Ultramile To Make A Big Entry Into Tyre Retail


Customers often feel burdened with the very thought of visiting local tyre shops. While there has been commendable evolution in terms of product quality, tyre patterns, durability, etc, the customer experience aspect of tyre trade has failed to gain attention.

The art of selling tyres in India has remained conventional over the years with dull-looking tyre shops lined up alongside heavily crowded streets. The Indian tyre industry has often ignored the customer experience aspect of the business over the years. 

Keeping the much-needed customer experience aspect at the epicentre of its strategy, India’s fastest growing premium tyre maker, Ultramile opened its flagship store in Mumbai’s plush Juhu Tara Road on 19th August 2019. Surrounded by premium car showrooms within its close vicinity, Ultramile’s first store sure manages to grab eyeballs of the passersby with its new-age look and feel. The store is a power-packed combination of winning looks and state-of-the-art technology from Germany. 

“If car showrooms can be all swanky and vibrant, why should tyre outlets remain dull? It’s about time customers reached tyre outlets with a smile on their faces”, says the young and vibrant founder of Ultramile tyres, Mr. Rahul Kakkad. He further adds, “Ultramile was conceived with the idea of happy customers. And that’s how Ultramile’s brand tagline came into being- More Miles, More Smiles.”

Revolutionizing customer experience

In terms of customer experience, the all-new Ultramile store comes with best-in-class professionals to handle even the most high-end cars with all its equipment imported from Germany for a total 3D aligned tyre fitment. The brand aims to deliver a luxurious service of tyres. As a part of its drive to create happy customers all the way, Ultramile tyres come with a double sidewall that makes them a great fit for use on Indian roads. The double sidewalls ensure a long life of the tyres against potholes and other poor road conditions. 

Ultramile Rahul Kakkad-tyremarket

In its short span of six years in the Indian tyre industry, Ultramile has achieved a UTQG rating of 600 AA for some of its products, which is currently the highest in the industry. The Uniform Tyre Quality Grading (UTQG) system, put forth by the United States Department of Communication, ranks passenger tyres in terms of traction, treadwear and temperature resistance. The taxi segment of Ultramile is one of their fastest moving lots. The SUV and truck tyre segment has gained a lot of praises in the last few years.

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As a customer-focused tyremaker, Ultramile offers an unconditional warranty on all of its products. With Ultramile tyres’ manufacturing plants in two locations of Thailand and another two in China, customers can get high-quality premium tyres in India at the best prices

About Ultramile

Launched in the year 2013, Ultramile has already made its own place in both cars and commercial vehicle segment. Currently, the brand has a vast dealer network spread across 150 cities in the country. It was only after an overwhelming response in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India that the company decided to launch its first-ever store in Mumbai. The new age tyre manufacturer finds the right mix of fresh ideas and a great deal of experience in the tyre industry in the father-son duo, Mr. Harish Kakkad and his son, Rahul Kakkad. Mr. Harish Kakkad, Managing Director, Ultramile, is an industry veteran who brought radial tyres to India and holds over 20 years of experience in the tyre industry. 

By bringing in the customer-experience aspect, Ultramile has upped the ante for tyre traders in India, who have, by and large, remained product-driven.


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