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Goodyear To Create A Concept Tyre For The Sky

Since its inception in the 19th century, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has been instrumental in pursuing inventions and innovations and partnering with the pioneers who are driving change and discovery in the transport sector.

The mobility companies today are looking to the sky for the answers to counter the challenges of urban transport and the ever-increasing traffic. Keeping this as a priority, Goodyear is working on an advanced tyre architecture with materials that would lead the company to create a wheel that could serve both as a traditional tyre on the road and as a propulsion system in the sky, said Chris Helsel, Chief Technology Officer, Goodyear.

The new Goodyear AERO concept tyre would have several groundbreaking features. Some of the innovative features it would include are:

  1. Non-Pneumatic Structure – The Goodyear’s new concept tyre would feature a spoke that would provide support to carry the weight of the vehicle. The spoke will also act as a fan blade to offer a lift when the tyre is tilted. This airless tyre will absorb the shocks and would be adequate to rotate at high speed, which is requisite for the rotors to create a vertical lift.
  2. Artificial Intelligence – The Aero concept tyre would also feature an embedded AI processor. This processor would analyse the data collected from the tyre and the vehicle and would identify as well as resolve potential tyre related issues/problems.
  3. Multimodal Design – The AERO concept tyre is a multimodal tilt-rotor concept which would give privilege to the commuters to move seamlessly from the road to the sky.
  4. Magnetic Propulsion – The concept tyre would make use of magnetic force to offer frictionless propulsion. Which in turn would enable the high rotating speeds required to drive the vehicle on the ground and when the wheel is tilted, it will lift the vehicle into the air and thrust it forward.
  5. Optical Sensor – The new tyre would have light-based, fire optical sensors which will be utilised to monitor road conditions and wear. It will also help in detecting the structural defects in the tyre itself.

It is learnt that being a conceptual design, AERO tyre would feature some technologies that are not yet developed by the American tyre manufacturer and might be developed in the near future. However, the good news is that the company claims that some of AERO’s featured technologies are already available today.


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