Hankook Tire Is Now Officially “Hankook Tire and Technology”

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Hankook Tire Now Official Hankook Tire Technology

South Korea’s leading tyre major, Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. has recently renamed itself and now officially will be known as “Hankook Tire and Technology”. According to sources, this step has been taken to reflect the company’s technological innovations, thereby to strengthen its future business development strategy.

The world’s sixth largest manufacturer has also renamed Hankook Tire Worlwide Co. Ltd. as “Hankook Technology Group”. According to the company, they have also changed the names of several holding companies and major affiliates in early May 2019.

With this renaming of their business names, Hankook wants to establish a unified brand system. The company said that these changes will also represent a turning point in enhancing future competitiveness. The tyre maker said that the name changing of Hankook Tyre is an attempt to cope up with the fourth Industrial Revolution so to continuously promote innovation that will challenge new business development. Hankook will also use digital-based innovation that will integrate various ICT such as AI, Big Data in all the fields of distribution, production and sales and services.

Some of the other name changes of Hankook’s affiliates are mentioned below:

  1. HK Automotive Co. Ltd.
  3. MK Technology Corp
  4. Daehwa Engineering & Machinery Co. Ltd.
  5. EmFrontier Inc.
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