7 Simple Tips To Keep Your Car Tyres Rolling This Summer

tyre care

tyre care

Tyres are an integral component of your vehicle, and being the only point of contact with the road, they require special attention. During summers, due to intense heat, it becomes imperative to take care of your car tyres. So, here we have shared 7 summer tyre care tips that will help you keep your car tyres as fit as a fiddle.

1. Check the inflation pressure on regular intervals, especially when you are embarking on a long trip. It is advised to inflate the tyres to the recommended settings that is outlined on the tyre information placard found inside the vehicle as well as mentioned in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Lower tyre pressure leads to poor fuel economy and decreased steering and brake control.

2. Before hitting the road during summer season, keep a check on the tyre treads as tyre tread separation occurs when the internal heat reaches its limit, thereby breaking the bond between the belts of the tyre and the casing. Worn out tyre tread can affect stopping distance, traction and handling, especially on wet roads. You can easily check the condition of your tyres’ tread through ‘penny test’. If one-fourth of your coin is not fitting between the treads, it’s time for a tyre change. Always make sure that you buy tyres from a trusted source.

3. To increase the life of your car tyres you should rotate them every 8,000 to 10,000 kilometres. Doing this will help in avoiding uneven wear on any one particular tyre. Moreover, it will also help in increasing the tread life and give you a smooth ride on the road.

4. It is always in your interest to be aware of your vehicle’s tyre condition and how to keep them safe in various weather conditions. Don’t forget to inspect the spare tyre as it can be used during emergency conditions. Drivers who are unsure about their tyre conditions should consult an expert.

5. Tyre valves are an important object that prevent leakage of tyre pressure. So make sure that valves are in good shape with the cap on it. In case the cap is not there or has been lost, get a new one as it protects the valve from dust, water and mud.

6. Wash the tyres at regular intervals and wax them to withstand summer heat as cleaning and waxing will stop them from drying and wearing out too quickly.

7. Do a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s tyres and check them for any signs of cracks or wear. Also get your vehicle examined by a trusted mechanic or authorised service centre to ensure that the alignment is accurate and the wheels are balanced.

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