Bridgestone B390 Tyre Review, Price, Vehicle Compatibility, Sizes, Competition And More 

Read this Bridgestone B390 tyre review to know its performance, price in India, available sizes, warranty etc.  Also know the list of cars that are compatible with the B390 tyre.

Bridgestone B390 Tyre Overview

Globally renowned Japanese tyre mogul, Bridgestone is a well-known tyre brand in India. The Tokyo headquartered corporation has been into the business in the country since more than two decades now. Although, internationally Bridgestone caters to nearly every automobile segment, however, its India operations focus on passenger and commercial tyre segment. One of the leading tyre manufacturers in the country has got varied products under each category. The company has been highly successful with its passenger tyre segment. This category comprises of products such as Bridgestone Ecopia series, Bridgestone B series, Bridgestone Turanza series, and Bridgestone Potenza series etc. Out of all, one of the most loved among masses is the Bridgestone B series passenger tyres. This series features the likes of Bridgestone B250, Bridgestone B290, Bridgestone B390 and Bridgestone B800. Here we choose Bridgestone B390 car tyre for an in-depth review.


Bridgestone B390 Tyre Compound

The Bridgestone B390 tyre is primarily aimed at the SUVs, MPVs and sedans with moderately powerful powertrains. As a result, the rubber compound used in the making is of dual capability, it is neither too hard nor too soft; it has got an excellent proportion of the two. Furthermore, the use of LL Carbon in the compound stabilizes tyre rubber, which promotes increased wear resistance against cracking, tearing and chipping.

Bridgestone B390 Tyre Construction Type

As the passenger tyre is of modern nature, Bridgestone B390 gets a tubeless radial construction. The sides of the tyre feature extra rubber for shoulder protection, where there are maximum chances of cuts and nicks resulting in lessening of road hazard injuries. The tread pattern design, optimized tyre casing shape and materials used help to extract performance on long routes. Moreover, with the use of modern O-bead II technology, Bridgestone B390 gets new convex bead shape. This aids in better and controlled performance as it evenly mounts between the tyre bead and wheel rim.

Bridgestone B390 Tyre Performance

The Bridgestone B390 is a touring tyre and instils a very good balance of the right compound mix. The passenger car tyre offers quality steering performance for better manoeuvrability and low rolling resistance, which helps in improved fuel mileage. The tyre is designed to cut the noise and offer a quiet ride on expressways alongside superior handling and braking performance in city limits on wet as well as dry road surfaces. With its excellent traction levels, it renders decent capabilities in terms of high-speed barking, handling and cornering.

Bridgestone B390 Tyre Available Sizes

The Bridgestone B390 Car tyre is available in the following tyre sizes:

205/65 R 15 94H Tubeless BUY HERE
205/65 R 15 94S Tubeless BUY HERE
205/65 R 16 95H Tubeless BUY HERE

Bridgestone B390 Tyre Price

Bridgestone offers its touring passenger tyre B390 in as many as three sizes namely 205/65 R 15 94H, 205/65 R 15 94S and 205/65 R 16 95H. The tyres are tagged in the price bracket of Rs 7000 and Rs 11000. All the given prices are of approximate values.

Bridgestone B390 Tyre Fuel Efficiency

Bridgestone is well aware of the mileage conscious minds of the Indian consumers. As B390 tyre is made using a unique amalgamation of hard and soft rubber compound it delivers high fuel efficiency.

Bridgestone B390 Tyre Warranty

The standard warranty furnished by Bridgestone on B390 passenger tyre in India is of six years.

Bridgestone B390 Tyre Speed Rating

The Bridgestone B390 is a city cum highway touring tyre and is endowed with ‘H’ and ‘S’ speed rating. The H speed rating indicates that the tyre can speed up to 210 kmph, while the S signifies the max speed up to 180 kmph with the prescribed maximum load.

Bridgestone B390 Competitors

The Bridgestone B390 tyre is rival to the likes of Michelin XM2, Goodyear Assurance Dura Plus, MRF ZTX, Apollo Amazer 4G Life and others.

Bridgestone B390 Tyre Vehicle Compatibility

The Bridgestone B390 is compatible with the following bikes:

Car Brand Car Model
Chevrolet Tavera
Hindustan Motors Ambassador
Honda Accord (Old)
Honda Accord (New)
Honda Civic
Honda Civic Sports
Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Sonata
ICML Extreme Rhino
Mahindra & Mahindra Quanto
Mahindra & Mahindra Xylo
Maruti Suzuki SX4
Nissan Teana
Nissan Terrano
Nissan X Trail LE
Renault Duster
Skoda Octavia
Toyota Camry
Toyota Innova Crysta
Toyota Corolla Altis
Toyota Innova
Volkswagen Beetle


The all-season touring tyre from the reliable house of Bridgestone is something most buyers look for. Usually, the tyres in this segment produce a lot of noise at the time of high-speed driving. However, B390 does quite a reasonable job in this cordon. Thanks to the apt mix of hard and soft compound, the occupants are endowed with a supple and smooth ride on long journeys. The tyre is capable of handling wet set up well and stays in control under a high-temperature environment. The tyre is of durable nature and ensures longer life. Bridgestone B390 features nearly everything – right from excellent grip under wet/dry weather conditions to braking and cornering – alongside appropriate price tag.

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