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EnergyRide Is Ceat’s Answer To The Rapidly Expanding Electric Motorcycle & Scooter Market

CEAT EnergyRide EV Tyres for Motorcycle & Scooter

If the race is on for original equipment manufacturers of two-wheelers to ride the rising tide of demand for electric two-wheelers, then the same can be said for the competition among makers of tyres. Ceat is the newest company to enter the market for electric bicycle and motorcycle tyres. EnergyRide EV is the name of the company’s newly introduced electric vehicle-specific tyre.


According to the manufacturer, EnergyRide EV was developed to optimise the performance of electric scooters and the tyres equipped with them. Electric scooters offer a greater torque than their counterparts that are powered by internal combustion engines. When the user starts the scooter, they immediately have access to the increased torque that the scooter has to provide. Traditional bike tyres are not designed to deal with the amount of torque and weight that this vehicle generates.


Ceat claims that its EnergyRide EV series of tyres come with a unique ‘Circuit Design,’ which provides improved grip in high torque and quick acceleration through enhanced water channelling. Additionally, it distributes the force that is applied to the tyres uniformly around the tyre, which helps to reduce the amount of wear and tear that is placed on the tyres, which in turn helps them to last longer. EnergyRide EV tyres have a unique rolling resistance compound built into them, which cuts down on the energy wasted when the vehicle is in motion. EnergyRide EV tyres have a lower rolling resistance than standard scooter tyres, which helps an electric scooter save energy and gives the scooter the needed longer range.


EnergyRide EV tyres solve the two primary concerns of electric scooter owners, which are safety and range anxiety, as stated by Arnab Banerjee, the Chief Operating Officer of Ceat. “We have developed EnergyRide EV to handle the quick acceleration of the electric scooters without compromising the life of the tyres, and it is our goal to do this. Our low rolling resistance compound helps alleviate range anxiety, a common problem for owners of electric vehicles in today’s world.”


Ceat, Apollo Tyres, TVS Srichakra, and a few other tyre manufacturers are all interested in capitalising on the rapidly increasing demand for electric two-wheelers in India. Ceat is also interested in doing the same thing. During the period beginning in January 2022 and ending in June 2022, a total of 240,662 electric two-wheelers were purchased, which represented 3.6 percent of the total two-wheeler retail sales in the first half of CY 2022 (66,95,434 units).


On July 28, Ceat made the announcement that it will be entering the market for electric vehicle tyres with its EnergyDrive line of four-wheeler tyres that are designed specifically for EVs.

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