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Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Video Review – From Tyre Expert

michelin city pro tyre review

Hey friends, we are back with another tyre review. And this time we will get our hands on one of the most popular tyres in the scooter segment, the Michelin City Pro. The hot-selling scooter tyre in the French tyre maker’s India portfolio comes with remarkable consistency, reliability and imbibes advance tech. 


In this review, we will have an in-depth analysis of the City Pro scooter tyre with respect to its compound, construction and performance. Alongside, we will also review the tyre’s fuel efficiency, speed rating, warranty and sizes it offers for different scooters. So let’s get into the details quickly. 


Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Compound and Construction

Guys, if we talk about the compound and construction of the City Pro scooter tyre, it comes infused with a unique compound and bias-ply structure. To ensure less tread shuffling and longevity, the tyre uses patented optimum bridging technology which allows better rigidity to the tread part. Another fascinating aspect is its robust tyre design, which means you ride on any surface, it will deliver you superior ride quality.


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Usually, riders complain about the frequent puncture issues, friends, this concern has been addressed in this tyre. Its innovative tread pattern coupled with reinforced structure makes it less prone to punctures and other roadside injuries. Moreover, the wet surface riding challenge is taken care of by the company’s Progressive Sipe technology, which assures consistency in performance under wet setups.


Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Performance and Handling

Guys as per Michelin, the City Pro scooter tyre is engineered keeping in mind the day-to-day urban commute of the Indian riders. As a rider, you expect superior traction and agile manoeuvrability during city runways and City Pro just offers that. Thanks to the advance compound, innovative tread and flexible sidewall design, the tyre performs brilliantly even under wet weather situations.


The tyre contact patch disperses water effectively and maintains an adequate grip without skidding. The tyre handles acceleration well and performs aptly while cornering on sharp turns. On top of that, you also get a longer tread life courtesy company’s optimum bridging technology.


Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Mileage, Speed Rating, Price, Warranty, and Sizes on offer

Coming to the lucrative fuel efficiency part, let me tell you guys the City Pro is good at fuel mileage. And the fuel savings is made possible via integration of hard and soft rubber blend. On top of that, the specially developed tread pattern helps in low rolling resistance allowing decent fuel efficacy. 


What’s more, if you are thinking about the sizes Michelin City Pro scooter tyre range offers, here it is. The tyre comes for front and rear fitment, and is made available in 3.50 – 10 51J, 90/90 – 12 54J and 90/100 – 10 53J. If you are confused over what the initial ‘J’ denotes in the given tyre size, let me tell you ‘J’ is the speed rating, which signifies that the tyre can go up to the speed of 100 km/hr with the maximum prescribed load.


Now, guys the very important factor, warranty and price. The City Pro scooter tyre features a standard warranty of five years from the date of purchase. On the price part, the 3.50 – 10 51J tube type scooter tyre is priced at Rs 1149, while the 90/90 – 12 54J and 90/100 – 10 53J with tubeless layout are tagged at Rs 1249 and Rs 1249 respectively.  


Friends, this tyre happens to be the most reliable and trusted tyre in the scooter tyre segment, and if you are keen to buy the Michelin City Pro scooter tyre for your scooter you can click and buy tyres in the most hassle-free manner at www.tyremarket.com or call 8088090090.


Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre Competitors and Scooter Model Compatibility

Talking about the rival scooter tyres in the densely populated segment, the City Pro competes with the likes of MRF Zapper (scooter), CEAT Zoom D, TVS Conta 250, Birla S49+, Ralco Blaster and many others. 


Now you must be wondering as to will it fit my scooter model? Relax with a wide range of size options the City Pro tyre fits to all the leading scooters such as Hero Maestro, Hero Maestro Edge, Honda Activa (old), Honda Activa 4G, Honda Aviator, Honda Grazia, Honda Activa 125, Yamaha Ray Z, TVS Jupiter, TVS Wego, Suzuki Access 125, TVS Pep Plus, Yamaha Fascino, and many others. 

Guys if you have already got the City Pro for your scooter, do let us know the feedback and response of the tyre in the comments section. 


So this is all for now from my side dear friends, don’t forget to like and share this video. For more such updates, reviews and news from the tyre and automotive lanes do subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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