAKER ADAPTIVE LED HEADLAMP.

Like always, we could go on and on and on but honestly, we’d just be spoiling the fun because no words can truly capture the essence of these bikes…

So get out there and get yourself a slice of heaven by checking out these magnificent motorcycles.

That’s all, for now, folks, and yes there might be many other bikes out there that fit well into the list but this was our attempt to list down the 10 most luxurious motorcycles.

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