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DIY – How To Repair Tyre Puncture


Tyre puncture repair


A memorable road trip can be ruined in a matter of minutes if you are stuck with a flat tyre. At times, on highways, it’s difficult to get auto repair shop. So, why to rely on others all the time for tyre repair. Here, we will tell you some easy ways to repair punctured tyre.


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Steps To Repair Your Tyre Puncture :

● First and foremost what you need is a toolkit which includes car jack (applicable for cars only), pliers, knife, bike pump (for bikes) and patch kit. You should always carry a spare tube too.

● Then try to look out for the substance/s that may have caused tyre puncture. Remove that thing using pliers.

● Now remove the wheel which is punctured. Use jack for removing car wheel.

● Remove the outer tyre using the levers. Take out the inner tube and check the point of puncture.

● Once you find that hole, mark it with crayon. If you are finding difficulty in locating the one, use water to find it from the bubbles coming.

● Then using sandpaper roughen the punctured part and stick that part with the pre-glued patch. Alternatively, you can use solution over the patch.

● Before putting the tube inside the wheel, slightly fill it up with air and put it back inside the rim.

● The valve of the tube should be pulled out from the rim hole.

● Pump the tyre and finally put it back on the wheel and tighten its bolts.

● For tubeless tyre using the reaming tool one should make the hole big enough so that the plug can fit in.

● Insert the plug in the centre into the plug tool.

● Now plug should be inserted into the hole. After that plug should be pulled out and the remaining plug has to be cut.

● Let the plug dry for a while.

● Finally pump up the air and tighten it back.

So, next time you encounter a flat tyre during the journey just relax and do it yourself. There’s nothing that can stop you from enjoying your trip if you are ready to face anything coming your way. Stay tuned to Tyre Market to learn more about tyres!

Ankit verma

Author: Ankit verma

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