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Levitas Ultra: A New Series Of High-End Tyres, Has Been Introduced By JK Tyre For The Premium Automotive Market.

Levitas Ultra Has Been Introduced

JK Tyre has introduced the Levitas Ultra range of premium four-wheeler tyres in order to capitalise on the rapidly expanding market for luxury automobiles. These Levitas Ultra tyres are compatible with leading models manufactured by top car makers.


JK Rubber & Industries Ltd., a prominent player in the Indian tyre industry, has introduced a new line of tyres designed specifically for the rapidly expanding luxury vehicle market in India. Levitas Ultra is offered in a variety of sizes, each of which is designed to be compatible with certain models produced by India’s most prominent luxury automobiles manufacturers, such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, BMW, Jaguar, and Land Rover.


The expansion of the luxury market over the past several years motivated JK Tyre to create a new product called Levitas Ultra. This product claims great performance in dry and wet handling, braking, in-cabin noise, and ride quality. According to the manufacturer, the Levitas Ultra series of tyres has been put through rigorous testing in both Europe and India, and the results indicate that they are on par with, and in some cases even superior to, tyres manufactured by major worldwide companies.


Dr. Raghupati Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director of JK Tyre & Industries, issued the following statement in response to the event’s launch: “At JK Tyre, we are proud of our pioneering role in manufacturing world-class tyres in India.” Because we place a strong emphasis on innovation, we are broadening our reach into the market for premium tyres with the introduction of the Levitas Ultra. To provide our clients in the luxury automobile market with a product that is developed to give unsurpassed performance across all important characteristics of this demanding category—whether it be ride and handling, grip levels, noise reduction, or braking—these tyres have been particularly created. At JK Tyre, we have been concentrating on the development of innovative technologies, and the release of these UHP tyres is the result of our persistent efforts towards achieving the highest possible standard of quality. We are certain that the term “high performance” will come to be associated with the Levitas Ultra brand among drivers of premium cars.


The Levitas Ultra line from JK Tyre is offered in a variety of sizes, ranging from 225/55 R16 all the way up to 245/45 R18. The product lineup is going to be expanded even further, with the business planning to provide tyre sizes ranging from 19 to 22 inches. The BEE has awarded the Levitas Ultra tyres a grade of 5 stars for their fuel efficiency, and they also have W and Y speed classifications, which means they can withstand speeds of up to 270 and 300 kilometres per hour, respectively. Beginning on April 1, 2023, the JK Tyre Levitas Ultra series of tyres will be available for purchase in all of India’s main cities.

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