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Buy Apollo Tyres Online At Best Prices

Apollo Tyres Brand Overview

The year 1972 witnessed the establishment of India’s leading tyre maker Apollo Tyres Limited. Ranked as the 17th largest tyre manufacturer, Apollo produces tyres for passenger, commercial and off-highway vehicles. Sighting the rising demand for two-wheeler tyres in the country, the Gurugram (Haryana) headquartered tyre firm made its convincing debut in the two-wheeler tyre segment in the year 2016. Across India Apollo owns a widespread network of about 5,000 dealerships out of which 2,500+ are exclusive company outlets. In addition to sound domestic presence, it has also extended its substantial reach in the international markets.

In 2009, Apollo acquired Netherlands-based tyre manufacturer Vredestein Banden B.V. (VBBV). The renowned European tyre company is a century old tyre brand with its head office in Enschede, Netherlands. Vredestein brand specialises in the making of bicycle tyres, car tyres alongside tyres for agricultural and industrial applications use. Several car tyres of Vredestein are designed by Giugiaro Design, a prominent Italian design house. With this, Apollo Tyres now has four manufacturing units in India, one in the Netherlands, while its second overseas factory is under construction in Hungary.

The company at present manufactures and sells its tyres under the Apollo Vredestein B.V. brand in Europe and North America. Besides two key brands Apollo and Vredestein, Apollo Tyres Limited also own two relatively smaller brands namely Kaizen and Regal. The latter brands are dedicated to the manufacturing of tyres for the bus and truck segment. The Indian multinational has equipped each of its brands with its own unique appeal and are directed towards specific consumer requirement. This intense outlook has facilitated Apollo Tyres to cater customers with a wide range of products for various applications all over the globe.

Buy Apollo Tyres Online In India

Apollo Motorcycle Tyres

Buy Apollo motorcycle tyres

Apollo produces a wide variety of motorbike tyres. They are available in several tread patterns catering to different needs of the bike riders. Apollo motorcycle tyres comprise of long lasting tread for better grip on wet and dry surfaces. Alongside there are specifically designed tyres for terrain and city/highway biking. The long list of tube type and tubeless Apollo bike tyres include Apollo Actizip F2, Apollo Actisteer F1, Apollo Actizip S2, Apollo Actigrip R2, Apollo Actizip S1, Apollo Actigrip S4, Apollo Actigrip S3, Apollo Actizip R3, Apollo Actigrip R1 and Apollo Actizip F3.

Buy Apollo Bike Tyres Online In India

Apollo Car Tyres

Buy Apollo Car Tyres

Car tyres by Apollo are formulated to offer high-quality driving precision coupled with excellent control and flawless stability at the time of cornering. They carry advanced safety and provide better traction in all conditions. Moreover, they also have superior resistance towards punctures. Some of the famous tyres in the car category are Apollo Alnac 4G, Apollo Alnac 4GS, Apollo Aspire 4G and Apollo Amazer 4G Life.

Buy Apollo Car Tyres Online In India

Apollo SUV Tyres

Buy Apollo SUV car tyres

The Apollo SUV tyres are endowed with all the essentials that qualify for the perfect SUV tyres. They offer fine off road grip and fast-precise control of the steering over the dirt and slush. Besides all the dynamic capabilities, they are also long-lasting in off road and on road functions. The new SUV specific Apterra range of tyres that includes Apollo Apterra AT, Apollo Apterra HP and Apollo Apterra HT specialises in utmost durability and enhanced steering on all conditions.

Buy Apollo SUV Tyres Online In India

Apollo Van Tyres

Buy Apollo Van Tyres

The van tyres are manufactured using a rubber compound that has ultra high wear resistant tread. These tyres feature sturdiness and provide low cost per kilometre. Apollo van tyres come with robust cavity design and contain impact resistant technology along with structural firmness for unfavourable roads. Here one of the favourite tyres for vans and last mile vehicles is Amazer 4G Life. This tyre type is available in as many as 16 sizes to choose from and imbibes micro puncture technology with enhanced resistance to sharp object pricks.

Buy Apollo Van Tyres Online In India

Apollo Truck Tyres

Buy Apollo Truck Tyres

Apollo produces one of the best tyres in the truck segment that are not only affordable but also share low input costs. The Apollo XT 100K, Apollo XT100, Apollo XT7 Gold HD, Apollo XT7 Gold Plus, Apollo XT7, Apollo XT-9 Gold and Apollo XT7 Gold are perfect for increased durability and heavy duty operations. The Apollo Amar Deluxe and Apollo Amar Gold range ensure better fuel efficiency in the heavy duty category. Apollo XMR and Apollo AWR offer superior handling and are reliable and affordable rib tyre for regular operations. Moreover, for the harsh off-road terrains and most demanding conditions, Apollo Mine Lug and Apollo Loadstar Super XP are best suited.

