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Electric Vehicle Tyres (EV Tyres) – All You Need to Know!

In this article, you will learn about everything that makes a good EV tyre. We will highlight the manufacturing details, compounds used, and performance details for the perfect EV tyre that you should use for a smoother drive along with top EV tyre pattern recommendations.

right tyre for the EV

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are all the hype these days. In terms of eco-friendliness and efficiency, EVs have everything that drivers need. The low emissions from these vehicles also make it the preferred choice for drivers who want to have a low carbon footprint. However, there’s a lot of confusion regarding the tyres that are needed for EVs.


Since EVs can operate for the amount of time they are charged, it is important to get the best performance in that time. Tyres are essential for the proper handling, stability, and efficiency of the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tyre for the EV.


It is important to note that EV tyres must also be sustainable and eco-friendly. Drivers must focus on getting affordable yet efficient tyres, lightweight yet durable tyres if they are to take full advantage of the EV.  


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EV Tyres: Construction

Drivers must note that since EVs run on batteries, the tyres need to carry the weight of the batteries as well. Therefore, they should have a sturdy construction and strong tyre compound to withhold such weight.


Therefore, EV tyres must have a stronger sidewall and robust compound (Nylon or heavier) to handle the weight of the battery and the car components. Electric Vehicles also have to handle instant torque, which is why strong tyre compounds are needed during construction. To withstand such instant acceleration and maintain stability, tyres require thick sidewalls and 2-3 layers of material.


On the other hand, the electric vehicle is heavier than regular vehicles. So the tyre’s construction must be dynamic to handle that load as well. There should be double layer carcasses, which could be made from strong polymers, silicon, or silica. 


EV Tyres: Factors To Consider

There are a lot of things that drivers need to consider while buying tyres for their EV. Since these vehicles are different from normal cars & two-wheelers, their tyre requirements are also unique. Drivers must consider the following factors when thinking about EV tyres – 



  • Tyre Grip

ev Tyre-Grip

An optimal grip is one of the most important things to check for in the EV tyre. Since there is high torque and inertia due to the weight of the vehicle, the grip needs to be proper. It is also essential for cornering and driving at high speeds. It entails a longer braking distance, which is why the grip is an important factor to consider. But make sure that the grip is properly aligned with the rolling resistance, and doesn’t lead to high wear during the monsoon seasons.


  • Efficiency


EVs need to be battery efficient, that’s why they need tyres that can run for longer distances between two charges. The tyres must have enough power to hold the charge for a massive amount of time. Apart from that, the tyre shouldn’t wear out at any charge. The tyres must be manufactured with special compounds and construction that enables them to run smoothly for a long time, especially without making any noise.


  • Rolling Resistance


Electrical vehicles generally require low friction tyres. Low rolling resistance is important to ensure that the tyre doesn’t wear out due to the high torque that occurs due to the inertia. Less friction also entails much better efficiency and longer tyre life. Tyres that have low rolling resistance don’t make too much noise. The less the resistance, the farther the EVs tyre will go.


  • Handling


Most EVs and cars are high-performance vehicles. They have high torque, leading to faster acceleration. In such scenarios, good handling is a necessity. They have a low centre of gravity, so without proper handling, they can just swing and go anywhere. Tyres must have a good lateral stiffness as well to ensure that they are cornering properly and offer the utmost amount of stability. It offers a smoother, more energy-efficient drive on city roads as well as highways.


  • Tread Design


When it comes to an electric vehicle, the tread design must be really phenomenal. The tread should have enough space to easily dissipate water and reduce sound waves that cause noise while driving the vehicle. EV tyres must have a high-quality and innovative tread design that leads to noise reduction as well as increases the speed of water displacement while driving on wet roads.


  • Load Index


This is an important aspect to consider because of the weight of the electric vehicle. The load index or capacity tells the driver how much weight the tyre can carry. The index will vary based on two-wheelers and four-wheelers. However, a high index is preferred because EVs are in general heavier than other vehicles. They will accommodate the driver and the passengers, which would eventually increase the load on the tyres.


  • Maintenance


Last but not the least, maintenance is an important factor to consider while buying tyres for the EV. From correct wheel alignment to the right tyre pressure, you must take care of everything. EV tyres will take a little more maintenance than normal tyres, but always ensure that they have the right protection and care. It must be easy to maintain the EV tyres. Always see to it that you buy tyres that are specifically designed for EVs. They will require less maintenance than the normal OEM tyres that drivers use for non-EVs. 


Some of the leading EV manufacturers in the world, including Tesla, suggest that drivers should replace tyres at regular intervals to keep the performance up to the mark. However, you should focus on getting heavy and sturdy tyres that can handle the load of your vehicle and provide a smoother drive. 


While EVs produce zero emissions, make sure that the tyres are also manufactured from sustainable products. Low combustion tyres that are made using eco-friendly techniques are a much better option than other tyres. 


Most Popular EV Tyre Brands

While many would argue why Electric Vehicles need different types of tyres – the reasons are pretty simple and important. First, EVs have a considerably better acceleration, which means it requires tyres that have a higher stability and handling capabilities. Secondly, the EV battery is heavy, which calls for tyres that can support the weight at high speeds.

That’s why some of the most popular tyre brands are now working on specialized EV tyres that can assist with proper driving. The top 5 EV tyre brands include the following – 



  • Michelin
    The company manufactures EV tyres that provide a better steering response and have a shorter braking distance to help maintain the vehicle’s acceleration.
  • Pirelli
    Pirelli is quickly becoming a leader and innovator in the EV tyre industry. It is focusing on tyres with higher stability and keeping the performance top-notch.
  • Bridgestone
    To maintain efficiency and eco-friendliness, Bridgestone is working towards tyres that have noise-reduction capabilities and provide uniform contact with the road.
  • Yokohama
    Yokohama’s BlueEarth series is already doing wonders for EVs. Their focus is to reduce deterioration over time and provide excellent dry & wet road driving.
  • Goodyear
    The company is focusing on building tyres with strong compounds that provide a larger contact area with the road. It builds tyres with high cornering capabilities for EVs.



Most Popular EV Tyre Patterns

The tyre brands that build EV tyres are rapidly releasing new products that match the demands of the industry. Here’s a list of the most popular EV tyre pattern from each brand that currently prevails in the market – 

Tyre Brand & Name Vehicle Compatibility Unique Feature Tyre Price
Pirelli Cinturato P1 Tata Nexon EV Excellent Stability Rs. 10,618
Bridgestone B Series 290 Tata Tigor EV Random Sequence Arrangement Rs. 2,418
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 MG ZS EV Short Braking Distance Rs. 12,600
Yokohama BluEarth AE50 Tata Tigor EV Noise Reduction Rs. 6,199
Goodyear Assurance Triplemax Hyundai Kona EV Innovative Polymer Tread Compound Rs. 3,140


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