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How To Determine The Date Of Manufacturing Of A Tyre

Being a standard car buyer we often ignore the importance of changing the tyres periodically. I remember when I purchased my first car and didn’t realise the importance of changing the tyres until one day, I found myself stranded in the middle of the highway with my tyre broken down. It was because I failed to comprehend that the tyres were too old. This might have happened with many of us, as we don’t recognise the importance of tyre age limit and, like a typical Indian, are mostly concentrating on the fuel economy factor of the car. So, how to skip situations such as this? Here, we want to pinpoint briefly about the importance of changing tyres and how to check tyre manufacturing date.




The importance of changing tyres

On a broader scale, many of us don’t know that the performance of a car is dependent on the life of tyres. If you are not changing your tyres from time to time, the performance of your vehicle will tend to deteriorate over a certain period of time. One of the bitter truths of tyre ageing is that your car starts producing low mileage.


When to change car tyres?

As indicated, it is very important to go for a periodic check for a tyre. The maximum limit for a tyre change is 4 years but we should do it early in between 2-4 year period, just to land on the safer side. Most of the tyre manufacturers give 4-5 years warranty on their tyres. So assuming your tyre is new, you can use it up to 4-5 years. But wait! Here is a catch. If we buy a tyre in 2016, does that mean we should change it in 2020? Well, it’s only practical, if the product was made in the year 2016. If your tyre manufacture date is 2015, you can employ them up to 2019. So it’s extremely important to check the make date of a tyre.


How to determine the tyre production (manufacturing) date?

It’s very easy to locate the manufacturing date of the tyres. Before buying, you need to locate the 4 digit number that can be found on the surface of the sidewall. If suppose, it is written ‘0907’, it means the tyre was produced in the 9th week of 2007 i.e. February fourth week 2007 (between date 26th Feb 2007 – 4th Mar 2007).

Ankit verma

Author: Ankit verma

15 thoughts on “How To Determine The Date Of Manufacturing Of A Tyre”

  • Sir,

    This is Shaik Aslam Basha from AP

    Would like to purchase expired tubes

    Regarding that i need information

    Thanks & Regards


  • I purchase tyre for activa traders Jyoti Tyres Gwalior tin no 23229139216 and GSTIN 23BCXPC7376R17L MOB. 9926253344
    TYRE ITEM 90.1W10 CUL this tyre make ceat but i m not confirm please check and find out

    • Dear Jitendra,

      The Honda Activa tyre size for tubeless is 90/100 10 and for tubetype it is 3.50/10, so kindly check the size mentioned on the tyre. If the size is same then you can fit it.

      Tyre size mentioned by you 90.1w10 is not correct.

      Team Tyremarket.com

  • HI I need help i have purchased new activa 5g and i am having doubt on tyres . It doesnt look like new , it seems they have refurbished tyre. how to check and confirm same.

    • Dear Kuldeep,

      Please check the dot on the tyres and compare it to the time he bought the scooter and the time it was manufactured


  • Nowadays odometer tempering is common for TATA dealers and they use these cars for test ride , better always buy car not more than 2-3 months old manufacturing date.

  • This has to be one of the worst examples of editing I’ve ever seen. You folks have an image that indicates (incorrectly) that the first two digits of the DOT code indicate the month the tire was manufactured, and then in the corresponding literature state (correctly) that those same first two digits indicate the week of manufacture and NOT the month like is indicated in the image. Is anyone actually paying attention to what kinda of confusion you guys are publishing on your site? Exactly the kind of misinformation that causes me to caution everyone I speak to about the dangers of misinformation guised as fact online.

    • Hi Ricky Bobby,

      It was a genuine error on our part & has since been rectified. Thank you for drawing our attention to this.


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