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Eurogrip Showcased Their Premium Two-Wheeler Tyres At EICMA 2022

TVS Eurogrip Showcased Their Premium Two-Wheeler Tyres At EICMA 2022

At the 2022 EICMA Motor Show in Milan, Italy, Eurogrip launched two new motorcycle tyres: the Roadhound, a sport touring tyre, and the Climber XC, an off-road specialist tyre. Eurogrip made the announcement recently about the international introduction of these new products.

The Roadhound is a new sport touring tyre with dual compound technology on the radial rear diameters. According to Eurogrip’s press release, it improves the handling and comfort of sport and touring bikes by providing superior grip on both dry and wet surfaces. The profile, tread pattern, and structure of the tyres have all been designed with the goal of providing high mileage and consistent performance. In addition, it was said that the radial and x-ply applications covered by the size range of the tyres will be available beginning in the early part of 2023. 

Climber XC is a tyre designed for use in motocross, enduro, and cross-country applications. It is intended for use in all three of these contexts, including recreation, practice, and competition. It has been created and fine-tuned with the experienced input of motocross and enduro racing teams in order to give exceptional traction and lateral support on a variety of surfaces, and it has done so with their help. With a symmetrical design that lets the wheel be turned either way and a knobby pattern and geometry that make the tyre more resistant to wear and tear, the tyre is more likely to last longer.

Renato Zilli, senior advisor for sales and marketing, said, “In 2022, Eurogrip was the “underdog,” the unexpected player that changed the game.” He also said, “We have expanded our footprint around the world, aiming for the top end of the spectrum.” In addition to the new goods that have just been released, over 25 of Eurogrip’s flagship products that are accessible all over the world are featured prominently. This includes recently introduced products such as the BEE family of tyres for urban and rural scooter mobility, which includes BEE Connect and BEE City, as well as the company’s flagship zero-degree steel belted radial, Protorq Extreme, and the recently introduced E-Torq for electric scooters, amongst other products.

Silvio Montanari, the Head of R&D Operations at the Milan Global Product Design Center, stated that “all Eurogrip products are the result of numerous development cycles aimed at bringing together the finest of all the tyre components.” This was expressed by Mr. Montanari. 3D modelling and FEA-based prediction technologies are combined through prolonged testing in both indoor and outdoor real-world circumstances. This stresses the tyre in order to verify that it is correctly tuned before it is delivered to the market. The Roadhound and the Climber XC are great examples of this technique since they have been meticulously reviewed at every stage of the development process to ensure that their performances exceed rider expectations. Superior mileage, excellent performance, and durability are flawlessly combined in TVS Eurogrip tyres thanks to innovative tyre technology that was developed by TVS. Each of Eurogrip’s products undergoes extensive research, design, and development in collaboration with the company’s R&D and product development teams in Italy and India. Also, each of these products has been thoroughly tested by professional riders from all over the world who work on their own.

Madhavan, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, gave a speech during the event, and he said the following: “As we remain focused on innovation and quality while expanding Eurogrip into a powerful worldwide brand, as usual, we are pleased to be here at EICMA.” This is an excellent venue for the introduction of our brand-new premium goods, the Climber XC and the Roadhound, and we are thrilled to present them to the international market. EICMA 2022 is an annual vehicle show that takes place in Milan, and it attracts participants from all around the world, including members of the media and those who are passionate about motorcycles.

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