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“If you can drive on the Indian streets, you are ready to go driving anywhere in the world”.

Looking at the ‘ever-increasing’ congestion on the domestic roads it is easy to believe this saying. Many of us love to talk to the wind while driving our cars. Sadly, this feel fades away when it comes to driving in the city conditions as there you have to sacrifice on speed as well as comfort. However, there are few important things, if followed can make your city driving affair a fairly pleasant one.

So, we at Tyremarket offer you some basic rules and tips to drive in cities on those heavily congested roads.

  • Keep Calm & Stay Alarmed: City driving is a cumbersome process. It requires lots of patience and being alert all the time. You can’t keep eyes off the road not even for a second. Just wait for the vehicle ahead to move forward before you are ready to move forward. Keep your eyes on all ‘four directions’ to avoid any collision that may hurt your precious car.
  • Use those indicators wisely: When you are on a highway, use of indicators is limited to lane changing. But this is not the case in narrow city roads. In fact, you need to be very swift to alert other drivers to tell which way you are going to turn.
  • Be in your lane: We read it somewhere, “Remember! The road is not a personal property”. This means a lot when it comes to driving in city conditions where congestion on roads is high. It is highly recommended to keep your lane and unless it’s inevitable don’t change it. Being in lane helps in moving systematically avoiding chaos.
  • Keep distance from other vehicles: Doing this not only helps in avoiding a collision in that bumper-to-bumper traffic. But, it also helps in better driving experience as well as a little-enhanced fuel efficiency in city driving conditions. A good distance from the car ahead allows to better prepare for smooth braking and acceleration thus increasing the fuel economy.
  • Best time to utilize that Navigation system: Well, try to find all the alternate routes on your car’s navigation device. Once you can find a ‘lesser traffic’ route choose that for your commute.
  • Don’t honk too much: Other than creating excessive ‘noise pollution’ honking rarely helps on the country roads.
  • Go automatic, if you can: Nowadays, many car manufacturers are offering automatic variants at an affordable price. Opting for an automatic transmission can help you in avoiding that excessive clutch usage which is one of the main reasons for wear and tear.
  • Avoid frequent braking: Many people don’t take their foot off the brake while driving in cities. This not only reduces car’s mileage but also accelerates brake pad wear. Braking too often not only gives you uncomfortable hiccups while driving but also adversely affects on your car’s health.

As we have shared now some basic and important tips with you regarding coping that heavy city rush. We are sure you will drive with much more comfort than before on city roads.

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