Buy Apollo Truck Tyres Online In India

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Apollo Bus Tyres

Buy Apollo Bus Tyres

The Apollo bus tyres offer advanced safety, excellent handling, brilliant traction and improved stability in all wet and dry conditions. The Apollo Endu Comfort CA range of bus and coach tyres are optimised for better contact pressure and even rubber mass distribution, which leads to exceptional handling and improved mileage. The Apollo Endu Comfort CA bus tyres proffer excellent riding comfort and its stimulated tread design ensures low noise.

Buy Apollo Bus Tyres Online In India

Apollo Tractor Tyres

Buy Apollo Tractor tyres

Apollo tractor tyres are presented in high-performance 2WD and 4WD mechanisms. Apollo Farmking, Apollo FX 515, Apollo FX 525 and Apollo FX 222 are best suited for haulage applications. These tractor rear tyres offer decent stability, optimum mileage and sufficient grip in muddy or wet underfoot conditions. The hard wearing rear tyres in the form of Apollo Krishak Premium Steer, Apollo Krishak Gold Steer and Apollo Krishak Premium CR are puncture resistant and provide high steer performance. Apollo Krishak Premium Drive and Apollo Krishak Gold Drive are best bias ply tyres dedicated to optimum performance in varying field conditions.

Buy Apollo Tractor Tyres Online In India

Apollo Harvester Tyres

Buy Apollo Harvester Tyres

Under the harvester tyres, Apollo manufactures high load carrying Apollo Bhim tyres, which is particularly designed for the animal-driven vehicles. Furthermore, Apollo Krishak Premium Drive and Apollo Powerhaul are multipurpose bias ply tyres to address the needs of varied haulage applications. Some other multipurpose tyres namely Apollo AMP 918 and Apollo AMP 928 are developed with multi-tapered tread and appropriate cornering stability.

Buy Apollo Harvester Tyres Online In India

Apollo Construction Tyres

Buy Apollo Industrial Vehicle Tyres

For the construction segment, Apollo tyres have got Apollo 713 tyre meant in particular for the wheeled excavator. The long-lasting tyre has high bucket volume and better lug angle alongside strong nylon casing that helps it move quickly. Likewise, the high-performance grader and crane tyres include Apollo ARG 217. Moreover, for the multi-terrain performance and rough and tough applications, Apollo ASR 614 and Apollo ASR 624 is best suited.

Buy Apollo Construction Vehicle Tyres Online In India

Apollo Loader Tyres

Shop Apollo Loader Tyres

The loader tyres from Apollo come equipped with specialist heavy duty backhoe that reduces slippage and allows high torque transfer. The popular loader tyres Apollo ALT 118 and Apollo AWL 812 are also made available in L2/G2 tyre sizes for mid-size loaders and graders. The tyres feature extra strong carcass, unique flat tread radius and dual compound tread for long life and incomparable performance in heavy duty operations.

Buy Apollo Loader Tyres Online In India

Apollo Industrial Vehicle Tyres

Buy Apollo Industrial Tyres Online

Apollo industrial vehicle tyres are engineered to face toughest of conditions and are equipped enough to give out stable performance. They are endowed with heavy duty carcass and possess minimum ground disturbance in soil compaction application. With their large tread area and diamond lug design with sipes, they are not only productive but also highly fuel efficient. The list of tyres consists of Apollo Y Lon, Apollo ALT 108, Apollo ARG 217, Apollo AIT 406, AIT 416 Apollo, AIT 426 Apollo, Apollo ASR 614 and Apollo ASR 624.

Buy Industrial Vehicle Tyres Online In India

Apollo Earthmover Vehicle Tyres

Apollo Earthmover Tyres Online Purchase

For robust mining and firm reinforcement, there is no better alternative than Apollo earthmover vehicle tyres. In addition to carrying heavy loads, these tyres also ensure minimum downtime and maximum performance under long operations. Apollo AWL 822, Apollo ALT 188 TX and Apollo ALT 188 range of tyres hold optimum rubber distribution and bear excellent traction in forward and reverse movement.

Depending upon your need and requirement you can buy Apollo tyres online at Tyremarket.com. And to make it more convenient, you can also compare Apollo tyre prices before making your purchase.

Buy Apollo Tyres Online In India

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