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Tyre Care – How To Know If Your Vehicle Is Under-inflated?

Most of us have a vehicle, be it a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. But, somehow we don’t pay much attention to the care of rubber pieces upon which the whole functionality of the vehicle rests. As without tyres, even the best of the vehicle is nothing but a piece of machinery. Doing a few checks on tyres on a routine basis can improve vehicle’s fuel economy as well as giving you better handling.

Tyre care is important for many reasons, the most important being minimising the risk of a flat tyre or a blowout. In order to get the optimum handling on the road from your vehicle, the tyre pressure needs to be properly inflated. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that poorly inflated tyres not only gives a heavy ride and reduce fuel efficiency but in the longer run they can make your vehicle susceptible to road accidents too.


So here we will let you know few tricks to know if your tyres are well or they need inflation. Having said that we would like to mention that there’s no alternative to proper air pressure gauge in order to know the tyre pressure. However, the below-mentioned points will be greatly helpful to you in knowing the condition of air pressure in the vehicle.

● When driving down the straight level road, check that if your car is pulling itself to one side or the other. While this pulling may be due to the improper wheel alignment, it also sometimes means that the air pressure is low. In both the cases, you need to immediately sort out the matter. All you need is a proper “Wheel Alignment Service” and “Air Pressure Service”. You can opt for Nitrogen in your tyres as it gives better performance.

● If the centre section of the tread is smooth, your tyres may be over inflated. It is a very common misconception that over-inflating your tyres are a good thing, but in reality, it can prove very dangerous for your vehicle.

● Moreover, if the edges or the outside sections of the tyre are worn out or round in shape, then it implies your tyres are under-inflated for a longer period of time and in desperate need of attention.

● During driving on the road, check out if any squealing sounds are coming while taking a turn or cornering at normal speed. These sounds are frequently associated with the improperly inflated tyres. Although, there may be other reasons too for it.

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