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JK Tyre To Deliver Sensor-Based Intelligent Tyres For Trucks Very Soon

Jk Tyre to introduce Sensor Based Smart Tyres

JK Tyre is set to release a new line of smart truck tyres equipped with built-in sensors that will send alerts to drivers’ smartphones whenever their tyre pressure or temperature exceeds predetermined thresholds. These sensors will help reduce wear and tear on the tyres, saving on maintenance expenses, while the tyre pressure monitoring system will improve the truck’s fuel mileage.


What Would Sensors Do?


  • The smart tyres will feature a tyre pressure monitoring system based on sensor technology, allowing real-time smartphone application-based alerts for inflation and temperature violations.


  • The built-in sensors will detect changes in tyre pressure or temperature and send alerts to the app displayed on the mobile screen.


  • The sensors will help with tyre maintenance and potentially prevent costly tyre bursts that could require the replacement of both tyres and the wheel.


What Will Be The Benefits For The End Users?


  • The smart tyres promise to increase the life of tyres by at least 10%, offering savings to truckers.


  • In addition to potentially preventing costly tyre burst repairs, the smart tyres may reduce fuel bills due to better fuel efficiency and offer a real-time asset tracking system to prevent tyre thefts.



  • JK Tyre has also developed a range of EV small radial tyres for electric products, including e-buses and e2w, designed for low rolling resistance, high durability, and improved wet and dry traction.


A select group of fleets is currently evaluating the smart tyres, and the company plans to begin selling them in the upcoming financial year. Previously, JK Tyre had introduced this technology for use on passenger automobiles, with the innovation enabling tubeless tyres. However, the company has since developed a way to allow the sensors to work with tube tyres as well. With the introduction of these intelligent truck tyres, tyre maintenance is set to become more simplified, and real-time asset tracking will help prevent the theft of tyres.


About JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.

JK Tyre is a leading tyre manufacturer based in India, with over 100 years of experience in the industry. The company offers a wide range of tyres for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and two-wheelers. They are known for their high-quality products that provide excellent performance, durability, and safety on the road. JK Tyre is committed to innovation and technology, as evidenced by its line of intelligent truck tyres equipped with sensors that provide real-time warnings for inflation and temperature violations. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a strong distribution network, JK Tyre has established itself as a trusted and reliable brand in the Indian tyre market.

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