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Five Brand New Truck & Bus Radial Tyres Introduced By Apollo

Five Brand New Truck & Bus Radial Tyres Introduced By Apollo

Recently, one of the world’s most successful tyre manufacturers, Apollo Tyres, presented the Indian market with five brand-new truck-bus radial tyres. According to a press statement issued by the firm, these brand-new products, which include steer, drive, and all-wheel fitting tyres, were developed to improve the operational productivity of the company’s customers and to provide them with the most advanced technology.


Before being made available to consumers in any part of the country, the tyres were put through a battery of rigorous tests in simulated and actual driving conditions. The Apollo EnduRace RA is a regional all-wheel or steer-fitting tyre available in the size 295/90 R20. This tyre provides consumers with additional benefits like even wear characteristics, the best-in-class initial tread mileage (ITM), and greater durability in regional applications.


This innovation, which has the capacity to become the new benchmark in steer radial tyres, is being marketed by the firm with the intention of helping it achieve market leadership in the steer category. The carefully constructed groove shape helps increase the tread’s stability, traction, and steerability, while the optimised contact patch ensures even wear over the life of the tyre. The improved composition, which consists of a mixture of polymers, next-generation fillers, and unique reinforcements, offers the greatest mileage possible while also reducing the amount of heat that is generated during the running of the vehicle.


The Apollo EnduTrax MA is a mixed-purpose steer-fitting tyre that was released in the size 295/90 R20. It is intended to be used mostly on tipper trucks. It features a superior composition that is chip and cut-resistant, allowing it to work flawlessly even in harsh environments. Stone drilling and penetration are both prevented by the stone ejectors, providing an additional layer of protection for the carcass. The strong broad shoulder and zigzag wide centre grooves work together to give grip and control, while the zigzag wide centre grooves prevent uneven wear. Because the carcass has been engineered for high torque and load for off-road conditions, the tyre life and retreadability are both increased.


The tyre was developed so that drivers using it for applications related to the nation’s expanding infrastructure would have the best possible vehicle uptime and the lowest possible cost per kilometre. The Apollo EnduRace RD nRG, which is a member of Apollo’s nRG line, is the most fuel economy drive tyre for regional to long haul applications. It saves drivers 5–8% more fuel while maintaining the same level of tyre life and durability as other models in the range. This is made possible by the sturdy construction of the 4 blocks, which helps to reduce rolling resistance, as well as the use of high-grade raw materials.


While the properly planned tread pattern, with a well-dispersed footprint, assists in the utilisation of the whole rubber mass efficiently, hence realising total tyre life potential, the robust belt and bead package together with the tension optimised carcass ensures longevity. It has been announced that the EnduRace RD nRG will be available in the size 295/90 R20. New to the market is the Apollo EnduRace LD+ and RA, which are intended for use as drive and steer components in regional applications for ICVs measuring 9.00 R20.


These tyres are designed specifically with the constantly expanding e-Commerce, package, and logistics industries in mind. They have benefits like the best tread mileage in their class, a proven durable casing, even wear, and better fuel efficiency.


This particular tyre has dual centre blocks that are ideally placed at the shoulder, which allows for greater load carrying and more uniform wear. The superior structure of the belt protects the tread surface from being damaged by punctures, resulting in longer tyre life and additional retreads being available.


These five product innovations will further consolidate the company’s leadership in the Indian truck-bus radial market, and they will serve as a witness to the certainty that the name Apollo provides regarding performance, durability, and specialised application advantage.

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