Hero Maestro Edge Tyre Prices, Best Tyre for Hero Maestro Edge

Launched by Hero Motocorp in December 2016, the Hero Maestro Edge is a stylish two-wheeler which competes heavily with the likes of Honda Activa and Suzuki Access. The two-wheeler is the choice of vehicle for hundreds of households that want a quality driving experience under a budget. The Hero Maestro Edge comes in two different variants – LX and VX. The automatic gearbox, superior suspension, and the 110cc engine have led to its success over the past 3 years. The bike has a stunning design and offers top-notch performance, which makes it especially popular amongst the Indian youth.


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Hero Maestro Edge Tyres – An Overview

The front tyre size for both the LX and VX variant of Hero Maestro Edge is 90/100 – 12 – 54 J. On the other hand, the rear tyre wears 90/100 – 10 – 53 J for both the variants. The alloy wheels provide excellent stability to the vehicle with increased power and pickup in the range of scooters with similar displacement. Hero Maestro Edge’s recommended tyres come with tubeless tyre type.


The front wheel size is 12 inch with suspension that boasts of Hydraulic shock absorber, making the drive smoother on rough roads. The back wheel size is 10 inch with suspension that has Unit Swing with Spring Loaded Hydraulic Damper, enabling vibration-free movement on extreme road situations. 


On the front end, the tyres contribute to providing unmatched mileage of 53 kmph, one of the highest amongst Indian scooters. The performance of Hero Maestro Edge tyres in the city is at par with models that come at a similar price range and with familiar specifications. 


Hero Maestro Edge LX and VX Tyre Specifications

Front Tyre Rear Tyre Tyre Type  Wheel Type Front Wheel Size Rear Wheel Size
90 / 100 – 12 90 / 100 – 10 Tubeless Alloy  304.8 mm 254 mm


Apart from this, the front tyre pressure (rider) is 22 psi while the rear tyre pressure (rider) is 29 psi, which perfectly stabilizes the vehicle while driving. It provides the right balance needed to drive without any angular adjustments for maintaining tyre pressure. 


Hero Maestro Edge Two Wheeler – Features and Specs

As we dive in to compare the different tyres that are compatible with the Hero Maestro Edge, let’s have a look at the two wheeler’s features and specifications that people can’t stop talking about.


The high-performing-scooter-on-busy-roads comes with an Air-cooled 4-store single cylinder OHC engine with 110.9cc displacement. The max power is 8.15 PS @ 7500 rpm while the max torque is 8.7 Nm @ 5500 rpm, a first-rate achievement for a single-cylinder vehicle. The two-wheeler comes with both Kick and Self Start with an automatic clutch & transmission, CVT gearbox, and BSIV emission. It’s maintenance-free, which makes it durable for long commutes and it is one of the most fuel-efficient scooters in the range with a carburettor based fuel supply. Have a look at the major features of the Hero Maestro Edge with a superior 1261 mm wheelbase that makes it the right fit for a wide variety of tyres – 


Odometer Digital
Ignition Kick and Self
Electric System 12 V
Headlight Type Halogen Bulb (Multi-Reflector Type)
Integrated Braking System  Yes
USB Charging Yes, USB 3.0 compatible
Low-Fuel Indicator Yes


Hero Maestro Edge Tyre – Recommended Tyre for Maestro

Hero Maestro Edge LX and VX both have the same tyre size. The recommended tyres for Maestro Edge have excellent speed rating and load index. While the LX variant comes with Alloy Wheels, the VX variant has Sheet Metal Wheel. The following table provides the list of recommended tyres that provide a perfect drive for the Hero Maestro Edge –

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Tyre Brand & Model Tyre Type Key Feature Tyre Price(Rs.)
MRF Zapper FG, Front Tubeless Sophisticated Groove Formation 1650 – 1750
MRF Nylogrip FE, Rear Tubeless Circumferentially Oriented Groove 950 – 1050
CEAT Milaze, Front/Rear Tubeless Multidirectional Block Pattern 950 – 1050
Michelin City Pro, Front/Rear Tubeless Attractive Tread Design 1250 – 1350
JK Challenger S63, Rear Tube Type Center Groove Pattern 1450 – 1650
TVS Conta 350, Front/Rear Tube Type Exceptional Road Holding 1050 – 1150


Hero Motocorp – Best Tyre for Hero Maestro Edge

The anti-theft-system loaded vehicle is lightweight, which aligns with the tyres perfectly. All the recommended tyres provide increased rubber contact with the ground, eliminating the chances of slipping on wet roads. The tyres deliver resistance to vibration on dry and harsh roads, smoothening short commutes. While long commutes on two-wheelers may seem boring, the Hero Maestro Edge delivers perfect performance between short intercity drives. 


There are three tyres that are heavily recommended for the Hero Maestro Edge. These tyres are priced reasonably for the performance they provide. All of them have a 5-year warranty and provide a smooth ride in slippery conditions as well. In no particular order of ranking – 


  1. CEAT Milaze Tubeless Tyre with distinctive block pattern for efficient water and gravel evacuation with excellent durability 
  2. MRF Nylogrip Zapper Tubeless Tyre with extended shoulder strength and round profile along with sharp cornering capability
  3. Michelin City Pro Tubeless Tyre with increased grip and high performance with long life and excellent handling


Hero Maestro Edge Tyre – Overall Review

With an efficient fuel system and a mileage unmatched in this price range, the Hero Maestro delivers superior performance to its drivers. The Hero Maestro Edge Tyre is strong enough to stabilize the vehicle at high speeds and extreme road conditions. The tyres boast of a long life as the wheel size perfectly aligns with the tyre without much damage over the years.


The Hero two-wheeler provides a comfortable experience, as said by loyal customers of Hero. The tyres enable smooth corner turns, and every tyre – be it MRF or CEAT is designed to provide long life to the vehicle. Hero Maestro Edge is a good choice of two-wheeler for people looking to buy an economy vehicle with superior features.

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