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JK Tyre Introduces A New Tyre Range For SUVs Like XUV400, Nexon EV, Thar & Scorpio

As SUVs are currently the talk of the town, the new tyre range consisting of Ranger HPe and Ranger X-AT will boost the company’s portfolio in the market with plenty of choices for the customers. 

JK Tyre Introduces A New Tyre Range For SUVs Like XUV400, Nexon EV, Thar & Scorpio

The home-grown tyre maker JK Tyre has launched a new tyre series for the booming SUV market in India. Where one of the tyres is targeted towards EV customers, the other one has been introduced for adventure enthusiasts who love to take the challenge on extreme terrains and weather conditions.


  • The new JK Tyre Ranger HPe has been designed for EVs, while Ranger X-AT is an all-terrain tyre.
  • Both tyres are crafted explicitly for SUVs and offer optimum performance, durability and safety.
  • The tyres are compatible with numerous popular SUVs in the market.


What Is This New Tyre Range From JK Tyres About?

The new tyre products target specific customers in the market. The leading brand has launched Ranger HPe, which is an EV-specific tyre developed to handle the extra torque and weight of such vehicles. It is a smart move by the company, as EVs are steadily penetrating the market, and customers will have an extra choice in the form of Ranger HPe. 

On the other hand, JK Tyre has also introduced Ranger X-AT tyre, aimed towards adventure aficionados fond of traversing on extreme terrains in their SUVs. As the SUV segment is currently the most in-demand in the industry, the new tyres will enhance the company’s profile from a business perspective.


What Are The Features And Benefits Of The New Range By JK Tyres?

The new range of tyres is purpose-built. Here are the features and benefits of each:

JK Tyre Ranger HPe:

The new Ranger HPe has been built specifically for electric vehicles, as the tyres have to bear the extra weight of the battery and additional torque produced by the powertrain. The tyre has been specially built using XPolymer3 technology with Anti Drag Dimples (A.D.D) that help in reducing noise levels. 

And as claimed by the company, the tyre features low rolling resistance, which means better mileage (range) for the EV SUVs.

JK Tyre Ranger X-AT:

The Ranger X-AT is an all-terrain tyre built to offer optimum comfort and performance in all driving conditions. However, the tyre is specially crafted to deal with difficult weather conditions and road surfaces where people don’t go at regular intervals. And that sheer performance comes from aggressive wide lateral grooves, offering ideal road contact and enhanced grip. 

With sporty aesthetics, the tyres boast of reinforced carcass and thick sidewall rubber gauge, providing better stability, control and durability, while minimising damage in off-roading driving conditions.


What Vehicles Are Compatible With Ranger HPe & Ranger X-AT?

The Ranger has been a popular tyre series, and with the addition of two more tyres, there will be plenty of choices for customers. The tyres are compatible with numerous vehicles in the market. Where the Ranger HPe has been designed for EVs like Nexon and Mahindra XUV400, the Ranger X-AT, on the other hand, is well-suited to cars such as Mahindra Thar, Mahindra Scorpio and others.

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