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Radial Tyres With Cutting-Edge Technology That Helps Electric Vehicles Save Money On Fuel Are Now Available

Radial Tyres With Cutting-Edge Technology That Helps Electric Vehicles Save Money On Fuel Are Now Available

One of the most successful makers of tyres in the world, JK Tyres, has come up with innovative new technology with electric cars in mind. According to the company, it guarantees an extremely low rolling speed break, improved wetness, increased dry traction, longer durability, and lower overall energy usage.


In the tyre industry as well, new developments and improvements are being introduced regularly. According to a post on a website affiliated with HT, India’s JK Tyres has developed smart radial tyres that can be used on electric automobiles, buses, and light commercial vehicles. The tyre maker has developed a range of electronic smart radial tyres that are vehicle-specific, and they have been made available for use on all buses.


The tyre major has designed a new tread pattern by simulating finite element analysis (FEA) to cater to electric cars’ requirements, which call for a reduction in noise while simultaneously improving performance.


The radial smart technology offered by JK Tyres has an integrated trill TMPS sensor. These tyres perform better on light commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and SUVs than they do on motorcycles. They are available in widths of 17.5 inches and 22.5 inches and have been designed for use on various types of cars.


According to a report by Live Hindustan, the tyre in question was conceived of and developed by the Raghupati Singhania Centre of Excellence with a particular emphasis on electric mobility.


Technology and innovation are two of JK Tyres’ most important strengths. When it comes to living up to the standards set by our clients, every one of our products is light years ahead of its competition. According to the website, the technical director of JK Tyre & Industries, VK Mishra, said that the business has placed a strong focus on creating technology that is EV-centric.


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