Tyremarket.com Throttle Celebrate Valentine Week

Tyremarket.com & Throttle Choose Out Of The Box Way To Celebrate Valentine Week!

The loveliest day of the year calls for celebration seven days prior with ‘Valentine week’ aka ‘Love week’. Each day of this week provides an opportunity to showcase your affection for someone you love the most on this planet. However, what if, in the parallel universe of bike enthusiasts the very adorable and first love for them is their bike.

For those kinds of serial (bike) lovers, Throttle Club – the largest biking community in the country and Tyremarket.com – India’s biggest online tyre store, came together to celebrate the revving Valentine week in the most unique and throttling way. The online campaign ran for a week on Throttle’s social media channels. Huge participation in the event was witnessed from the excitement-filled biking community and at the end of the contest, the winners were handed over with gift vouchers, helmets and bike tyres as souvenirs.

The first day of the exhilarating and uncommon ‘Bikers Valentine Week’ kicked off with the Happy Engine Day on Feb 7. This was followed by Happy Helmet Day on Feb 8, Happy Chain & Sprocket Day on Feb 9, Happy Tyre Day on Feb 10, Happy Safety Gear Day on Feb 11, Happy Exhaust Day on Feb 12, Happy Petrol Day on Feb 13 and finally, Happy Bike Valentine on Feb 14. On each day of the contest, the participant bikers posted vivid adorable pictures with their beloved bikes.

Some of the distinctive images in the contest include biker bending on their knees and proposing their darling bike with a red rose, some went on to cuddle the fascia (headlamp cowl) with both their hands, while many others found varied beautiful ways to express their love from their gorgeous ones.  The event was officially supported by Tyremarket.com, which also awarded a set of tyres to the content winner Jestin Joseph M from Thrissur, Kerala.

Throttle Club brings together like-minded heart revving motorcycle riders and motorcycle clubs in the country. On the other hand, Tyremarket.com is India’s largest tyre shopping place for bike/scooter and car/SUV tyres. Tyremarket.com has been instrumental in supporting automobile enthusiasts and motor sporting events and in the past was associated with high octane motor event Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm Rally 2017 and others.

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