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New Assurance ComforTred Tyres Unveiled By Goodyear For The Indian Market

Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Tyres - Silent Car Tyres

To broaden its Assurance portfolio, Goodyear India has introduced the brand-new Assurance ComforTred line of tyres in seven different sizes. These tyres are intended for use on luxury vehicles sold in the Indian market.


The Assurance ComforTred’s consumer-focused design incorporates cutting-edge technology and a complex tread pattern in order to deliver an exceptional riding experience regardless of the state of the roads in India. This is accomplished by designing the tyre with the end user in mind. The manufacturer states that the ANX Technology that was utilised in the creation of these Assurance ComforTred tyres lowers the overall NVH levels and road noise, which results in a quieter driving experience when out on the road. It is made with an additional layer that cancels out noise and vibration and is manufactured with a sophisticated composition developed by Goodyear. Additionally, the tyre is well insulated against rolling noise.


Chairman and Managing Director of Goodyear India Limited, Sandeep Mahajan, made the following statement: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Assurance ComforTred, a brand-new product from Goodyear designed specifically for high-end automobiles. Assurance ComforTred is a genuine comfort provider that makes it possible for the automobile to transform into a peaceful environment for the passengers, resulting in an improved driving experience for the general public. Goodyear, a company that was a forerunner in the development of tyre technology, has always been at the forefront of innovation, and our goal is to provide consumers with goods that are at the top of their class while also meeting their ever-changing demands.”


A high number of smaller tread blocks, which results in a reduced impact force, helps give a quieter driving performance. Additionally, the closed pattern design helps to decrease air-pumping noise. Additionally, according to the manufacturer, these tyres have a reduced stopping distance and improved traction on wet roads. The tread compound of the next generation has a significant quantity of silica and resin, both of which contribute to more traction. Because of this better traction, the road surface can be better modulated, which improves road contact and water drainage.


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