Honda X Blade Tyre Price, Review: Specs, Size & More

Honda X Blade is an elite bike in the Honda family. The 160 cc bike has within no time established itself as a reliable vehicle and stands by its tagline “One look is enough”. Honda X Blade is available in two variants—Standard and ABS. In India, the bike has taken the top spot as the most desirable two-wheeler among youngsters, thanks to its performance and personality. The flawless engine coupled with a five-speed gearbox enables a comfortable riding stance. Overall, Honda X Blade is underpinning its own CB Hornet 160R and CB Unicorn 160.


Honda X Blade Tyres – Overview

Honda X Blade rides on 17-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels mounted with an 80/100-17 tyre on the front and a 130/70-17 section tyre on the rear. The braking system has a 276-mm petal disc in the front wheel with ABS and a 130-mm drum on the rear. Both the rear and front tyres are tubeless radial tyres, the wheel sizes (front and rear) are 431.8 mm each, the front tyre pressure (rider) is 25 psi, the rear tyre pressure (rider) is 29 psi, the rear tyre pressure (rider and pillion) is 32 psi, and the front tyre pressure (rider and pillion) is 25 psi.

There are various top tyre brands compatible with Honda X Blade, of which Zapper FS1 is the least expensive tyre pattern and Conti Go is the most. When it comes to rear tyres, CEAT Zoom XL is the most affordable tyre pattern and Michelin Pilot Street is the most expensive brand for the rear of X Blade. Listed below are the specifications of the rear and front tyres of the Honda X Blade variants.

Honda X Blade ABS 80/100-17 130/70-17 Tubeless Alloy
Honda X Blade Std 80/100-17 130/70-17 Tubeless Alloy


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Honda X Blade Motorcycle – Features & Specifications

Honda X Blade is the newest addition to the brand’s 160 cc range. It is equipped with a 12-L fuel tank, a five-speed gearbox, and a 162.71-cc air-cooled engine generating a power of 13.93 bhp and a torque of 13.9 Nm. It inherited the engine capacity from its predecessors, CB Unicorn 160 and CB Hornet 160R. Honda X Blade is built with high-quality fibre panels with no rattles. Other components including the saree guard, rear tyre hugger and chain guard are made to match the theme of the bike.

Honda X Blade is designed for comfort; rear-set footpegs, low seat height, wide and firm handlebar help the rider glide through rough terrains. The X Blade has an LED headlamp, which is usable and eco-friendly and enhances the look of the bike. It also has hazard lamps. The bike’s digital instrument cluster allows you to track the gear position besides regular functions. The following table shows the primary features of Honda X Blade.

Odometer  Digital
Starting Mechanism Self / Kick Start
Headlight LED Headlamp
Speedometer Digital
Seat Step Up Seat
Colour Schemes Pearl Spartan Red, Matte Frozen Silver, Matte Marshal Green, Matte Marvel Blue Metallic, Pearl Igneous Black


Honda X Blade Tyre – Recommended Tyre For X Blade

Both standard and ABS versions of Honda X Blade have an 80/100-17 tyre on the front and a 130/70-17 tyre on the rear. Let’s look into the prices, tyre details available for Honda X Blade tyres. Note that both the variants, Standard and ABS, have the same tyres.

Ralco Blaster F Front, Tubeless Strong Carcass Construction 1350 5 Years
MRF Masseter FX Front, Tubeless Contoured Grooves 1425 5 Years
MRF Revz S Rear, Tubeless Steel Cord Encasing 3150 5 Years
Metzeler TOURANCE EXP Rear, Tubeless Stiff Molding 7429 5 Years
Metro Conti Go Front, Tubeless Carcass Construction 1800 5 Years
Pirelli Sport Dragon Rear, Tubeless Silica-Infused Compounds 2600 5 Years
Michelin Pilot Street Rear, Tubeless Steel Belt Encasing 3600 5 Years
CEAT Zoom XL Front, Tubeless Innovative Tread Compound 1400 5 Years


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Best Tyre For Honda X Blade

Since there are many brands of tyre available for Honda X Blade, you may find it difficult to choose the right one. But it needn’t be that way. All you need to do is to look for separate brands for the rear and front tyres. MRF is the only brand that develops both rear and front tyres, but it is totally possible to have two different brands for the tyres. Below are the top five tyre brands for Honda X Blade based on customer reviews.

CEAT Zoom XL 130/70 R17 62P – Tubeless – Lightning Tread Pattern – Rear

Pirelli Sport Dragon-130/70 R17 62S M/C – Tubeless – Sporty Tread Pattern – Rear

MRF Masseter-FX-80/90 R17 – Tubeless – Free Rolling Tread Pattern – Front & Rear

Apollo Alpha S1-130/70 R17 62H – Tubeless – Optimum Tread Pattern – Rear 

Ralco Blaster Pro-130/70 R17 – Tubeless – Innovative Tread Pattern – Rear 



Honda X Blade bike is designed to cater comfort and ease of roving on both paved and unpaved roads, which is why it demands tyres of superior cornering abilities, traction and handling. Choose a better fit that will bring out the best ability of your bike and allow you to venture out without limits.

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