Automatic Cars in India below Rupees 5 Lakhs

Technology and innovation have made life easier; from inventing the wheel to conquering and manoeuvring space, humans have come a long way. Out of all the inventions of mankind, the wheel is perhaps the most marvellous contrivance till date. With time, wheels have evolved showcasing human intelligence, compensating time and distance, and bringing luxury. Today, the industry is making breakthroughs in automatic car technology. Some of us may yearn to buy automatic cars. But the price among other factors makes us shun the idea. In this piece, we list some of the automatic cars in India available below Rs 5 lakhs that offer an automatic gearbox and comfort that will match your needs.

1.Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 – Hassle-Free Drive

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 automatic cars were launched in 2014. Since then, this car has been the number one selling car in India. With a 1.0-L engine, Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 offers a fuel efficiency of 24.07 kmpl and comes with an automatic gear shift. Since 2014, Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 has become the most sold automatic car in India.

The automatic version of Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is available in the vxi variant and is the only variant in the series with an automatic manual transmission (AMT) gear shift. With life-like interiors and stylish exteriors, Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is up for grabs at Rs 4.18 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Specifications:

Engine (Cubic Capacity) K10B (998cc)
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 L (Gasoline)
Tyre Size 155/65 R13
Transmission Auto Gear Shift
Price Rs 4,18,979

Best Recommended Tyres For Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 155/65 R13:

Tyre Brand Tyre Type Tyre Model Price
Michelin Tubeless Energy XM2 Rs 3,721
Bridgestone Tubeless B290 Rs 3,325
Apollo Tubeless Amazer 4G Rs 2,728
Goodyear Tubeless Duraplus Rs 3,129

2.Renault Kwid – Bold Features

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid is one of the top Renault cars in India. In recent times, its popularity and demand have soared for good reason. The car is designed with strikingly exciting features; pronounced dual-tone interiors and bold exteriors that take care of comfort and safety. The SUV-inspired design enhances the look and feel of the car. Renault Kwid offers power-packed performance and fuel efficiency with Smart Control Efficiency (SCe) engine technology. The AMT gearbox boosts the comfort level of the car; the rotary dial is used instead of gearshift to change gears. The AMT Renault Kwid is priced at Rs 3.87 lakh, and its Avengers edition ranges from Rs 4.64 lakh (ex-Delhi).

Renault Kwid AMT Specifications:

Power 67 hp @ 5,500 rpm
Tyre Size 155/80 R13
Transmission 5-Speed AMT
Mileage 24.04 kmpl (ARAI)
Price Rs 3,87,900

Best Recommended Tyres For Renault Kwid 155/80 R13:

Tyre Brand Tyre Type Tyre Model Price
Goodyear Tubeless GT3 Rs 2,854
Continental Tubeless CONTI CONTACT CS5 Rs 3,680
Bridgestone Tubeless B250 Rs 4,410

3.Datsun Redi-GO AMT – For A Seamless Drive

Datsun Redi-GO AMT

In the Redi-Go lineup, Datsun Redi-Go AMT is the top petrol variant and is available in India for Rs 3.80 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Datsun Redi-Go AMT comes with flexible features such as the dual driving mode that allows you to switch between manual and automatic modes on over-taking or up-hill where more torque is required. It cranks out 68 bhp of power and 91 N-m of torque from a 1.0-L petrol engine. The best-in-class ground clearance of 185 mm, Power and Pro-Safe 7 and rush hour mode enable effortlessly driving on bumpy roads with an optimal travelling speed of 5–6 kmph. The superior stylish interiors and exteriors make Datsun Redi-Go a dashing AMT car at a reasonable price.

Datsun Redi-Go AMT Specifications:

Engine 999 cc
Power 67 hp @ 5,500 rpm
Tyre Size 155/80 R13
Torque 91 N-m @ 4,250 rpm
Price Rs 4,05,868

Best Recommended Tyres For Datsun Redi-Go AMT 155/80 R13:

Tyre Brand Tyre Type Tyre Model Price
MRF Tubeless ZTX Rs 2,900
Falken Tubeless SINCERA SN835 Rs 2,800
CEAT Tubeless Milaze X3 Rs 2,835
Bridgestone Tubeless EP150 Rs 3,651

4.Tata Nano GenX – ‘Compact Hatch’

Tata Nano GenX

Tata Nano was the first car that fulfilled the dreams of the common man to own a car. The craze and hype around this car was unforgettable. The automatic car Tata Nano GenX also comes at an average price point with extraordinary features. The striking infinity motif grille, smoked headlamps, dual-toned interiors and tailgate spoiler accentuate the aesthetics and safety of your drive. The car goes easy on your pockets and is suitable for a small family touring a city.

