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TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Review

A comprehensive review on TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres involves discussion on tyre construction type, tyre compound, performance, fuel efficiency, vehicle compatibility, tyre size, price, warranty, speed rating, and identifying the competitor tyres, and finally giving an honest review. In this article, we will get into all those details and give you an idea that should help you decide if TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are for you.


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyres Overview

Time and again TVS is launching tyres that not only meet the needs of customers but also the ever-changing expectations of new-age motorheads. TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 is TVS’ tyre brand loaded with a fleet of attributes and impressive outcome. TVS Eurogrip has a competent team of experts who strive to make the best tyres that would serve the purpose of riders. Like any other TVS Eurogrip tyre, ATT 1085 tyres also undergo rigorous testing, until the desired design is attained. To this extent, TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are made with the sole motive to enable high performance on both rural and city roads.


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TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Compound

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyre uses a mix of compounds that aren’t too hard or too soft to endure everyday road conditions and last longer. The tyre compound in TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres is made to tolerate unforeseen as well as predictable damages due to hazards. Usually, these tyres have a lot of treads to provide adequate grip on both wet and dry roads. The ATT 1085 tyres are generally built for low operating temperatures within the urban environment; not limited to that, these tyres are a good fit for touring and commuting purposes.


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Construction

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are made of nylon construction type and block-type design for enhanced driving comfort. These tyres feature high sidewalls to offer excellent ride quality, and uniform contact patch on straight roads and during cornering. As TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are radial, they are more resistant to cuts and damages in the tread area.

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are made with a special reinforced compound, unique tread pattern, directional and lateral grooves. The casings in the tyres comprise layers of rubber-coated steel piles that make up steel belts under the treads and secure them from penetrations and punctures. Also, the radial construction of the tyres allows the tread area and sidewall to work independently, allowing a steady, consistent contact patch and promoting great traction. 


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Performance

Because of the conventional block design, TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres perform extremely well and extract the most out of bikes. These tyres work great on loose surfaces and reasonably good on gravel trails and tarmac too.

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are on-road tyres that not only perform on everyday urban riding roads but also short tours and weekend rides. The ride feels quieter, more comfortable as the tyres absorb the impact and permit easy ride during all seasons. TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres maintain excellent regulation of movement, high mileage and traction for more vroom.


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Size

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085, nylon tube tyres, required to mount on a front/rear of a two-wheeler for bikes with tyre size 3.00-18, width 300 mm, and it fits wheels with a rim size of 18 inches.


3.00-18 Front / Rear Tube


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Price

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres cost about Rs. 1,400 per tyre and are quite economical for entry-level and mid-segment performance tyres.


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Fuel Efficiency

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres have a greater impact on fuel economy by increasing fuel efficiency, lowering rolling resistance and allowing the motorcycle to ascend easily at higher speeds.


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Warranty

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres, which are available in only one variant, promise to cater 3 Years Company Standard Warranty.


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Speed Rating

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres come with a speed rating of ‘P’ (max speed 150 kmph), making the tyres appropriate for daily commuting and short-distance touring.


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Competitors

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are a great fit for classic and everyday-riding motorbikes. These tyres are giving tough competition to tyre brand models such as MRF NYLOGRIP PLUS, CEAT Milaze, Apollo Actigrip R2, and Michelin SIRAC STREET.


TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 Tyre Compatibility

TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are compatible with beginning, mid-level, performance and stylish bikes. The following table lists information on the vehicle models that are compatible with TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres.


Hero Achiever
Aermacchi Ala Verde
Bajaj Caliber
Mahindra Centuro
Bajaj Chetak
Mahindra Duro
Mahindra Flyte
LML Freedom
Hero Glamour
Hero Hunk
Mahindra Pantero
Hero  Passion
Hero Passion Pro
Mahindra Rodeo
Polaris  Slingshot
TVS Star City
Bajaj XCD
Yamaha YBR



TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are lucrative, and durable and suit Indian commuter vehicles, especially bikes, in their daily commute to work. On bouncy roads, the tyres exhibit high riding quality and stability without rocking back and forth while going uphill. The smoother ride of TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres under extreme conditions translate to better performance. To sum up, TVS Eurogrip ATT 1085 tyres are a sheer joy to ride on and demand low maintenance while providing an unparalleled experience.

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