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New BMW M4 Coupe To Feature Continental SportContact 6 As OE Tyres

Check out why the new BMW M4 Coupe will come factory fitted with the Continental Sport Contact 6 Tyres.

New BMW M4 Coupe To Feature Continental SportContact 6 As OE Tyres

The factory-fitted Y-rated tyres are specifically designed to provide high levels of steering precision, stability and handling. 


The latest iteration of the BMW M4 Coupe will now see Continental SportContact 6 tyres as the original equipment (OE) fitment. The top-notch performance tyres from the German tyre maker are developed to provide the BMW M4 with exceptional handling, enhanced high-speed stability and better driving precision. In the European Union market, the Continental SportContact 6 tyres rank among one of the best when it comes to superior performance on wet roads and outstanding braking even under low traction situations.


The BMW M4 will feature two tyre sizes comprising 18-inch and 19-inch wheel sizes. The high-performance Continental SportContact 6 tyres have been globally approved in two sizes i.e. 275/40 ZR18 (103Y) XL and 285/35 ZR19 (103Y) XL. The Y rated performance tyres are capable to clock a maximum speed of up to 300 km per hour. Last year, the max performance tyre, SportContact 6 has won the 2020 EVO Tyre Award. 


According to Continental, the expert engineers have developed the OE tyre for BMW M4 that perfectly harmonizes with the performance coupe model providing the most favourable support to its performance. The global tyre major has worked closely with BMW to capture the specific requirements of the M4 model. The winner of the 2020 EVO Tyre Award, 


What makes the Continental SportContact 6 unique?

The SportContact 6 from Continental Tyres follows the philosophy of “Safety on any street. Control at any speed.” And to attain this, it integrates groundbreaking advancements and many patented attributes, which comprise Black Chili, Force Vectoring and Aralon350. The winner of the 2020 EVO Tyre Award, the max performance tyre SportContact 6     


Black Chili 

The patented complex compound technology in the tyres, BlackChili Compound is exclusively produced at the Korbach, Germany facility. With Black Chili integrated tyres you can expect supreme confidence and excellent traction at high speeds assured cornering and optimum braking under wet as well dry road conditions.


The modern Micro Flexibility Compound interlocks between the tyre and road surface for outstanding shorter braking distance under any weather setup. The revolutionary tyre tread compound is highly regarded among performance motorists across the globe for its brilliant grip, acceleration and durability.


Force Vectoring

Vectoring is marked as the latest innovation in the tread pattern development in the tyre space. This technique provides different tread elements on the inside, outside, and on the central part of the tyre tread for better transfer of force at high speeds. 


This allows the tread blocks to support each other during fast cornering and offer optimum lateral force transfer. The vectoring technology ensures optimal force transfer on the move aiding in superior handling and rapid steer performance.  



Continental SportContact 6 can go up to the speed of 300 km per hr. And to assure a safe halt with its outstanding braking performance it needs an exceptionally robust tyre structure that can withstand extreme speed, pressure and centrifugal force. 


To achieve this, engineers at Continental Tyres have developed an innovative structure ‘Aralon350’ that is capable to withstand the massive forces on the tyre, assuring supreme driving pleasure and maximum driving safety.


Basically a synthetic fibre, the Aralon350 material consists of two aramid fibre yarn carefully knitted alongside a yarn of flexible nylon. This fibre acts as a jointless cap ply beneath the tread for enhanced contour behaviour at high speeds.

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