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Do Electric Vehicles Need Special Tyres

Different technology, different built and different feel. When everything about your electric vehicle is different, how can the tyres be the same?

So, if you are planning to buy an electric vehicle, or planning to change the tyres, this article will help you understand;

  • Why Does An Electric Vehicle Need Special Tyres
  • Difference Between The Tyres For Electric Vehicles And Tyres For Conventional Vehicles
  • Benefits Of Using Electric Vehicle Tyres
  • Tips To Protect The Tyres For Your Electric Vehicle


Why Does An Electric Vehicle Need Special Tyres:


  • Additional Weight – 

The most important reason for an electric vehicle to have special tyres is it’s built. Compared to a regular vehicle with a fuel combustion engine, an electric vehicle weighs a lot more because of its lithium batteries. Thus, having an additional vehicle weight along with the weight of passengers and luggage, the weight transferred to the tyres is much more in an electric vehicle. And the tyres that are designed for a regular vehicle will not be able to deliver the optimum performance with the additional weight.


So, your electric vehicle needs special tyres that are built to withstand the additional weight and deliver optimum performance.


  • Additional Friction – 

Because of the additional weight, the friction between the tyre and ground also increases. Therefore, the performance of the vehicle feels sluggish, and this leads to a reduction in the efficiency of the vehicle.


So, it becomes important to choose the tyres having stronger sidewalls and exclusively designed treads and patterns that reduce the rolling resistance and friction. 


  • Instant Pickup & Shorter Braking Distance

As an electric vehicle does not have an engine, so the torque supplied to the tyres is extremely high and quick. Additionally, the added weight increases the braking distance of the tyre.


So, the tyres for your electric vehicle need to effectively manage the instant torque and have a shorter braking distance to ensure safety and also last long.


  • Low Noise – 

As an electric vehicle doesn’t have an engine, the vehicle even during motion is extremely silent. In the absence of the engine noise, the tyre noise can be easily heard by the passengers in a completely silent cabin. 

So, using tyres designed with noise-reducing technology, exclusively for electric vehicles gives you a silent and comfortable drive on all terrains. 


Difference Between The Tyres For Electric Vehicles And Tyres For Conventional Vehicles:

Now that it’s clear that ‘Why we need to use special tyres for electric vehicles’, let’s understand the key difference between the tyres for electric vehicles and conventional vehicles;

Tyres For Electric Vehicles Tyres For Conventional Vehicles
Constructed combining the treated rubber compounds + innovative additives Mostly constructed using hard or soft rubber compounds
Innovative tread design, groove width and pattern Regular tread design, groove width and pattern
Stronger sidewalls Regular sidewall
Lasts Longer Wears out 30% faster compared to EV tyres
Costs more than regular tyres Costs less than EV tyres


Benefits Of Using Electric Vehicle Tyres

Whether performance, efficiency, comfort or safety, every difference between the tyres for an electric and conventional vehicle gives a practical benefit to the user. So, here are the benefits that you will get by using special tyres for your electric vehicle.


  • Saving Money – The additional efficiency, durability and reduced wear and tear will lead to lesser recharge and tyre changes will help you save money.
  • Comfortable Drive –  Smooth pickup and a quiet cabin will give you a comfortable driving or riding experience.
  • More Safety – Strengthened sidewalls and better-built quality will protect you from tyre bursts and a short braking distance will help you control your vehicle in a better way and stop it quickly during an emergency to prevent accidents.


Tips To Protect Your Tyres For Electric Vehicle:

The companies are definitely trying their level best to manufacture tyres that require minimum maintenance and care, but it’s always better to keep a check on the health of the tyre of your electric vehicle in order to help it deliver the best and lasting performance.

Here are a few tips that will help you take care of your tyres for an electric vehicle;


  • Keep Checking For Wear And Tear – 

Before and after every drive, especially long drive, you need to check the tyres for air pressure, punctures, cuts, cracks, bubbles, objects stuck between the treads and the depth of the grooves. 


  • Perform Wheel Balancing and Alignment At Regular Intervals – 

After every few thousand kilometres or once in a couple of months, performing wheel balancing and alignment will prevent the tyres from losing the tread and will help them to last longer. 


So, if you already own an electric vehicle or are planning to buy one, ensure that the tyres are upgraded with special tyres for electric vehicles.


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