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Continental Introduces Driverless Tyre Test Vehicle

Premium German tyre manufacturer, Continental has commissioned its first driverless tyre test vehicle at its Continental test site in Texas, USA. It is using pioneering technology based on the company’s automated cruising chauffeur. This innovative system will develop tyres tested under real-life conditions across a wide range of road surface thus making the test results for Continental’s truck and passenger tyre more conclusive to ensure premium quality to its customers.

The new test vehicle is equipped with camera and radar sensors thereby allowing the vehicle to react spontaneously to any unexpected objects coming on the road without a driver. Continental, by this, is initiating towards making its Vision Zero strategy for accident-free driving a reality.

Continental Executive Board Member and head of its tyre division, Nicolai Setzer, has said that in the critical conditions the tyres’ level of technology is the major factor in deciding whether a vehicle brakes in time or not. With the use of a tyre test in an automated vehicle, Continental has achieved a conclusive result thereby ensuring the premium, safe and high-quality tyres to users.

The automated vehicles are not new to Continental and it goes beyond 50 years. The German tyre giant was already doing groundbreaking work in preparing for future mobility for a long time.

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