Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Review, Prices, Features, Specs & Performance

Read this Michelin City Pro scooter tyre review to know its performance, price in India, available sizes, warranty etc.  Also know the list of scooters that are compatible with Michelin City Pro tyre.

Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Overview

Michelin is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturing companies. Based in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne region of France, the century-old tyre maker produces tyres for nearly every automobile segment. The global tyre tycoon went operational in India a decade ago, and since then there has been no looking back. Michelin India understands the need of Indian tyre buyers and has been introducing many efficient products till date. In addition to four-wheeler tyres and motorcycle tyres, the French tyre maker’s Indian portfolio also consists of scooter tyres. Known as Michelin City Pro, the capable tyre for scooters is offered as front and rear fitment with varied rim sizes to choose from. The tyre features the same technology that goes into the manufacturing of robust bike tyres.

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Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Compound

The rubber compound used in the making of City Pro is quite unique and is a perfect mix of the hard and soft compound. The use of optimum bridging technology in the scooter tyre helps in presenting required rigidity to the tread design. This ensures less tread shuffling and facilitates a longer tyre life.

Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Construction Type

The Michelin scooter tyre gets a solid bias ply construction. The City Pro comes with a robust tyre design that offers superior control over all types of roads. The exclusive design of the tread and robust construction makes Michelin City Pro less prone to punctures, cuts and damages from road hazards. The hard-wearing shoulder pattern provides protection on uneven and bad roads. Furthermore, with Michelin’s Progressive Sipe technology the tyre possess deep sipes for consistency under wet weather conditions.

Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Performance

When it comes to performance one can always bank upon Michelin brand tyres, and here, Michelin City Pro is no alien. The scooter tyre is designed and developed keeping in mind city commuting. The tyre offers good stick on the road surface and handles quite good under urban traffic conditions. Besides, stop and go traffic, the City Pro performs equally well on long routes too, as it provides unmatched safety and excellent grip. The tyre handles fine under high-speed setup with respect to cornering and braking. Michelin imbibes optimum bridging technology in City Pro tyre for longevity, while the infusion of progressive sipe technology results in the full depth sipe design enabling efficient grip and better water dispersal on wet roads.

Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Size

The Michelin City Pro scooter tyre is available in the following tyre sizes:

3.50 – 10 51J Tube BUY HERE
90/90  – 12 54J Tubeless BUY HERE
90/100 – 10 53J Tube / Tubeless BUY HERE
90/100 – 10 54J Tubeless BUY HERE

Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Price

There are only four sizes offered under Michelin’s scooter tyre line up. Prices for the Michelin City Pro scooter tyres are as follows:

OFFERED SIZES TYRE PRICE (All prices are approximate values)
3.50 – 10 51J Rs 1341
90/90 – 12 54J Rs 1315
90/100 – 10 53J Rs 1215
90/100 – 10 54J Rs 1285

Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency is given special attention. As the City Pro is developed using unique hard and soft tyre compound the mileage automatically comes on the positive side. The city oriented tyre with its exclusive tread design helps in low rolling resistance and with not much of rough road handling the tyre easily extracts decent fuel efficiency.

Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Warranty

All the tyres from Michelin are endowed with a standard warranty of five (5) years from the date of purchase or 6 years from the date of manufacturing, whichever is earlier.

Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Speed Rating

There are four sizes available for the City Pro scooter tyre line up. And all the scooter tyres carry ‘J’ speed rating, which denotes that the tyre can safely achieve a top speed of 100 km/h under standard load conditions specified for the tyre.

Micheln City Pro Scooter Tyre Competitors

The Michelin City Pro scooter tyre is rival to the likes of CEAT Zoom D, TVS Conta 250, MRF Zapper (scooter), Apollo ACTIZIP S1 etc.

Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Vehicle Compatibility

The CEAT Zoom D is compatible with the following scooters:

Bajaj Wave
Hero Maestro
Hero Maestro Edge
Hero Duet
Hero Pleasure
Honda Activa i
Honda Grazia
Honda Aviator
Honda Eterno
Honda Activa
Honda Activa 3G
Honda Activa 4G
Honda Activa 5G
Honda Dio
Honda Cliq
Honda Navi
Mahindra Rodeo RZ
Mahindra Duro
Mahindra Gusto
Piaggio Vespa
Piaggio Vespa LX 125
Piaggio Vespa VX Elegante
Suzuki Lets
Suzuki Access 125
Suzuki Swish
TVS Scooty Streak
TVS Pep+
TVS Zest
TVS Jupiter
TVS Wego
Yamaha  Ray
Yamaha Fascino
Yamaha Alpha


Due to the increasing popularity of the gearless scooters in the country, the aftermarket demand for scooter tyres has swelled immensely. And it has forced every tyre brand to add scooter tyre to their portfolio.  Michelin is a well-known tyre maker with respect to technical advancement and quality. However, for its longevity-conscious Indian patrons, besides imbibing tech and quality it has also added ‘durability’ in its tyres, and City Pro scooter tyre is an excellent example of the same.  The scooter tyre features robust construction and long life, which makes it capable and a preferred rubber for the daily commute. Price wise it is slightly on the premium side compared to the likes of CEAT Zoom D scooter tyre, but the comfortable in-city ride experience and better grip make the extra buck count.

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