Top 5 Motorcycle Tyre Patterns in India

top 5 bike tyres in india

The innovations in the motorcycle tyre technology are constantly happening, which is the reason we see new tyre patterns coming up by leading tyre makers. These modern tread designs are a result of rigorous research and testing by expert tyre engineers. These days the consumers who seek to change their bike tyres look for special features, robust construction, grip, and long life – all this at an economical price tag. So to help you narrow your options and find a reliable tyre for your motorcycle we have listed below top 5 commuter bike (100cc-150cc) tyres for everyday use.


CEAT Gripp X3 

As the name suggests, it provides high priority to grip, and also claims to possess a never seen before unique trait called ‘everlasting grip’. This distinctive feature allows riders to enjoy superior grip even after 80 per cent of the tyre tread is worn. Rear fitment tyre, CEAT Gripp X3 receives Dual Compound Technology (DCT) that provides safety and traction on every surface. Effective hold on wet/dry pavements is further improved by the modern angular tread block pattern. Moreover, for a wobble-free smooth ride, it’s integrated with tread block connectors, which result in less shuffling between blocks providing high-end safety and wobble-free riding experience. It’s made available in 6 different sizes. 

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MRF Zapper FQ 

Rated as the most reliable front motorcycle tyre from the Zapper series, the Zapper FQ ensures better directional stability in city and highway junctures. Offered in many sizes it receives extended shoulders that allows better grip during cornering at curves. Furthermore, its smooth round profile aids in superior absorption of road undulations and abnormalities. The use of quality rubber compound provides longer tread life and effective grip on a wet and dry surface. Apt stability and good manoeuvrability are assured by its unique tread design, which also enables better water dispersal during rains.

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Michelin City Pro

Bike tyres by the French tyre maker are famous for their versatile capabilities, which is the reason they are popular among the mass segment bikers. Same is echoed by the City Pro too, as it infuses bias-ply construction to tackle different road conditions. The carcass structure is sturdy and soaks road injuries well and is less prone to punctures. Its high strength sidewalls are robust enough for heavy loads or long distance pillion rides. Thanks to the innovative ‘Optimum bridging technology’ that guarantees minimal tread shuffling and high tyre/tread life, while its rigid tread calls for brilliant handling. Moreover, Michelin’s Progressive Sipe technology that sees full-depth sipes provide constant traction on wet surfaces and excellent stability during braking on dry pavements.

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TVS Eurogrip ATT 525

A promising product from the TVS tyres, the ATT 525 is integrated with a reinforced rubber compound that helps in maintaining longer tyre life. The directional tread design with lateral grooves ascertains superior water scattering in wet areas – maintaining optimum traction levels. The front fitment tyre performs excellently under city arena and manoeuvres well through tight spots. Moreover, confident traverse on straight roads with stability and grip is enabled by optimised tread compound. The unidirectional nature is further enhanced through optimised centre grooves that hold wet and dry surface alike resulting in a safe and stress-free ride.


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Metro Conti GO

Metro in association with Germany’s Continental tyres, of late, has been coming up with sturdy products to suit the taste of Indian bikers. And Metro Conti GO is one such presentation. The all-rounder rear tyre with wide-ranging size offering can be fitted to the likes of Suzuki Hayate and Honda CBR250 bikes in the 100cc and 250cc category respectively. Made using cross-ply tyre construction, it furnishes good traction under varied weather setups. The low-rolling nature and use of quality raw materials ensure longer tread life. The tough casing of Conti GO facilitates excellent durability for long while pleasing to eye sporty tread pattern channels water quickly under wet settings.


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So, as a concerned buyer if you are looking for long term peace of mind you can consider the above-mentioned tyre patterns. Hope, it helps you making your selection easy. Remember, choosing the right set of wheels defines your riding experience.

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