Pirelli AllTerrain Plus Tyres

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Review, Prices, Features, Specifications & Performance

Read this Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus tyre review to know its performance, price in India, available sizes, warranty etc. Know the list of cars that are compatible with the AllTerrain Plus tyre.

Pirelli AllTerrain Plus Tyres

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Overview

Pirelli has long been acclaimed as one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world and has developed some of the most advanced road tyres across the globe. The Italian tyre manufacturer is one of the top five producers and is a huge name in motorsports. Though it has predominantly been a road tyre producer, off-road vehicles are something that the company can’t ignore. This particular segment of cars is currently the fastest growing segment. So much so that even sports car manufacturers like Lamborghini and luxury car maker such as Bentley, are making their own SUVs. To cater to these new entrants, Pirelli introduced its own line of off-road tyres christened as the ‘Scorpion’ range. The manufacturer extends its line of off-road tyres with the launch of the Scorpion AllTerrain Plus aka Scorpion AT Plus in India. It is an extension of the Scorpion ATR and is more focused towards off-road use, while still offering competitive on-road performance.


Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Compound

The AllTerrain Plus is made of an advanced silica compound which is very durable, has a higher resistance to puncture, fracture and tyre burst in an off-road situation. The compound lends the AllTerrain Plus the ability to take on different terrains with the same finesse. The next-generation tyre compound tries to strikes a balance between on-road and off-road use, but is more biased towards the latter.

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Construction

The AllTerrain Plus is a radial type tyre with an enhanced tread pattern optimized for off-road performance. Comparing the Scorpion AllTerrain with the Scorpion ATR side by side, it can be observed that both the tyres have very less in common in terms of design. The AllTerrain’s tread features a highly bolstered tread pattern with increased gaps between the tread blocks. The central rib of the tread features staggered blocks ideal for a more focused off-road use. Moreover, these tread blocks offer impressive grips on the sand, snow and rocky surfaces. The larger gap between the blocks makes sure of better water expulsion. The grooves between these blocks feature small cones to eject tiny pebbles during off-roading. The tyre also features a stronger sidewall construction with bigger shoulder blocks for better slush removal.

Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus Tyre Performance

Since the Scorpion AllTerrain Plus is an A/T tyre, a significant bump in terms of off-road capability can be felt. In terms of performance, the tyre is better than its sibling, the Scorpion ATR, thanks to a more rugged tread pattern. The tyre’s superior compound also lends it durability, makes it resistant to the wear and tear from chipping of the rubber. The tyre also gets the three-peak snowflake certification — a coveted American tyre certification norm for snow driving.

If this certification is anything to go by then the AllTerrain will improve the car’s capability in snow covered places of India too. When it comes to on-road performance the tyre is satisfactory as well, however, it does lag behind the Scorpion ATR in terms of on-road ability. Nonetheless, when compared to other A/T tyres available in the country the Scorpion AllTerrain Plus will deliver better results.

The Italian tyre, however, does produce a considerable amount of road noise because of the increased gap between the blocks. But, then again, if you look at any other A/T tyre this trait is common across this segment.

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Sizes

In India, the Scorpion AllTerrain Plus is available in the following two sizes:

  • 235/65 R17 108H
  • 265/65 R17 112T

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Price

Since Pirelli is importing the AllTerrain Plus to India, it inevitably attracts an import duty and that ultimately reflects in its final price. The tyre is available at a base price of Rs 12,000* and goes all the way up to Rs 17,000* for its largest size. The tyre is targeted at luxury SUVs such as Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the Land Rover Range Rover lineup, etc. However, thanks to a wide size chart it can also be had for the Toyota Fortuner, the Ford Endeavour and the others in the segment.

*Prices are subject to change.

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Fuel Efficiency

The AllTerrain Plus is targeted at off-road inclined performance and for this reason; it does sacrifice the fuel efficiency when compared to road-biased rubber. However, the advanced tread compound does allow the vehicle to achieve a respectable fuel economy figure, if not the best.

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Warranty

The premium tyre is available with a standard warranty of 4 years. The warranty covers all the manufacturing defects like blistering of tread, and other defects arising because of workmanship.

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Speed Rating

The tyre is available with a speed rating of ‘T’ and ‘H’ across the size range. This essentially means that the tyres can safely run at a speed of 190 kmph and 210 kmph, respectively, at its maximum permissible load.

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Competitors

The Scorpion AllTerrain Plus is stacked up against the likes of Goodyear Wrangler AT/SA, Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015, Continental ContiCrossContact AT, and others. The biggest edge that these competitors have is widespread dealer availability in the country.

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus Tyre Vehicle Compatibility

An elaborate size range allows the tyre to be available for a host of vehicles. Here’s a list:

Land Rover Discovery Sport
Land Rover Range Rover
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Jeep Compass
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Fortuner
Ford Endeavour


The Scorpion ATR, which has been around for quite some while in the country has left its mark on buyers, and the Scorpion AllTerrain Plus takes that performance to a whole new level. The tyre is ideal if you often jump off the road into the wild. However, the bigger block pattern makes it an off-road biased tyre. The on-road capability is satisfactory and one of the best in its segment. The tyre is also recommended if you belong to the mountainous snowy region of the country, thanks to the three-peak snow rating, which is a testament of its exceptional handling characteristic on loose surfaces.

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