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Revolutionising Road Safety: Continental Tires India to Launch ‘Intelligent Tyres’ in 2023

Revolutionising Road Safety- Continental Tires India to Launch 'Intelligent Tyres' in 2023

Continental Tires India is gearing up to launch “Intelligent Tyres” (I-tyres) for the commercial vehicle segment in the first quarter of 2023. The I-tyres are equipped with sensors developed by Continental’s automotive arm and are designed for tubeless tyres to enhance safety on Indian roads. According to Samir Gupta, Managing Director of Continental Tires India and Head of Central Region, BA Tires APAC, the I-tyres are part of the company’s efforts to upgrade its existing offerings in the Indian market.


According to Mr Gupta, Intelligent Tyres (I-tyres) are a technology that can be fitted into tubeless tyres, rather than a separate tyre design. The sensors for these tyres have been developed by the company’s automotive arm. The aim is to improve the safety features of the commercial vehicle segment, which has lagged behind the passenger car segment in this regard. Mr Gupta added that passengers in the car segment are more aware of safety features than those in the commercial segment. With only 5-6% of the Indian market using tubeless tyres in the commercial sector, there is significant potential for growth in this market. Continental Tires India also plans to launch other products such as the CrossContact HT line to improve highway safety and PC6, the successor to the ContiSportsContact line.


Continental Tires India produces tyres for both commercial and passenger vehicles. The company offers bias tyres and radial tyres in the commercial segment and produces tyres ranging from 13-inch to 20-inch wheels for passenger cars in India. Mr Gupta stated that the company intends to grow by 15-20% in the next one or two years, with a focus on improving its production capacities for SUV tyres. The commercial vehicle segment will concentrate on digitalisation, safety, and tyres, with a focus on bringing these technologies to the market.


In the past decade, Continental Tires India has invested more than INR 1,000 crore in its Modipuram plant. The company employs around 1,400 people across its operations and operates one manufacturing plant in Modipuram. Mr Gupta clarified that more than 90% of total production in the commercial vehicle segment would be for the domestic market, with only about 10% exported. The company sees many opportunities in premiumisation in India and intends to focus on this growth market.


In conclusion, Continental Tires India’s launch of I-tyres and other new products is set to enhance safety features for commercial vehicles on Indian roads. The company’s focus on digitalisation, safety, and tyres underscores its commitment to bringing the latest technologies to the market. Continental Tires India’s investments in its manufacturing plant and capacity-building efforts for SUV tyres demonstrate its dedication to the Indian market and its determination to grow in the coming years.


About Continental Tires India:

Continental Tires India is a subsidiary of Continental AG, a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company. Continental Tires India produces a wide range of tires for passenger and commercial vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, and buses. The company has a manufacturing plant in Modipuram, Uttar Pradesh, India, where it produces tires for both domestic and export consumption. Continental Tires India is committed to delivering innovative products and technologies to the Indian market, focusing on improving safety and performance on Indian roads. The company aims to grow at 15 to 20 percent in the next one or two years, with a particular emphasis on the SUV and premium tyre segments.

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