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ATMA Partners’ Summit 2023 Highlights Opportunities For Tyre Industry Growth

ATMA Partners Summit 2023 Highlights Opportunities For Tyre Industry Growth

According to Satish Sharma, the Chairman of the Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA), exports of domestically manufactured tyres grew by 50 percent last year, and it is projected to increase by nearly 15 percent in the current financial year. He addressed the Partners’ Summit 2023 in New Delhi. He cited consistent support by raw material partners as one of the major factors for growth both domestically and in the export markets.


As per the latest statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, tyre exports from India increased by 15 percent during the Apr-Dec period of FY23. It is estimated that India exported tyres worth Rs 17,816 crore in Apr-Dec 2022 as opposed to Rs 15,507 crore in the same period the previous year.


Sharma stated that the automotive world continues to evolve and place more demands on the tyre industry and its supply chain partners. India has witnessed a compression of the emission norms lifecycle by transitioning straight from BSIV to BSVI, and the tyre industry now bears a lot of responsibility.


According to Sharma, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are anticipating a significant contribution from tyres to meet their increasing demands, with regulations on noise, rolling resistance, and other factors in place. Therefore, it is essential for the tyre industry’s supply chain partners to facilitate the industry in meeting these demands.


Around 300 senior representatives from the tyre industry’s raw material manufacturers, including carbon black, reinforcement materials, rubber chemicals, and synthetic rubbers, among others, attended the event. With the increasing demand and growth potential in the Indian tyre export market, it is an exciting time for the industry.


About ATMA:

The Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA) is a representative body of the tyre industry in India, comprising major tyre companies. Established in 1975, ATMA works towards promoting and protecting the interests of the Indian tyre industry. It also facilitates collaborative initiatives amongst its members for common objectives like improving product quality, promoting technology and innovation, and enhancing environmental sustainability. ATMA has achieved several milestones, such as the launch of its Clean and Green campaign, which aims to promote sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources in the tyre industry. Additionally, it has established partnerships with government bodies and other industry associations to promote the growth of the Indian tyre industry.

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