Maruti Alto K10 Recommended Tyre Upsize – Car Tyre Upsizing Guide

Maruti Alto K10 Best Tyre Upsizing Options

Maruti Alto Tyre Upsizing


Maruti Alto K10 has been one of the favourite entry-level cars for the buyers who look for more power and peppy performance against the traditional 800cc small cars. Every bit of Alto K10 is designed keeping in mind city traffic needs, be it its compact shape, great fuel efficiency, and light steering wheel. For years, K10 was offered in sole petrol variant, which was followed by greener CNG variation, and now it is made available in a unique and hassle-free Auto Gear Shift (AGS) choice, making driving effortless. Maruti Alto K10 is offered in as many as seven trims.

Maruti Alto K10 Tyres

All the trims of Maruti Alto K10 namely LX, LX (O), LXi, LXi (O), VXi, VXi (O), VXi (O) AGS are equipped with 155/65 R 13 tyres.

Maruti Alto K10 Recommended Tyre Upsizing

Maruti Alto K10 Variants Stock Tyre Size 1st Upsize 2nd Upsize
LX 155/65 R 13 165/65 R 13 175/60 R 13
LX (O) 155/65 R 13 165/65 R 13 175/60 R 13
 LXi 155/65 R 13 165/65 R 13 175/60 R 13
LXi (O) 155/65 R 13 165/65 R 13 175/60 R 13
VXi 155/65 R 13 165/65 R 13 175/60 R 13
VXi (O) 155/65 R 13 165/65 R 13 175/60 R 13
VXi (O) AGS 155/65 R 13 165/65 R 13 175/60 R 13

Be it base trim or the high-end trim, all the trims of Maruti Alto K10 are offered with a single choice of 155/65 R 13 tyres. As a first recommended tyre upsize, Alto K10 can be fitted with 165/65 R 13 tyres. These tyres will provide an elevated ground clearance of 2 percent against the actual ground clearance along with a 13 mm increase in the overall diameter. On the other hand, the second recommended tyre upsize option comes in the form of 175/60 R 13 tyres. With these set of tyres, Maruti Alto K10 will see a boost of 1.6 percent compared to the original ground clearance and a positive enhancement of 8.5 mm in the diameter of the tyres.

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There are numerous benefits with recommended tyre upsizing. With tyre upsizing alternatives, the Maruti Alto K10’s ground clearance will go up by a decent notch resulting in a more confident and upright stance of the hatchback. Furthermore, a car with good ground clearance is always the best shield to conquer abrupt speed breakers, uneven and potholed conditions of the roads, especially during wet and rainy conditions.

Usually, tyre upsizing results in low ground clearance of the cars due to increase in the width and hence offers better handling. However, here, as you opt for upsizing, there is no change in the width of the tyres rather the change reflects in the ground clearance aspect.

Moreover, the difference in the ground clearance should be maximum up to 3 percent or less than 3 percent against its original ground clearance. If the increase or decrease in the ground clearance is of more than 3 percent then it may affect the functioning of the odometer and might touch the fender or the car body while driving.Find alto car tyre models and get best alto tyre for your car.

Note – The above-mentioned tyre upsizing options may affect odometer reading marginally. These upsizes are suggested as per our upsizing calculation.

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Vinayak Naik
Vinayak Naik

Will I need to change the tyre rim if I go with the 2nd upsizing option ? By the way, this article is very informative


Dear Vinayak

No, there is no need to change the rim if you opt for 2nd upsize option.


Anand Saini

I am planning a spiti trip next year in my k10 with 4 people and some luggage. So m thinking to change the tyre but basically my moto is to Get gud ground clearance and handling. so with which option should i go?


Dear Anand

To get more ground clearance you need to change your tyre size. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 comes with tyre size 155/65R13, you can upsize it with tyre size 165/65R13 as this size comes under the permissible limit of tyre upsizing.