TVS iQube Electric Tyres – All You Need To Know

In this article, we will look into the details of TVS iQube tyres, list out available tyre sizes, price list, tyre pressure, warranty information, and other important attributes, and recommend the best tyres for TVS iQube.


TVS iQube is a contemporary electric scooter built with a blend of classical and futuristic design to charm customers from all age groups. With impressive built, quirky looks, a slew of smart features, and electrifying performance, TVS iQube is establishing a formidable dominance in the EV market. Here, we will review the tyres of TVS iQube and explore the following attributes: 

  • Available Tyre Sizes of TVS iQube
  • The Recommended Tyre Pressure for TVS iQube 
  • The Available Tyre Brands for TVS iQube  
  • TVS iQube Tyre Prices 
  • TVS iQube  Tyre Warranty 
  • The Best Tyres for TVS iQube 

In the end, we will give you our verdict on all the variants of TVS iQube tyres that can help you choose the best tyres for your TVS iQube.


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TVS iQube Tyres

TVS iQube wears tyres of 90/90 R12 size mounted on 304.8 mm alloy wheels suspended by telescopic forks up front and dual shock absorbers at the rear. TVS iQube Electric Scooter is available in 1 variant – STD. The required tyre pressure for TVS iQube Electric front tyre is 28 psi, and for the rear tyre is 32 psi.

The following table shows TVS iQube tyre size, the required tyre pressure, wheel type, and tyre type.

Loaded Unloaded Loaded Unloaded
TVS iQube  90/90R12  90/90R12  Alloy Wheels 28 24 32 28


Available Tyre Brands For TVS iQube

There are 23 tyres from 12 popular tyre brands like CEAT, MRF, JK and more offering tyres for TVS iQube. The following table lists all the information on the tyre brands for TVS iQube.

TVS iQube 90/90R12  Michelin CITY PRO Front/Rear, Tubeless Robust Tyre Design 1,349 3 Years
CEAT Milaze Front, Tubeless Multi-directional Block Pattern 1,044 6 Years
Ralco BLASTER ST Front/Rear, Tubeless Strong Carcass Construction 999 3 Years
JK BLAZE BA21 Front/Rear, Tubeless Zig Zag Center Grooves 1,049 5 Years
TVS Eurogrip JUMBO GT Rear, Tubeless Directional Block Tread Design 1,199 3 Years
MRF ZAPPER FG Front/Rear, Tubeless Circumferential Grooves 1,249 3 Years
Vee Rubber V430 Front, Tubeless Enhanced Tread Design 874 3 Years
Maxxis M6302 Front/Rear, Tubeless Unique Eye-Brow Pattern 979 6 Years
TVS Eurogrip DRAGON Rear, Tubeless Stiffened Tread and Deeper Grooves 1,310 3 Years


Recommended Tyres For TVS iQube

Michelin, Maxxis, Ralco, JK, and MRF make both rear and front tyres for TVS iQube. Here, we briefly list the best tyres for TVS iQube based on customer reviews that could help you in choosing the best tyres for your TVS iQube.

TVS Eurogrip Dragon tyres are made with reinforced compound and rugged block design that gives perfect stability and superior traction on dangerous turns and unpaved roads. The angular grooves and rounded shoulder profile in TVS Eurogrip Dragon tyres offer enhanced grip on muddy terrains and excellent cornering stability. 


Michelin City Pro tyres are highly compatible to mount on both the front and rear of your TVS iQube. The robust tyre design in Michelin City Pro tyres provides better control on all types of roads and establishes stronger protection on bad roads. Michelin City Pro tyres have optimal bridging technology that provides the required rigidity to the tread pattern and ensures minimal tread shuffling.


Ralco Blaster ST tyres are made of cutting-edge technology for improved wet and dry grip. The strong carcass construction in Ralco Blaster tyres takes care of handling and control on bad roads. Ralco Blaster ST tyres have a special rubber compound for efficient wet and dry braking. The Cool Compound Technology in these tyres makes for improved safety and longer tyre life.



TVS iQube Overview

TVS iQube is offered in one variant and colour. The electric scooter generates 3000 W of power and is equipped with three lithium-ion batteries with a collective power rating of 2.25kWh. 4.4kW hub-mounted BLDC motor in TVS iQube produces 140 Nm of torque at the wheel. TVS iQube comes with attractive features such as Q-park assist, day and night display, regenerative braking, multi-select economy, and power mode.



TVS iQube is a premium scooter in the two-wheeler EV segment. Good tyres will enhance the performance and bring out all the abilities of your TVS iQube without letting you compromise on its proficiency. The above-mentioned tyres serve as the best tyres for TVS iQube as they complement TVS iQube in every aspect. Check the best tyres for TVS iQube on

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