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ATMA Commences Safety Training For Commercial Vehicle Drivers

Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) which has previously undertaken several campaigns that aimed at educating passenger vehicle owners on tyre safety has now focused on doing the same for the commercial vehicle drivers. For this, ATMA has joined hands with Indian Synthetic Rubber Private Ltd. (ISRPL) which is a joint venture of TSRC (Taiwan) and Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) for increasing the safety awareness among a large number of transporters and supply chain drivers who are associated with ISRPL.

As per P. K. Mohamed, Convener, ATMA TESS Group, it is the commercial vehicle drivers who drive the wheels of the economy of our country and ATMA TESS (Technology, Environment, Safety and Standards) group felt an increased need for training commercial vehicle drivers on tyre safety. He also said that they are thankful to ISRPL for coming forward and getting actively involved in the training of its supply chain drivers.

Director General, ATMA, Rajiv Budhraja has said that they wish to make drivers understand the importance to take proactive measures for maintaining their tyre pressure so that downtime could be minimized. He also emphasized the fact that such training sessions held in an intimate setting also provide an opportunity to the drivers to clarify their doubts. Training modules were specially designed in vernacular languages for the easy training of the commercial vehicle drivers, added ATMA Coordinator Safety, Dipankar Paul.


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