Highway Driving Tips


Highway Driving Tips

India is rising fast with its robust economy. The standard of living is going up year after year, this is making India’s roads more crowded than before. The number of car owners have surged tremendously in the past decade or so. According to a report, India is the world’s 6th highest car purchasing country. Not even this we are all set to become world’s largest auto-market by 2020.

All this means that the number of ‘road accidents’ too in our country have increased. As per recent government report, more than 400 people were killed in road accidents every day in the year 2015. Overall, the total percentage increase in road accidents from 2014 is 4.6%. These are shocking stats and the irony of the situation is that our country still has no concrete road safety rules or legislation.

As more and more Indians are taking roads to travel and explore their country. Road safety is of paramount importance to them. In this article, we will let you know how you have enjoy that thrill and excitement of a road trip without compromising on your safety. As they always say “Jaan Hai to Jahaan Hai” (Only if you are alive, things matter)…

Some of the highway driving tips that will make your journey a memorable one as well as help you drive safely are:

Start the right way:

We are so overwhelmed by our tour plan that we forget to check our vehicle’s tyre, petrol/diesel levels and other essential things. So, keep that excitement for the drive and check for fuel and tyre pressure. As without fuel and air pressure your car will lead you nowhere.

Be a good Indian:

Always keep your driving license, registration certificate and other driving related documents with you. We are sure no one loves to pay those “challans”…

Keep yourself handy all the time:

Well, this ain’t a tough one. We all get those car kit with our vehicle. Just make sure you have it with you all the way. Also, keep that extra tyre always ready in case of tyre burst or puncture.

Keep your eyes on the road:

“Nazar Hati Durghatna Ghati” (Moment you get your eyes off you will meet with an accident) is a common saying in our part of the world. And, it has some serious logic behind it. So, keep eyes open and see all the warnings as well as road signs during the drive.

Beat that fatigue:

The best way to deal with fatigue during long journeys is to take rest every 3-4 hours. And whynot? After all, Indian highways are known for their delicious food being served in those roadside “dhabas” (hotels/restaurants).

Beaware of those “Great Indian Potholes”:

They can come in your way anytime & anywhere. So, be psychologically prepared for them. Especially, in rainy season more than half of Indian highways turns to bad shape.

Control your temper:

Most of the fights on roads takes place because of ‘high temper’. Guys! we all have to reach our destination none of us ever gonna stay on the road for a lifetime. So, be a little patient and treat each other the way you would loved to be treated by someone.

Now, with all these tips for driving on highways. We wish you a safe drive to your destination. Stay connected to know more from TyreMarket.Com!

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nice information

Absar Ahmad

Agree 100% with the last point, “Control your temper”.. This is the major reason of all the road fights in our country.