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Michelin Reveals Its Puncture-Proof Tyres For The First Time For People

In this news piece, you will learn about how Michelin has showcased their puncture-proof tyres to the public for the first time.

Michelin Puncture Proof Tyres

After investing time and money for over a decade, French tyre maker Michelin has finally put its puncture-proof tyres to road test recently. The event took place during the 2021 International Motor Show Germany where the puncture-proof tyre was revealed to the public. In line with their company’s sustainability goals, Michelin tested its new set of puncture-proof on an EV.


The tyre is made under Michelin’s Vision Concept that intends to make tyres that are airless, rechargeable, networked and lost-lasting at the same time. The Unique Punctureproof Tyre System (UPTIS) is a tyre that does not require any air and it never gets punctured because of the unique design that keeps it airless.


Internationally, over three billion tyres are made each year. Tyres that have already passed their prime have the potential to catch fire. They also pose a threat to the environment in the form of poisonous gases that they emit. To make tyres more environmentally friendly, they can be made from naturally existing material, like other man-made items. By creating an environmentally friendly tyre, tyre makers can cut down on conditions that may result in wear and tear of tyres that make them useless.


The French tyre giants are trying to employ all the possible strategies to make tyres more environmentally friendly in the near future.


As per the Concept note (GFRP), UPTIS combines an aluminium wheel with a flexible load-bearing frame. This frame is composed of glass fibre reinforced plastic. According to Michelin, utilizing this design would make sure that the new tyre maintains the performance of any traditional Michelin tyre.


It is learnt that Michelin publicly tested its new tyre with a select group of individuals. To start off, these tyres incorporate recovered plastic trash. However, it is said that Michelin has plans to replace this with organic and recyclable materials in a period of time.

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