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UltraMile Car Tyres Price & Patterns

UM 555       
UM 555

Price Range From2,450 To4,400
UM 4*4 HT

Price Range From5,200 To8,882
UM 551

Price Range From2,698 To4,100
UM 551 RWL

Price Range From2,694 To5,300

Ultramile Car Tyres

Ultramile at present is one of the most promising tyre brands in the country. The company focuses on high quality tyres, which are developed and designed by some of the best engineers from Japan and Korea. Ultramile car and SUV tyres imbibe most modern technologies keeping in mind Indian road conditions. The company pays special attention with respect to mileage, performance, comfort and durability of its tyres.

Manufactured in China, Ultramile offers wide range of tyres that are thoroughly tested for high quality standards, superior performance and reliability. Ultramile envisages to set-up a new benchmark in the tyre arena in terms of quality and affordability of tyres in India. The burgeoning tyre brand has a fairly wide distribution network in the country where they supply Ultramile tyres to their loyal customer base.

Why Should You Buy Ultramile Tyres On

Ultramile acquires an extensive product line-up in India, and if you wish to purchase Ultramile tyres online, is the place to checkout. The most trusted online tyre platform with its uncomplicated interface allows you to browse through the complete range of Ultramile tyres. Be it selection of the tyre or comparison with other tyre brands or even specs check, gets you all within a few clicks.

Besides, getting the close-up of the tread pattern of your selected Ultramile tyre you can also check its compatibility with different vehicles. What’s more, you can even review the tyre if you have already used it in the past. The details under the specification include width, aspect ratio, load index, speed rating, warranty, construction type etc., which aid you in taking an informed buying decision. After selection of the tyre, you can either request the delivery of your Ultramile tyre to your address or get them fitted at a fitment location nearby, by selecting from the listed fitment locations.