Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Review, Price, Vehicle Compatibility, Sizes Available, Competition And More

Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre

Check Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Price, Specs, Available Sizes, Warranty, Cars Compatible With, Speed Rating, Tyre Compound, Tyre Construction, Fuel Efficiency Factor and Competition


Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Overview

Came into existence in the year 1967, Maxxis is the wholly owned subsidiary of Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co. The Yuanlin, Taiwan headquartered tyre firm was founded by Luo Jye and secures ninth position among the largest tyre manufacturers across the globe. In the beginning, Maxxis produced bicycle tyres and later ventured into the manufacturing of tyres outside Asia for motorcycle, passenger car, bus, truck, light truck, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), race kart and earthmoving industrial purposes. Maxxis customer base stretches to nearly 170 countries worldwide with state of the art operations in countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Germany, Dubai, Japan, United States, Canada etc.

In India, Maxxis offers a wide range of products under various tyre categories. The tyres made up of international standards possess long tread life and ascertain unmatched performance. Maxxis tyre range comprises of mass segment passenger car tyres alongside also feature performance oriented tyres. With reasonable pricing and value for money aspect, they are the first-choice of price conscious Indian consumers. Amid its vast tyre line-up, Maxxis MA-P1 passenger car tyre comes as one of the most reliable and popular choices among the masses. Available in 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch and 17-inch tyre sizes Maxxis MA-P1 offers excellent ride comfort and durability.


Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Compound

Maxxis has been making some of the finest tyres across its range and one of the reasons for its perfection is the use of its unique rubber compound. In MA-P1 tyre too, Maxxis uses a high-quality rubber compound that allows a firm grip on all surfaces. The balanced amalgamation of the compound ensures efficient braking at high speeds. Moreover, Maxxis MA-P1 tyre’s high strength sidewalls provide better stability to the vehicle on long routes.

Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Construction Type

Maxxis MA-P1 tyre gets radial construction type. One of the finest radial tyres in the portfolio, MA-P1 is manufactured using high-quality rubber in the world of radials, which ensures strength, longevity and greater durability. The stiff sidewall of the tyre help in maintaining optimum load inside the vehicle, while the broad shoulder line ensures maximum contact patch while driving. Furthermore, the ideal blend of hard and soft rubber compound guarantees maximum grip and ultimate water dispersal.

Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Performance

The MA-P1 tyre from Maxxis is targeted towards daily use and has got a wonderful record of performance. MA-P1 has got aggressive tread pattern coupled with circumferential grooves together with excellent steering response and handling stability. One cannot expect a mind-boggling performance from MA-P1 radials on the race track; however, they perform fantastic under city conditions. Besides good performance in urban setup, they also deliver satisfactory feat on long route driving with minimal noise at high speeds alongside better handling at the time of cornering. Moreover, the spiral joint-less nylon cap enhances durability aspect. Though targeted towards price conscious community, still they do not possess cheap aspects like many other Chinese brands in the country.

Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Available Sizes

Maxxis MA-P1 tyre is available in the following tyre sizes ranging from 13-inch to 17-inch:

155/65 R 13 73T BUY HERE
165/65 R 13 77H BUY HERE
175/60 R 13 77H BUY HERE
175/70 R 13 82H BUY HERE
185/60 R 13 80V BUY HERE
185/70 R 13 86H BUY HERE
165/60 R 14 75H BUY HERE
165/65 R 14 79H BUY HERE
165/70 R 14 81H BUY HERE
185/60 R 14 82H BUY HERE
195/60 R 14 86V BUY HERE
165/65 R 14 79H BUY HERE
175/65 R 14 82H BUY HERE
185/65 R 14 86H BUY HERE
195/65 R 14 89H BUY HERE
195/70 R 14 91H BUY HERE
165/70 R 14 81S BUY HERE
175/70 R 14 84H BUY HERE
175/70 R 14 88T BUY HERE
185/70 R 14 88H BUY HERE
195/70 R 14 91H BUY HERE
205/60 R14 88H BUY HERE
205/70 R 14 95H BUY HERE
175/60 R 15 81H BUY HERE
185/55 R 15 82V BUY HERE
195/55 R 15 85V BUY HERE
205/55 R 15 88V BUY HERE
185/60 R 15 88H BUY HERE
195/60 R 15 88V BUY HERE
205/60 R 15 91V BUY HERE
215/60 R 15 94H BUY HERE
225/60 R 15 96V BUY HERE
145/65 R 15 72T BUY HERE
165/65 R 15 81H BUY HERE
175/65 R 15 88T BUY HERE
185/65 R 15 88H BUY HERE
195/65 R 15 91V BUY HERE
205/65 R 15 95H BUY HERE
215/65 R 15 96H BUY HERE
205/70 R 15 96H BUY HERE
215/70 R 15 98H BUY HERE
195/55 R 16 87V BUY HERE
205/55 R 16 91V BUY HERE
215/55 R 16 93V BUY HERE
225/55 R 16 95V BUY HERE
205/60 R 16 92H BUY HERE
205/60 R 16 96V BUY HERE
195/60 R 16 89V BUY HERE
215/60 R 16 95H BUY HERE
215/60 R 16 99H BUY HERE
215/60 R 16 95V BUY HERE
225/60 R 16 98V BUY HERE
235/60 R 16 100V BUY HERE
215/65 R 16 98H BUY HERE
215/55 R 17 94V BUY HERE
225/55 R 17 98V BUY HERE
225/55 R 17 101H BUY HERE
235/55 R 17 103V BUY HERE

Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Price

MA-P1 tyre offer value in every aspect be it performance, durability or even price. Keeping in mind customer’s pricing concern, the company has tagged them reasonably. The Maxxis MA-P1 tyre price opens with around INR 2500 per tyre for the 13-inch wheel and goes up to roughly INR 3500 per tyre. Moreover, the 14-inch range starts at around INR 3100 per tyre and extends up to INR 4000 per tyre. In addition to these tyres, the larger 15, 16, and 17-inch tyre sizes fall in the price bracket of INR 4200 to INR 5000 per tyre approximately.


Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Fuel Efficiency Factor

Maxxis passenger car tyres are constructed bearing in mind Indian tyre buyers interests. As a result, Maxxis MA-P1 radial tyre focuses on superior fuel efficiency without sacrificing on the performance aspect. Besides, fuel mileage they also present with better traction levels and safety.

Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Warranty

Maxxis tyre range in India is provided tyres with optimum warranty. Here the MA-P1 passenger car tyres are endowed with exceptional warranty cover which includes a three-year warranty.

Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Speed Rating

MA-P1 tyres are offered in numerous sizes and several speed rating choices of T, S, H and V. Here the ‘T’ speed rating allows you to drive at a maximum speed of 190 km/hr, while the ones with ‘S’ speed rating can be driven up to a top speed of 180 km/hr. Coming to the high-speed ratings, here the ‘H’ speed rating simply means that the vehicle can be accelerated to a top speed of 210 km/hr with a full load. Moreover, Maxxis MA-P1 tyre with ‘V’ speed rating can be raced up to 240 km/hr, this is the highest speed rating secured by the tyre in the MA-P1 portfolio.

Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Competitors

The MA-P1 tyre from the Taiwanese manufacturer is targeted towards passenger cars of the mass segment. And in India, the number of entry level passenger cars is on continuous growth so is the competition in the tyre market. As a result, Maxxis MA-P1 has to fight its way out from domestic as well as international tyre brands. Some of the arch rivals in the list include Bridgestone S322, JK Tyre Tornado, Yokohama E400, Bridgestone B290, CEAT Milaze, JK Tyre Ultima Sport TL, Aeolus Green Ace, Apollo Amazer 4G Life etc.

Maxxis MA-P1 Tyre Vehicle Compatibility

Below is the list comprising of passenger cars that are compatible with Maxxis MA-P1 tyres:

Company Name Model
Chevrolet Tavera
Chevrolet Sail hatchback
Chevrolet Sail sedan
Chevrolet Beat
Ford Classic
Ford Figo
Ford Figo Aspire
Honda Amaze
Honda Brio
Honda Mobilio
Hyundai Getz
Hyundai Santro Xing
Hyundai Elite i20
Hyundai Elite i20 Active
ICML Sonalika Rhino Rx
Mahindra Xylo
Mahindra NuvoSport
Mahindra Verito
Mahindra Verito Vibe
Mahindra Quanto
Maruti Suzuki Ritz
Maruti Suzuki Swift
Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire
Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire 2017
Nissan Sunny
Nissan Micra
Renault Duster
Renault Scala
Tata Bolt
Tata Zest
Tata Indica Vista
Tata Indigo eCS
Tata Indigo XL
Tata Tiago
Tata Tigor
Toyota Liva Cross
Toyota Etios
Toyota Etios Liva
Toyota Platinum Etios
Toyota Innova
Toyota Innova Crysta


Maxxis MA-P1 has got the best for each tyre size in the passenger car radial segment. The tyres provide great handling and comfort thanks to its aesthetic sidewall and a perfect blend of the rubber compound. Besides its value for money R13 tyres used for entry level hatchbacks, the R16 radial used in crossovers and compact SUVs too performs exceptional with respect to wet performance, durability, cornering and road noise on the expressways. All in all, the all round all-season Maxxis MA-P1 tyre is a considerable choice for the budget minded people looking for value for money aspect with no compromise in quality.


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