Burnout: A Tyre Cancer

There are some crazy folks on planet earth. Some do bizarre things for a certain purpose; whilst some do it just for outrageous fun. Tyre burnout is one of those phenomenons that are in trend among the auto enthusiasts since time immemorial. With soaring automobile sales in the country where a major chunk of buyers consists of youngsters, it has only witnessed an increase. Although burning the rubber on racetracks has various purposes behind, some do it just for gratifying themselves while others do it to showcase their ‘tashan’ to the spectators. So what is burnout exactly and why people do it, let’s try to find it in this short article.

What is Burnout?

What is Burnout?

Burnout is the practice in which a vehicle is kept still while spinning the wheels at high frequency, causing the tyres to create a large amount of smoke due to heat. The history of car burnout could be traced back to the drag racing, where it is being done for a practical reason.

Why people do Burnout?

First of all, we will talk about the practical purpose of doing this. In drag racing and motorsports, the driver does it to heat the tyres in order to enable them to stick to the surface for better traction control. The burnout removes any particles or gravels that are stuck onto the rubber. This lets the driver start off the race faster.

Secondly, in all forms of racing, burnout is one of the methods to celebrate victory and it really looks cool to watch. We have often seen colored burnout in these kinds of events. Other than these, some people do it just for amusement and getting the attention of the spectators. But there are certain drawbacks of doing this.

Disadvantages of Burnout

Honestly speaking, if we exclude the hardcore racing and motorsports, burnout is not a good thing. Just roaring the engine on the streets doesn’t make anyone look macho. It seems to be a pointless and childish act. The smoking tyres are hazardous to the environment since it releases toxic pollutants.

On the other hand, if the burnout is not done correctly, the tyres could burst into flames posing a danger to the vehicle and driver’s life.

So, if you are not from the motorsport arena, don’t show off needlessly and call for any uninvited trouble. Be a Good Samaritan.

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Manoj kumar singh
Manoj kumar singh

Tyre burnout might seem like a bizarre practice but it was originated at the time of drag racing when there was a practical purpose behind it. During drag racing the tyres perform better at higher temperatures and burnout is the quickest way to rise its temperature before the race