Tata Nano GenX has a rear-wheel-drive (RWD). One can easily drive through traffic jams and congested roads and still make it on time for supper. The 624-cc petrol engine delivers 51 N-m of torque and 37.5 BHP of power with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The car is available in XMA and XTA variants and costs Rs 3.14 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), currently available at the dealerships across India.

Tata Nano GenX Specifications:

Engine 624 cc
Tyre Size 135/70 R12
Power 37.4 hp @ 5,500rpm
Torque 51 N-m @ 4,000 rpm
Transmission AMT
Price Rs 3,34,768

Best Recommended Tyres For Tata Nano GenX AMT 135/70 R12:

Tyre Brand Tyre Type Tyre Model Price
MRF Tubeless ZEC Rs 1,690
CEAT Tubeless Milaze Rs 1,765
JK Tyre Tubeless Ultima LXT Rs 1,985
Bridgestone Tubeless B290 Rs 2,050

5.Maruti Suzuki Wagon R – Comfort, Safety & Stability

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

Since 1999, Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has been the best-selling hatchback and has come a long way. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is available in the VXi AGS and VXi+ AGS variants with the AMT gearbox, which further come in VXi AGS (O) and VXi+ AGS (O). Maruti Suzuki Wagon R AMT is built with a blend of smart technology and comfort to deliver seamless travel for everyone. The car has a 5-speed auto gearbox, and the 1.0-L petrol engine delivers 67.04 BHP and 90 N-m.

The advance 1.2-L K-series petrol engine in Maruti Suzuki Wagon R AMT with high fuel efficiency provides unparalleled driving experience. Wagon R uses the Heartect platform (ABS with EBD and dual front airbags) to observe high impacts and attain stability, and ensure safety throughout the drive.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Specifications:

Engine 998 cc
Tyre Size 145/80 R13, 155/65 R14
Torque 90 N-m @ 3,500 rpm
Tyre Type: Radial & Tubeless, Size: 155/80R13
Price Rs 4,42,000

Best Recommended Tyres For Maruti Suzuki Wagon R AMT 145/80 R13:

Tyre Brand Tyre Type Tyre Model Price
Bridgestone Tubeless B290 Rs 2,980
Michelin Tubeless Energy XM2 Rs 3,727
Apollo Tubeless Amazer 4G Rs 2,694
Goodyear Tubeless Ducaro Hi-Miler Rs 2,405

Best Recommended Tyres For Maruti Suzuki Wagon R AMT 155/65 R14:

Tyre Brand Tyre Type Tyre Model Price
Bridgestone Tubeless B290 Rs 3,208
Michelin Tubeless Energy XM2 Rs 3,575
Apollo Tubeless Amazer 4G Life Rs 2,925
Goodyear Tubeless GT3 Rs 2,984

6.Tata Tiago – Terrific Features

Tata Tiago

If you are looking for fuel-efficient automatic cars below 5 lakhs, Tata Tiago is a good buy. Out of the 16 variants of Tata Tiago, three have AMT and smart looks and modern features. Recently, Tata Tiago has the AMT 1.2 Revotron XTA and AMT 1.2 Revotron XZA variants. Sporty and premium 15” dual-tone alloy wheels, projector headlamps, dual-tone interiors, dynamic performance, multi-drive modes, next-gen technology and advanced AMT features make Tata Tiago a fantastic choice. The 1.2-L petrol engine produces 114 N-m of torque and 84 BHP of power and gives a mileage of 23.84 kmpl.

Tata Tiago Specifications:

Power 85 (62.5 kW) @ 6,000 RPM
Tyre Size 155/80 R13
Torque 114 N-m @ 3,500 RPM
Transmission AMT, 5-speed
Price Rs 4,49,000

Best Recommended Tyres For Tata Tiago AMT 155/80 R13:

Tyre Brand Tyre Type Tyre Model Price
Apollo Tubeless Amazer 4G Life Rs 2,750
Falken Tubeless SINCERA SN835 Rs 2,800
JK Tyre Tubeless ULTIMA NEO Rs 2,829
Yokohama Tubeless Earth 1 E400 Rs 3,480

Automatic cars provide high-end luxury and comfort. Often, the ones that provide both are expensive. The above-listed cars are the best AMT cars in India below 5 lakhs that offer value for money. Drive the best automatic car that matches your taste and requirements without worrying about the money. Now, owning and living a dream automatic car is easier.

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